The Cake

Tiger wants to bake a cake A chocolate cake, obviously But rabbit has a weakness for carrot cake That s understandable Monkey wants a banana cake Dog is already licking his chops thinking about a bone cake And little Bear, of course, really wants a fish cake Is there a way to satisfy everyone
The Cake Tiger wants to bake a cake A chocolate cake obviously But rabbit has a weakness for carrot cake That s understandable Monkey wants a banana cake Dog is already licking his chops thinking about a bone

  • Title: The Cake
  • Author: Dorothée de Monfreid
  • ISBN: 9781877579455
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. You can't have your cake and eat it toobut what if you can't even agree on what cake it should be? Great story for children - very nice art.

    2. Never thought you'd read an absurdist picture book, did you? Yet here it is. 'The Cake' is reminiscent of the works of Eugene Ionesco and Tom Stoppard. The entire text is speech bubbles, showing the absence of an authoritative narrative uniting the characters and their competing desires. The tiger is at once a friend of and rival with the other animals as they struggle to impose their wills on each other. The banality of language is a central theme, appearing in statements such as Bear's observa [...]

    3. The Kindergartner picked this off the shelf at the library as his book choice. Later, he "read" it alone (mostly from the pictures, and a few sight words). When I picked it up to read it with him, he warned, "You're not going to like this, Mama. This isn't a good book."As we started to read it, I said "This is like The Little Red Hen story that you studied last week, isn't it?" He said, "No, it's going to change. It's different."Reading further, I discussed the lessons we could learn about how t [...]

    4. So hilarious! The premise is simple, tiger and his friends want to make a cake, but they can't agree on what flavor to make. When Tiger threatens to eat everybody if they don't do everything his way, his friends abandon him. When they show up again, they come bearing a gift: a chocolate cake (for throwing in his face, of course!)The type is in cursive which can be a little hard to read, but this story cracked me up. The artwork is vibrant and more cartoony than realistic, which is just what this [...]

    5. Oh my GOD, this book was hilarious!! No cloying behavioral messages here, which is refreshing. My favorite parts were when the bear says "Flour makes me sad," and when the animals present Tiger with a chocolate cake (what he wanted), then throw it in his face!!! You think the message is going to be about making your friend feel good (or some crap like that), but it turns out there IS no message. It's all about getting a laugh. And really, why does there always have to be a Message is children's [...]

    6. I laughed and laughed at the surprise ending and I know my kids will love it when I perform it at storytime.

    7. A tiger gets it's just desserts in this delightfully snarky tale of failed collaboration. For fans of Pierre.

    8. the only thing to consider about this book if you're giving to a kid learning how to read is that it is in cursive.

    9. "Funny,Cute,Cakey,nice Weird could never happen," says the little reviewer. "Unexpected ending," says the big person.

    10. I did not like this at all the first time through -- but after I thought on it a bit - it grew on me. Tiger is, after all, being a bully. Want to bake a cake? OK - but it has to be MY cake. Done exactly the way I want it. Or else -- I will eat you up. And the bully gets what he deserves - his just desserts, so to speak.

    11. One of the funniest picture books I've read recently. This would be a great tool for teaching dialogue as the story is made up only of dialogue which appears in word bubbles over the characters' heads. You could read the story and have students write and illustrate their own similar works. There's even a purple bear who says flour makes him sad.

    12. I liked this book, but I think it was a little to angry for a library read aloud. All the animals want to make cakes out of foods they like, carrots, bones, fish except for the tiger who wants to make a chocolate cake. When the tiger insists on chocolate the other animals declare it revolting and throw their foods at the tiger, who threatens to eat them. Further mayhem ensues.

    13. Not my favorite, but okay. MIGHT be fun to do during storytime with lots of different voices, but I don't LOVE the art. And I think the story is meh. So not certain.

    14. Illustrations: mehPlot: double mehMaybe this is a brand of humor that I just don't get, but even so, it wasn't accessible enough for me to even want to try.

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