An Amish Year, An

A young Amish girl describes a year in her life and the activities that fill it, from early spring through the following winter Each season brings with it new joys As spring approaches, the girl and the other children go out to fly their kites high above the silos and leafless trees Summer, fall, and winter, each with its chores and enjoyments, come to life, too.
An Amish Year An A young Amish girl describes a year in her life and the activities that fill it from early spring through the following winter Each season brings with it new joys As spring approaches the girl and t

  • Title: An Amish Year, An
  • Author: Richard Ammon
  • ISBN: 9781590784655
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. We spend a year with young Anna, and learn about her life in an Amish community in Pennsylvania. From Easter morning with its three-hour church service, through spring planting, and summer haying, canning, school, and wedding season in November - Ammon continually stresses the importance of family and community in Anna's life. The real highlight of the book is the accompanying artwork by Pamela Patrick. She is equally adept at capturing the Lancaster county landscapes, AND the delightful facial [...]

    2. Summary/Review: Anna takes us on a journey through the year, showing the readers what life is like for the Amish. We learn of the different chores she tends to during the different seasons and the fun and games she likes to enjoy. Students can see what a different lifestyle people live by but still see similarities among them. Uses in classroom: 1. Compare and contrast a student 19s typical daily schedule compared to Anna 19s. 2. Begin a cultural study. Paired Books: An Amish Christmas, An Amish [...]

    3. This book, about the amish religion was also about their community. While this book was not about a certain custom or holiday, but about a year in the life of an amish girl. Amish is a religion, but they live far away from other parts of the world, in the country. Their community and religion go hand in hand, and they abide by certain rules and live in a strict community setting. I chose this book because I love the TLC show breaking amish, and a lot of the same ideas from the show were in the b [...]

    4. An Amish Year is a book about what the Amish do during a year. This book is told in the viewpoint of a little girl and she describes what they do on different days throughout the year that are important, and what they do around the house and yard depending on what month it is. There is a lot of working with the garden: planting, maintaining, and picking. Whenever something happens, like a fire, everyone comes to help and works to fix it until it is done. School is only from first through eighth [...]

    5. This story is basically just about an Amish girl going through everyday life. the story takes place over the course of this girls year. Hardships of winter and the fun in the summer along with all the chores and activities that come with it. I do not know personally about the Amish community and what they do but by the sounds of this book it sounds like a lot of work. this girl seems to have a lot of chores that she does although she seems to have fun as well.

    6. 3.75 StarsVery Interesting book about the Amish. I An Amish Year takes you through a typical Amish Year from a child's perspective . What I like most about this book is that is point out what is the same and what is different about Amish and Mainstream American. Don't forget to read the authors note at the end.Perfect for 4-6th Graders!

    7. It was a good informative book about life as an Amish child. I learned quite a bit but it was not a very captivating read.

    8. This book gave an interesting inside look into the Amish life. I really enjoyed how detailed the pictures were.

    9. The reader watches as an Amish little girl named Anna lives a year of the predictable and enjoyable rhythms of Amish life. This can be used for rhymes and comparing and contrasting her life to ours.

    10. This was a fun book to read to my kids. A young girl talks about what happens through the different seasons and events in an Amish community and home.

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