Hart Fox may not have the pedigree to be a shoo in at Stutts, a prestigious Ivy League school, but he has the grades and the rsum And he does make it in sort of His acceptance is hijacked by Burlington Darling III, a wealthy alum who is so desperate to get his hapless son, Trip, into Stutts that he funds a new boathouse Darling offers to get Hart a spot in the freshmanHart Fox may not have the pedigree to be a shoo in at Stutts, a prestigious Ivy League school, but he has the grades and the rsum And he does make it in sort of His acceptance is hijacked by Burlington Darling III, a wealthy alum who is so desperate to get his hapless son, Trip, into Stutts that he funds a new boathouse Darling offers to get Hart a spot in the freshman class, and pay his way, if Hart will take all of Trip s classes for him.Despite this deal with the devil, Hart arrives on the Stutts campus jubilant But what awaits him is a strange parallel universe of secret societies, inexplicable traditions, and class hierarchies Soon, Hart finds himself aligned with the outcasts at an all but defunct school humor magazine, where a journalistic stunt catapults him into a mad, escalating guerilla war with the Darlings With threats of death and worse expulsion looming over him, Hart must rely on his wit, and the aid of some very exceptional friends, to save him.
Freshman Hart Fox may not have the pedigree to be a shoo in at Stutts a prestigious Ivy League school but he has the grades and the rsum And he does make it in sort of His acceptance is hijacked by Burlingto

  • Title: Freshman
  • Author: Michael Gerber
  • ISBN: 9780786838516
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Rating B-Review This book was a humorous and irreverent look at college life amongst the elite from an outsider's perspective. (The author went to an Ivy League school, so I'm not sure how much of this is his revisionist's history.)The characters in this book were over-the-top, but they were meant to be. (Hello? One is a vampire. Obvious farce.) And it worked. The caricatures all played off each other--the motivated one, the jaded one, the "President," etc.--and created a campus full of life and [...]

    2. Not the greatest book I've ever read but it did hold my interest at least for a few days. Most of the story was really unbelievable and it all just seemed a bit over the top. What I can't decide is if the author was trying to mock the ivy league system (apparently he attended Yale) or if he was just trying to make up a funny story about freshman year. The whole vampire subplot with Tab was really annoying as well. Until it got to that point it was an alright novel but I think that introducing th [...]

    3. I thought the book was good because I was imagining my freshman year.My freshman year was a little rough cam into the High school thinking i ruled the school but there are other people who are in school that are older then me.I became fresh meat to everyone that was in higher grade and get bullied.So i can kinda relate to hart and what he went threw.

    4. This book was funny, strange, interesting, and had little subnotes! Micheal Gerber did an amazing hjob of creating an entire school full of traditions and quirks, and the book as a whole is pretty great! Can't wait to rad Sophmore!

    5. For people who loved Gordon Korman's Don't Care High but wish it had included more public urination. And vampires.

    6. WHAT WAS THIS.Quite a trip, this one was. It was half brilliant, half LSD induced hallucination. And I enjoyed it! I personally felt this was a simultaneous condemnation and ode to the Ivy League. The author himself went to Yale, so he's been "on the inside," which begs the question of how fake were some of the things in the book, really?I don't even know what genre this was. Like, why was there a vampire? And a legitimate, casual fraternity (Comma Comma Apostrophe was their amusing name) compet [...]

    7. First things first: Mr. Gerber has fantastic comedic instinct. His one liners and wry observations are in and of themselves works of art.But funny asides do not a novel make. And funny as Mr. Gerber is, his humor isn’t enough to sustain this surprisingly dull, generic tale.Hart Fox has worked hard his entire life, all with the goal of getting into Stutts (a fictional conglomeration of Harvard, Yale, and the rest of the Ivies). And he is selected for admission, except his spot is taken by his a [...]

    8. Freshmen is about a kid named Hart fox. He was known as one of the smartest people in his high school. One person a year can get picked to go to a great college named Strutts. He was pretty much going to get in. Then the darling family came in. Hart cut Mr. Darlings grass, but he paid his son's Way in. Hart wasn't able to get in anymore. But Mr. Darling didn't want Trip to flunk out so Hart was sent to do all of Trip's homework. Once Hart was at his college he had a roommate named Peter. They we [...]

    9. Read my full review at wadingthroughbooks.wordpress!From Michael Gerber, author of the Barry Trotter parodies and The Chronicles of Blarnia, contributor to SNL, comes a story both hilarious and relatable to anyone who has had to decipher the murky world of freshman year at university. This book is recommended for young adult readers who enjoy satire and an oddball sense of humour. Younger readers may not be able to connect as deeply with the representation of university life, while people who ha [...]

    10. it’s a nice fictional story of a boy who dreams to enter a university. it also portrays the mass’ fight against the corrupt government and the lengths that any politician will do to gain and stay in poweryway, it’s just fitting because i finished this last thursday - two days before my graduation. and, just like Stutts University my experiences in the University of the Philippines has been chaotic and wonderful at the same time. UP is a really crazy place and people who cannot adapt quickl [...]

    11. Not an expensive investment- spent 25 cents for it at a garage sale.I would first like to comment on the map on the beginning of the book. There are several 7's on the map, mostly clustered in the academic buildings but one randomly in the medical school. When I look at the key, I see that 7 is a student having a panic attack. I had to laugh on that one.The actual book followed that example with over-the-top humor. Of course, because of this, it was extremely realistic, but I thoroughly enjoyed [...]

    12. This book was bad and good in some ways. The main character has to deal with a rich person who got his son in by money and not his grade. The rich person son causes many trouble toward the main character and tries to get him expelled by the school. The worse thing is the main character can't afford the college bill(paying it which is 75 thousand dollars).Luckily for the main character he meets new people who eventually becomes his friend. He even has a vampire girl friend. Together he and his fr [...]

    13. This book was okay, but kind of all over the place. The protagonist mocks the ivy league-type school and the rich, spoiled, and entitled kids that go there, but then makes it clear at every turn that he belongs there for some reason. He wants to "make it" but has no goals and didn't even decide his major until he was already enrolled. Throughout the whole book, he never really explains why he wanted to go to this school so badly except that it was the best. So the school was a status symbol? Aga [...]

    14. Reading this felt a little like re-living freshman year--and not always in a good way. It started out fresh and exciting, but by the end, I felt like the book was something I *had* to finish out of obligation and not out of joy.I liked some of the secondary characters better than than the main characters. And while there were some funny parts to the book, there were an equal number of parts that made me uncomfortable or that I skipped.I suspect I'll transfer to another story and not spend my sop [...]

    15. So far this book is pretty good. It is about Hart Fox a college freshman going to Stutts university. The top university in the country. He was going to be a shoe in but the guy he mowed laws for, Mr.Darling a Stutts grad. himself, wanted his son Trip to go to Stutts. So with all the money Mr.Darling had he "persuaded" Stutts to take his son instead. But Mr.Darling was going to let Trip take Trips quizes notes and Testsand Hart didn't like that but he really wanted to go to Stutts. So he made Mr. [...]

    16. I loved this book. It had me choking on laughter and looking even more forward to my future as a college freshman. I love when books help quell my fear for my future, and none of them have done as good a job as this one. It's unequaled in originality of spirit and the world of humor that lies within the realm of Academia.

    17. An enjoyable satire with a little touch of the paranormal. I'm not really sure this one should be classified as YA; I don't think it has a YA voice, even though the hero starts out in high school. Looking forward to reading Sophomore too.

    18. I really want to give this a 4 or 5, but I don't think it get there as a book overall. It is hilarious and creative but somehow seemed to take longer to read than it should. However, it is intriguing enough in a David Foster Wallace sort of way that I'll look out for other books by him.

    19. I really enjoyed this story. It did slow down near the end of the book. But, overall it was a great story and book.

    20. I was confused through a good portion of the book but it had an interesting story line. Probably one of those books you need to read a few times to full appreciate.

    21. I read 70 pages but just couldn't get into it. It just seemed stupid to me and I didn't understand the main character. So I stopped.

    22. hahahaha this book is sooooooooooooooo dumb. it's a lot of fun!! and a total waste of life :P gotta love it!

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