The Wall

First published to acclaim in Germany, The Wall chronicles the life of the last surviving human on earth, an ordinary middle aged woman who awakens one morning to find that everyone else has vanished Assuming her isolation to be the result of a military experiment gone awry, she begins the terrifying work of survival and self renewal This novel is at once a simple and moFirst published to acclaim in Germany, The Wall chronicles the life of the last surviving human on earth, an ordinary middle aged woman who awakens one morning to find that everyone else has vanished Assuming her isolation to be the result of a military experiment gone awry, she begins the terrifying work of survival and self renewal This novel is at once a simple and moving tale and a disturbing meditation on humanity.
The Wall First published to acclaim in Germany The Wall chronicles the life of the last surviving human on earth an ordinary middle aged woman who awakens one morning to find that everyone else has vanished

  • Title: The Wall
  • Author: Marlen Haushofer
  • ISBN: 9780704373112
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I can allow myself to write the truth; all the people for whom I have lied throughout my life are dead.An unnamed woman arrives with her cousin and her husband to their alpine hunting lodge. Their staying is planned for a weekend. The same evening the couple go to the nearby village and when they don’t return the next day our heroine sets off to meet them halfway to unexpectedly come across the impenetrable barrier. A wall. A transparent yet impassable wall through it she can see households in [...]

    2. I discovered Marlen Haushofer’s ‘The Wall’ through a friend's review of the film version of the book. It looked like a dystopian novel and I also suspected that Stephen King’s ‘Under the Dome’ was inspired by Haushofer’s book in some ways. Something about the book tugged at my heart, and I couldn’t articulate it then. So, I went and got the book and started reading it last week. I finished reading it yesterday. Here is what I think.The story told in ‘The Wall’ is simple. The [...]

    3. Book2moviechallenge 201212/12 Ein Film der 2012 aus einer Literaturvorlage veröffentlicht wird Buch 5 Sterne Eines jener Bücher, das mich beim erstmaligen Lesen vor mehr als 10 Jahren am meisten beeindruckt und gleichzeitig extrem verstört hat. Die Hauptdarstellerin ist zu Gast auf Sommerfrische bei Freunden in einer einsamen Jagdhütte, wacht am Morgen auf und muss feststellen, dass sie in einer relativ weitläufigen gläsernen Kuppel gefangen ist. Ihre Gastgeber wollten am Vortag kurz ins D [...]

    4. msarki.tumblr/post/1468064What a marvelous book. It is beyond me why this novel is classified a feminist classic as it holds up as something great no matter whose sex wrote it. This is a story of redemption under grave circumstances. It is a tale of determination and persistence in the face of uncertain and daunting circumstances. The novel could be deemed an instruction manual on how to live a life with one’s own self, alone and entrusted with responsibilities perhaps too great for the typica [...]

    5. My animals were fond of my familiar smell, my voice and my movements. I could easily cast off my face; it was needed no longer. At this thought a feeling of emptiness rose up in me, which I had to get rid of at any price. I looked for some kind of work to do, and told myself that in my situation it was childish to mourn a face, but the tormenting sense that I had lost something important would not be driven away.Virginia Woolf once called Middlemarch one of the few novels that had been written f [...]

    6. "The Wall is a wonderful novel. It is not often that you can say only a woman could have written this book, but women in particular will understand the heroine's loving devotion to the details of making and keeping life, every day felt as a victory against everything that would like to undermine and destroy. It is as absorbing as Robinson Crusoe."Doris Lessing“External freedom has probably never existed, but neither have I ever known anyone who knew inner freedom.”Marlen HaushofferI have wat [...]

    7. How did I not find this book when I was writing Our Endless Numbered Days? I'd not even heard of it until recently. It is wonderful. An unexplained and invisible wall comes down trapping the narrator in section of the Austrian Alps with only a dog and some basic provisions. She has decided to write 'a report' of what happened, and so in looking back we get tiny snippets of what has happened in her present, just enough to tease us and keep us wondering. The report, and nearly all of the book is a [...]

    8. Dieses Buch hat mich sehr beeindruckt. Es hat meine Erwartungen, die ich vor dem Lesen hatte, bei weitem übertroffen.Eine Frau macht einen Ausflug zu einer Jagdhütte in den Bergen und wacht eines Morgens auf, um festzustellen, dass sie nun scheinbar der letzte überlebende Mensch ist. Sie stößt auf eine unsichtbare und unüberwindlich scheinende Wand, hinter der alles Leben, außer dem pflanzlichen, geendet hat. Ihr einziger Gefährte ist zunächst ein Hund. Später kommen noch eine Kuh und [...]

    9. I read The Wall because it was assigned to me as part of a German Women Writers in Translation course. Wait don't stop reading, quite yet I had reservations about the novel when I first started it, because I thought it would either be dull and boring, or it would be too much like science fiction/fantasy or a nature novel, two genres I don't enjoy most of the time. It is neither.This novel is actually a portrait of courage. As others have said, the unnamed author finds that she is the last person [...]

    10. The story begins on the 5th of November, the day the protagonist, a middle aged woman, begins to write a report of what has occured over the last two years, since she became isolated in a hunting lodge where she had been visiting her cousin Luise and Luise's husband Hugo.Some kind of unwitnessed catastophic event occurs, creating an invisible wall between that which lives and that which doesn't. Luise and Hugo went to the village, putting them on the deathly side of the event. Sending their dog [...]

    11. Astonishing book, there's so much in it. I feel really close to the author and her protagonist.Ein Paar fährt gemeinsam mit der Cousine der Frau in ein Jagdhaus in den Bergen. Das Paar möchte am Anreisetag noch ins Dorf und lässt die Cousine, unsere namenlose Protagonistin, allein mit dem Jagdhund Luchs zurück. Seltsamerweise kehrt das Paar abends nicht zurück. Am nächsten Morgen macht sich die Protagonistin auf den Weg ins Dorf, um zu erfahren, was passiert ist. Da stößt sie plötzlich [...]

    12. Man cannot become an animal. He just passes the animal stage on his way to the abyss.Something Happens, and a middle-aged woman is suddenly, as far as she can tell, the last human being on Earth, waking up in a friend's hunting lodge up in the decidedly Julie Andrews-less Austrian alps, and finding an invisible wall all around the area she's in. (Insert space here for snarky comparisons to The Simpsons Movie or that Stephen King novel, even though The Wall predates them by 50 years and is a very [...]

    13. I am going to be in the minority when it comes to reviewing this book. After reading the reviews and the synopsis on the back of the book, I thought I was in a for an “I can’t put this down” kind of book. Instead I got a “Wow, is this book ever going to end” book.I love post-apocalyptic stories, which is why I was drawn to this one. Unfortunately what I got was a woman rambling on and on about the sameness of her life. In the story, the nameless character is somehow trapped in a rural [...]

    14. I have to admit that though I work in publishing and though, up until 2010, I lived more years in Switzerland than I’d lived in the United States, I’d never heard of Marlen Haushofer until this year. True, Frau Haushofer was Austrian, and was born in Frauenstein, Austria in 1920. But Austria borders Switzerland (to the east) and both countries speak dialects derived from High German. No matter what we speak in everyday life, both Swiss and Austrians write in High German. And I attended schoo [...]

    15. Una novela feminista, intimista y ecologista. Pausada, rutinaria y casi sin sobresaltos, aunque los esperas todo el rato, y eso es, precísamente, parte de su encanto.Me ha hecho sufrir mucho por la relación con los animales, pero también esperanza.Una maravilla.

    16. Existentiell och civilisationskritisk robinsonad. L ä s u p p l e v e l s e! Den typ av bok som får mig att tänka "jag vill BARA läsa SÅDANA HÄR böcker resten av mitt liv".Till protokollet: Så befriande att ta del av en kvinnas survival skills efter The Revenant, The Martian, The Heart of the Sea, Life of Pi, Into the Wild, Castaway, Thoreaus Walden etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.Ikväll tittar jag på youtube/watch?v=j [...]

    17. I saw the film first. Beautiful cinematography, a one-woman exhibition of acting talent. I knew that the voice-over narration was lifted nearly verbatim from the text, and so I knew I had to read it properly. At the end of the edition I purchased, the director of the film says that The Wall is supposedly a perfect representation of depression. I agree. I think that those who loved The Bell Jar in youth would find this to be the continuation of inescapable honesty that the life-long depresseive r [...]

    18. In "The Wall", Die Wand, a woman in Austria is isolated from the rest of the world. An invisible wall has materialized during the night and everyone on the other side is dead.The novel, first published 1963 in Austria and now translated again into Swedish, is a picture of the psyche of mankind. Bigger than the fight against famine, is the fight against depression. Haushofer explore loneliness in all its forms. Eventually, the woman learns to accept it as a form of solitude. Her name is never rev [...]

    19. Mooi, zeer mooi zelfs. Een fascinerend boek wat ik even moest laten bezinken, en het blijft nog steeds door mijn hoofd spoken. Het is geschreven in 1963 maar is absoluut tijdloos. Zo is er sprake van een onbestemde dreiging maar wanneer is dat nu niet het gevalDe strijd van de naamloze vrouw tegen de elementen, de strijd om het bestaan, om te overleven wordt afgewisseld met filosofische bespiegelingen zoals hier over de tijd:‘Ich sitze am Tisch, und die Zeit steht still. Ich kann sie nicht seh [...]

    20. Reseña disponible también en mi blog: ceresplaneta/2La protagonista de esta novela es una mujer a la que invitan a pasar unos días en una casa en la montaña. Sus anfitriones se van al pueblo caminando y no vuelven. La mujer va a buscarlos, y se da cuenta de que un muro invisible pero tangible ha aparecido de la nada, aislándola de todo. El muro parte de una premisa que desde un primer momento interesa al lector. Un muro que surge sin razón aparente incomunica a la protagonista (que no tien [...]

    21. Rezension auch hier ==> Marlen Haushofer – Die Wand | AnjaIsReadingAls ich das erste Mal von diesem Buch gehört habe, hatte es schon fast 50 Jahre auf dem Buckel. Vermutlich durch die Verfilmung mit Martina Gedeck in der Hauptrolle (die ich übrigens nicht gesehen habe) wieder ins Gedächtnis der Leserschaft gebracht, wurde es im Radio als Lesetipp vorgestellt und ist sofort auf meiner Wunschliste gelandet. Die Geschichte klang einfach zu gut: Wie die Buchbeschreibung schon verrät, macht [...]

    22. Quite possibly the most profound book I've ever read. I was unable to put it down, and read it obsessively over the course of a week. The woman's survival and taking care of her few animals while profoundly alone in the mountains was quite awe-inspiring, and her relationship with her animals moved me to tears. A must-read.

    23. El mayor logro de este libro es el estado sicólogico que te genera desde las primeras páginas. Ese esperar constantemente que algo suceda y que la autora va alimentando tan bien con pequeños aportes. Es una sensación de desasosiego, de ansiedad que va creciendo y por momentos se vuelve insoportable, al final explota como lo haría una represa, liberando todas las emociones que fue cargando en el camino. Es verdad, por momentos se vuelve una lectura muy lenta y monótona, yo misma estuve a pu [...]

    24. The plot is essentially that of Robinson Crusoe, albeit more boring and with a more back-to-nature theme. The protagonist becomes isolated in an island of sorts--a section of the Alps surrounded by an invisible wall. I read this in the original German, but I have to admit I skimmed much of the last third, as it became very drawn-out, and the details of the daily activities of the protagonist--collecting berries, chopping firewood, hunting with the dog--soon became tiresome. There are some genuni [...]

    25. Tiesiog negalėjau nesusidomėti perskaičiusi aprašymą - "Knygos herojė, bevardė moteris, atvykusi pailsėti į kalnus, vieną rytą suvokia esanti atskirta nuo viso pasaulio nematoma, tačiau neįveikiama siena. Romane vaizduojamas jos gyvenimas vienatvėje, suvokiant, kad visą likusį pasaulį ištiko katastrofa. " Taip ir traukia perskaityti ir sužinoti atsakymus kas, kaip ir kodėl. Šiek tiek tikėjausi kokios įspūdingos, kvapą gniaužiančios, įtemptos istorijos. Tačiau ši ne [...]

    26. Es hat nunmehr einige Tage gedauert, bis ich mich an diesen Review gewagt habe. Und ich bin mir noch nicht mal sicher, ob jetzt schon der richtige Zeitpunkt dafür ist. Nachdem man die Texte ja jederzeit verändern und verbessern kann, fang ich einfach mal damit an:Ich weiß nicht, wann mich ein Trivialmedium, das ich zur Unterhaltung konsumiert habe, zuletzt so lange beschäftigt hat. Es gibt durchaus Bücher und auch Filme, die nachhallen, einen Eindruck hinter- und mich für einige Zeit nachd [...]

    27. ein buch, welches auf geschickte art und weise essentielle lebensgrundlagen transportiert und transparent macht. die transparente, gläserne, harte und kalte wand, die die protagonistin plötzlich von der zivilisation abtrennt, trennt auch den leser von der protagonistin, weil ihre erfahrungswelten isoliert aber frei sichtbar dargestellt werden. was für die meisten menschen eine horrorvision ist - plötzlich völlig alleine inmitten einer nur kaum bezähmbaren natur zu sein - wird für die frau [...]

    28. A post-apocalyptic Doctor Doolittle, or ALL CREATURES GREAT & DEAD, this book pre-dates UNDER THE DOME by about 40 years and does that story way better. Haushofer is not interested in genre trappings, but rather in the internal life of a single woman thrust into a surreal situation. Because of this emphasis and my own thwarted genre expectations, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the decidedly feminist overtones of the story: this woman needs no man to keep her alive, and a life of lite [...]

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