Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me: Lessons In Grace And Elegance

Lucia van der Post has dispensed advice on style and living for than three decades Her subtlety, taste, common sense, confidence, and witty, aphoristic style have garnered her legions of fans, a must read weekly style column in the Times of London, and a longtime perch at the top of UK lifestyle journalism Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me a bestseller in the UK uLucia van der Post has dispensed advice on style and living for than three decades Her subtlety, taste, common sense, confidence, and witty, aphoristic style have garnered her legions of fans, a must read weekly style column in the Times of London, and a longtime perch at the top of UK lifestyle journalism Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me a bestseller in the UK upon publication in fall 2007 is van der Post s warm, intimate guide to living stylishly through personal elegance, grace, and glamour Leaving no aspect of a woman s life unconsidered, the browsable sections include How to Wear Clothes How to Look Good How to Work and Have a Life Love, Marriage and Happiness Perfect Presents and Home, Sweet Home.
Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me Lessons In Grace And Elegance Lucia van der Post has dispensed advice on style and living for than three decades Her subtlety taste common sense confidence and witty aphoristic style have garnered her legions of fans a must

  • Title: Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me: Lessons In Grace And Elegance
  • Author: Lucia Van Der Post
  • ISBN: 9780719566684
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me: Lessons In Grace And Elegance”

    1. Cute idea for a book, I am sure that another author could write soemthing touching about the lessons in life that they wish that their mother would have told them. Unfortunately, this book was incorectly titled. It should be "Things I wish My Mother Had Told Me: Lessons in Snootiness and Snobbery."Really, this book was a BORE!

    2. This book is absolutely ridiculous. If it was possible to give it a 0 or a negative rating, I would do that. Please, please, please do not sully your mind with this crap. It's snooty and pretentious and elitist and exclusive and condescending and vulgar. It really just is. If you want to read about a rich woman sniffing her nose at things and recommending plastic surgery and talking about hanging out with the ex-wife of a late Saudi monarch, this will tickle your fancy. For women with sense, I'm [...]

    3. Other reviews have stated that this book is written by a snooty rich woman. While there is some truth to these statements it doesn't change the fact that this is a great book. I have read many books on etiquette and grace and this book was by far the best. Unlike the other books I have read, this author focused on more traditional etiquette (the old fashion, high class gracefulness that we see in movies and on television). To be a woman of this type of classiness and grace you do need to care ab [...]

    4. Cute book, although it practically qualifies as fiction from my perspective. She talks about not being one of those rich people, but has no real conception of anything like my life--where buying a Chanel jacket is not an option no matter how much use I can get out of it. True, it wouldn't be glamorous and fun if it were realistic, but I wish people wouldn't cry poor when they so obviously don't know what the word means. Heck, I don't know what it means by many standards.

    5. The title had a lot to live up to, and I really wasn't that impressed. A lot of this book talked about specific designers or stores to make her point instead of general ideas. I skipped whole pages sometimes. Especially since this designed for both American and British audiences. I got in on sale, so wasn't out much, but certainly wouldn't have paid full price for this book.

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    7. I bought this book when it was first published as I am a fan of the author. I loved it then and I've just re-read it. Yes, some of the shops she recommends are no longer active but her pearls of wisdom are brilliant. I can't say I've followed everything but her mantra of "every house needs music, books and fresh flowers" is something I've followed ever since.

    8. This is probably the Kardashian's family's favorite book! Seriously. She talks so much about $3,600 Chanel jackets and $800 manolos and facials costing well over $2,000, her advice is more of a good work of fiction for average Americans than practical advice to follow. I work at a Fortune 500 company and I could never afford even a tad of what she suggests in this book. But to her credit, she does often mention shops like Zara, H & M, Gap, Banana Republic, etc as well for lower income people [...]

    9. I was distinctly committed to get to the bottom of that book but I as continued to flip through the so-called "advice" I found my resolve waning, my contempt rising and the number of pages I skipped increasing. The book started off with tips about how women should look and while I completely agree with Oscar Wilde that only fools don't judge people by their looks, I still found the language used demeaning and the tips belittling to women as creatures of innate grace and beauty. Is it really what [...]

    10. I really hesitate to give this book 3 stars because it had to be one of the strangest books I've ever read! I got this book at the dollar tree!!! I picked it up and was skimming it while waiting for my daughter to pick something out. It held my attention long enough for me to figure it was worth $1 (it is hardback, and cover price is $25.00!). I don't know who Lucia Van Der Post is, so I have no idea why anyone would even want her advicebut this book is oddly hard to put down! It is like a huge [...]

    11. I so wanted this to be great, but it wasn't. This book would be really helpful IF you move into London with lots of money and want to know the best facialists, wardrobe advisers, personal laundry and clothing storage services, makeup artists, antique shops, etc etc. Most of us would consider anyone who can afford the suggestions in this book as fairly well off. Anyone who can promise to take all five grandsons to Africa for their tenth birthday is beyond just well off, despite her protestations [...]

    12. The book is actually quite good and very well written. Whilst she is definitely not in any way within the poor bracket, and I think she is very misconceived as to what her income truly is in comparison to the average woman, she does include a lot of lower price brands that do fit with what she's talking about - and I've even started looking at thread counts when I buy sheets without spending much (she was right, it feels a lot nicer!) Whilst I don't really wish my mother had told me these things [...]

    13. If you judged this book by the cover you'd think it would be full of wise tips that would be useful to you, and you would be wrong about that. The author has quite the snobby tone often mentioning how she always dresses amazingly (strange how her picture is not found by the biography at the end of the book -huh?) and calling people she knows 'fat' 'dull' or even 'ugly'. After getting past a few pages I found this book to be completely unreadable due to her obnoxious tone as well as irrelevant in [...]

    14. I really like most of this book because it really does hot on all of those little tips that I wish my mother would have told me growing up. Of course, Lucia lives in England, which is closer to Paris than my mother, and she has plenty of tips for Parisian shops as well as London ones. It would be five stars if there weren't so many shopping listings (London or otherwise), because I think the real strength of the book lies in its advice on how to be a good person, how to do the most with what you [...]

    15. I thought the advice on fashion and style was very interesting, albeit geared to those well endowed in the money department. However I thought that the advice about relationships was very antiquated, very antifeminist and very offensive. Apparently all women need to get married and have kids and also are not allowed to be gay. Oh and getting married is absolutely essential even if you get divorced, which you shouldn't do, because think of the children!! Also when women are in these heterosexual [...]

    16. Ugh what a load of white privilege. Yes, there are some interesting sections with decent advice, but it often comes paired with comments about "quaint African masks" and reappropriating sari fabric. It's hard to really take anything seriously in this book when she makes side comments that align herself with the middle class but then goes on to talk pretty seriously about 3-day vacations that cost $9,000 per person. We clearly have different ideas about what constitutes middle class.

    17. I really loved this book, but I can definitely see that it is not for everyone. I felt the author's classic, sophisticated style is very close to my own, so I enjoyed reading the fashion part. I immensely enjoy knowing about and purchasing luxury things, and that is essentially what this book is. The author and I have very similar views on a lot of things, from decorating styles to gift preferences, so, of course, I enjoyed reading about those things. If you don't like luxury, don't read this.

    18. Eh, it's an all right guide to living, that is if you're friends with Prince Charles's stepson, Tom Parker Bowles. Anytime she's not trotting out advice on where to buy $900 pashminas, she's giving out very played-out advice on how to live and how to cook. However, she has a nice writing style. I would like to read a novel written by Ms. Van Der Post.

    19. I quit reading half way through a long time ago and have never picked it back up. Was hoping for more, but mostly turned out to be a long list of shops, products, and celebrity-ish names that were really only useful if you lived in New York or London. It's not lessons at all. It's just name dropping, and a lot of sounding pretentious.

    20. Do you read fashion magazines? If you do, there's nothing that this book could offer you except a few laughs due to its elitism. Oh wow, look at her small wardrobe. I've never seen one that small outside of a third-world country said an over privileged white dame. *yawnI think I picked this up for .50 cents in a thrift store thank goodness because that's about all it's worth.

    21. Fine living doesn't have to mean expensive living. It can be the seemingly simple things such as a well-kept, ten-piece wardrobe or divinely scented candles strategically placed in a room. Lucia Van Der Post is passionate about living well and she writes well about it. Note: Lucia Van Der Post also write for How To Spend It powered by the Financial Times.

    22. It's not horrible, but she recommends the most expensive things like jars of Clinique or diamonds which you may not really need or may not even help our skin, hair and nails. In addition she puts the list of things she wished her mother told her in the back.Not a big deal but it was the title. Some good things were that it had advice for a variety of things and she writes beautifully

    23. Sheets can only be white. Do not hesitate to give flowers. Don't be cheap on tips. This and so much more lifestyle advice, a book to be looked through but not read really. However, I don't regret having looked through.

    24. if i could give it no stars was hoping for more "lessons in grace and elegance" and less of a shopping list. her book is full of "where to go to get" and slightly trendy which makes this certainly not a book to read in another year or so

    25. Advice is purely common sense, more apt to women who are into their late 40s to 50s, to those who can "afford', and to those who live where the author is. This book adorns the bookshelf quite nicely though.

    26. I absolutely loved and absolutely hated this book. I thought she had some great advice, tips and ideas. I despised the specific names and contact information of places in Paris, London and NYC. I also learned that my mother and grandmothers had told me more than I thought.

    27. Pretty ridiculous advice, unless you're a hedge-fund-trophy wife. The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one, was because I liked the quotes, and the author's advice on the need to have one's own income.

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