Death Comes to London

A season in London promises a welcome change of pace for two friends from the village of Kurland St Mary until murder makes a debut With the reluctant blessings of their father, the rector of Kurland St Mary, Lucy Harrington and her sister Anna leave home for a social season in London At the same time, Lucy s special friend Major Robert Kurland is summoned to the cityA season in London promises a welcome change of pace for two friends from the village of Kurland St Mary until murder makes a debut With the reluctant blessings of their father, the rector of Kurland St Mary, Lucy Harrington and her sister Anna leave home for a social season in London At the same time, Lucy s special friend Major Robert Kurland is summoned to the city to accept a baronetcy for his wartime heroism.Amidst the dizzying whirl of balls and formal dinners, the focus shifts from mixing and matchmaking to murder when the dowager Countess of Broughton, the mother of an old army friend of Robert, drops dead When it s revealed she s been poisoned, Robert s former betrothed, Miss Chingford, is accused, and she in turn points a finger at Anna To protect her sister, Lucy enlists Robert s aid in drawing out the true culprit.But with suspects ranging from resentful rivals and embittered family members to the toast of the ton, it will take all their sleuthing skills to unmask the poisoner before trouble is stirred up
Death Comes to London A season in London promises a welcome change of pace for two friends from the village of Kurland St Mary until murder makes a debut With the reluctant blessings of their father the rector of Kurland

  • Title: Death Comes to London
  • Author: Catherine Lloyd
  • ISBN: 9780758287359
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Death Comes to London4 StarsLucy Harrington and her sister Anna travel to London for the Season and become involved in a murder investigation when the Dowager Countess of Broughton drops dead during a ball. With the aid of Major Robert Kurland, who is in the capital to accept a Baronetcy for his heroic actions on the battlefield, Lucy slowly exposes a dangerous web of family secrets, theft and poison.Once again, Lloyd has created wonderful characters and the romance is developing nicely. However [...]

    2. An excellent cozy historical mystery that takes place during the Regency period. Really well fleshed out characters that aren't idealised versions of any kind. The mystery was incredibly well constructed too - just too many variables!Full review: jennoklikes/post/106142

    3. The story wasn't bad, but the writing was dreadful. I remember the first book in this series as being nothing special, but it certainly wasn't as poorly written as this one.Abandoned ship after 50 pages. An hour of my life completely wasted!

    4. Almost never do I like the second book of a series better than the first, but Death Comes to London is a rare exception. A more intriguing mystery (better plotted, too), more romance and a better-developed cast of characters made Lucy and Major Kurland's second adventure a really delightful read.The mystery involves a much-hated tyrant of a dowager countess who drops dead during a ball at Almack's, a crime that turns out to be only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of suspects and a numbe [...]

    5. 3.5 starsI received this book from Net Galley in exchange for a review. I found this to be a delightful cozy English mystery story set in the Regency Period. Lucy Harrington and her sister, Anna, leave the charming village of St. Mary to participate in the "Season" in London. They need to find husbands and the village is too small. Lucy has been working as a nurse and the right hand of Major Robert Kurland, a war hero recovering from severe injuries. Major Kurland finds he must go to London, too [...]

    6. 4.5 stars, because I continue to enjoy the heck out of these, and the annoying father isn't in this one. Also, the mystery is less immediately predictable in this, SO. (Also, I read the first one yesterday, and already have the third out from the library.)I just, I really like them. And I'm enjoying reading them a lot. I really like how Lucy and Major Kurland, respect, like, and trust each other, but also constantly misunderstand and/or insult each other (slightly generally only slightly, though [...]

    7. I received a copy of Death Comes to London from a giveaway in exchange for an honest review.This novel is the second in the Kurland St Mary mystery series by Catherine Lloyd However unlike in the first installment, we join the main characters in London, not Kurland St Mary. Main character Lucy Harrington leaves her hometown after helping to run the household of an injured war hero named Major Kurland. The young woman accompanies her sister Anna to town to partake in the social season, in hopes [...]

    8. It was a quick read, but not quite as good as the first. The mystery isn't as compelling as is the look at a Season in London, and I couldn't quite buy the really horrendous behavior of Miss Chingford (who was petty and shallow in the first book, but mindful of how she came across to others). In this one, her behavior is over-the-top, seemingly to increase the likelihood that she'd be considered a suspect. The identity of the killer seems also to be rather obvious, even though Lloyd goes to pain [...]

    9. This is fast becoming one of my favorite cozy series! I love the two main protagonists and the regency England setting these take place in. This was had good mystery and I am eager for book 3! p.s. I have listened to both books so far on audio and highly recommend this format. The narrator does an excellent job.

    10. Lucy Harrington is finally getting her chance to leave Kurland St. Mary and have a season in London. While her younger sister Anna stays with their uncle, the Earl, and is brought out by the Countess, Lucy will stay with her widowed friend Sophia and her mother. While Anna can make a splendid match, Lucy feels she is too old and plain to aim too high and will look more modestly for someone to suit her. Major Robert Kurland feels deserted by Lucy and overwhelmed with new responsibilities. When th [...]

    11. Death Comes to London is the follow up to Death Comes to the Village, featuring the detective skills of amateur sleuths Major Robert Kurland and Miss Lucy Harrington. In this second installment Lucy has been able to make her way to London for the season that she’s always wanted. She hopes to find a husband and finally gain independence from her family. Unfortunately, murder trumps husband hunting. Such is life.The Major also finds himself in London, albeit reluctantly, after being summoned by [...]

    12. An extremely well-plotted mystery that really kept me guessing, Death Comes to London is the second in the series but works fine as a stand alone. (I've already picked up book one, though--be warned! This series *might* be habit-forming ;) Seriously--the audio's downloading as I write this.) Set during the Regency, Death felt authentic to its time period--Ms. Lloyd paid close attention to her details. When we're seeing a scene from Robert (Major Kurland)'s point of view, for example, Lucy is alw [...]

    13. If you're curious, London's an amazing place. - David BaileyLucy Harrington, the reliable daughter of the village rector, accompanies her beautiful (and younger) sister to London for the season. Although Lucy enjoys tending to her father's flock, she is eager to find a husband and set up her own household. Lucy thinks she is leaving behind her special friend (and sleuthing partner) Major Robert Kurland. Yet fate takes him to London at the same time to appear before the Prince Regent. Their paths [...]

    14. A year later in March 1817 Lucy Harrington and her sister Anna leave Kurland St. Mary to have a season in town. Both looking for husbands.Not long after Major Robert Kurland is summoned to London to accept a baronetcy for his war deeds.When the grandmother of a Major's friend - the dowager Countess of Broughton - dies, Lucy and the Major begin their own investigation, but can they prevent more deaths.Really liking the characters and enjoyed re-reading this second in the series and look forward t [...]

    15. I must admit that I would never have read this if it hadn't been a gift. It was a fairly good cosy mystery, although the plot was held together by threads of convention and I found some characters insufferable. However, I must certainly not let my own feminist principals get in the way of an 1817 historical context in which women were accredited with an insignificant quota of intelligence and fortitude, and men's acumen, pride and dignity were eminent!

    16. Maybe the author was rushed to get this second book out? It is not up to the level of the first book in the series. This one needs some assistance from an editor and at least one more draft. I still find the main characters interesting so I'll read the 3rd installment, but this one was disappointing.

    17. 3.5 stars, I really liked it. This was a fun if frustrating Regency mystery and sequel to "Death Comes to the Village" - frustrating because Lloyd leaves us hanging at the end regarding our two main characters, Lucy Harrington and Major Robert Kurland. Lucy is in London for a belated Season, the Regency era's marriage mart - older than the average debutante by several years, she'd like to try and find a husband. Her life as a widowed vicar's daughter in Kurland St. Mary is busy and full, but she [...]

    18. It's a universally accepted fact that nobody can write a mystery like the British. Just think: Christie, Conan Doyle, Chesterton, Perry, Beaton, to cite only a handful. So it follows that most of the best mysteries are set somewhere in The United Kingdom. To be sure, they do have all that lovely "atmosphere" to work with. The eerie gaslight, the enveloping smog, Sherlock Holmes, Scotland Yard, not to mention Jack the Ripper. Of course, there are also many praiseworthy contemporary mysteries that [...]

    19. "Death Comes to London" which I won through Giveaways is a delightfully entertaining murder mystery set in historical London during the social season when Lucy Harrington accompanies her sister Anna to the city to look for a husband much to the annoyance of her friend Major Robert Kurland. Fate intervenes when he's summoned to London by the Regent to accept a baronetcy for his wartime heroism. Caught up in the social whirlwind of the ton's festivities Robert and Lucy never expect to become enta [...]

    20. This second book in the series by Catherine Lloyd was a pleasant read and the fact that I had not read the first was no handicap in picking up the relationships already established. In March of 1817 Miss Lucy Harrington is going to London with her sister so Anna can have a proper coming out season in hopes of finding a husband. Lucy and her friend Sophia will also be hoping to attract the attention of marriage minded men. It seems as if the entire village of Kurland St. Mary has up sticks and mo [...]

    21. Read my full review on MINA'S BOOKSHELF minadecaro/2014/1 Quite a delightful read, reminiscent in many ways of some of the most popular literary darlings. Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice and P.D. James' Death Comes To Pemberley spring immediately to mind for the polished definition of the characters, the streamlined mystery plot, the elegance and wit of the extensive dialogues. I was extremely pleased to see the author deliver in every department of the story. I applaud Catherine Lloyd's abili [...]

    22. Death Comes to LondonKensington BooksBy Catherine Lloyd_____________________________________Ease into the London Season with this enjoyable Regency England mystery. Dress for a social gathering at the ever important Almack’s, be privy to the sweet interplay between protagonist Lucy and her friend Robert, then listen carefully during a scandalous and shocking scene overheard by all.While there are heated moments and rising action, the overall tone of this story is proper and reserved, and steps [...]

    23. ******Copy from Netgalley in return for an honest review****I really, really enjoyed this. So much so in fact that I've already gone back and bought the first book in the series to help fill in the wait for the next book!This really ticked all the boxes as a really good M C Beaton/Marion Chesney Regency mystery - the crime is ingenious, the solution within the bounds of what could be worked out and the characters are interesting and engaging. There's romantic tension too but I wouldn't say this [...]

    24. An absolutely delightful read. I was really excited for the second book after the first and this one captures the same Regency spirit as the first title. The mystery is a fun who-done-it and I love the London setting of this one but the two main characters are my favorite. They are compelling separately and apart and I look forward to them sleuthing together in more titles to come.

    25. I enjoyed this second book in the series. I like the interactions between Lycy and Major Kurland. It reminds me of mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. It was a fun, quick read, but I did figure out who the murderer was fairly early on. Looking forward to reading the next in the series.

    26. Warning for anyone reading the ebook edition of this book: don't read the excerpt or description for Death Comes to the Fair at the end! It is book *4* in the series, not the next book, and contains spoilers for book 3.Review: decent historical mystery with enjoyable slow burn romance. Lucy and Major Kurland's repartee continues to be delightful. Some scenes and conversations felt rushed and many tertiary characters (like Lucy and Anna's aunt, uncle and cousin) could probably have been cut or co [...]

    27. This series remains great because of the development of the main characters. Lucy and Robert are excellent characters, though their familiarity with each other in this time period requires a stretch of the imagination (they would not actually be this familiar with each other in Regency London without supervision). The plot of this book, however, while set up really well, fizzled at the end for me. Much of the motive required a little suspension of disbelief on my part. All in all an okay mystery [...]

    28. Around the Year in 52 Books 2017 Reading Challenge. A book that is a continuation of another.The Harrington sisters have gone to London for season. Major Kurland has been called to London by the Regent. While in London, they become embroiled in the affairs of the Broughton family. The dowager Countess dies while at a ball after yet another confrontation with another woman over some jewelry. It is thought she has been poisoned. Both of her grandsons become ill. What is happening and who is respon [...]

    29. I liked this book in the series as well as, if not better than, the previous one. I like getting to know Robert and Lucy now that their characters are in a more developed stage. I find I am liking Robert much more than I previously might have and think he might be "softening up" a bit. Lucy is also likable. I found the plot in this one a bit easier to track but am unsure if that is because I am more familiar with the people and author's style. I thought it was very well written and am going to j [...]

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