Vampire Wars

For thousands of years, ancient vampire lords ruled the Night Their queen, the coldly beautiful, immortal, and all powerful Lilith, ruled them distantly, ignoring their squabbles over territory and victims Then came Vlad the Impaler, once history s most bloodthirsty fiend, now reanimated as an undead creature of the Night Facing the vampire legions of the brutish VardalFor thousands of years, ancient vampire lords ruled the Night Their queen, the coldly beautiful, immortal, and all powerful Lilith, ruled them distantly, ignoring their squabbles over territory and victims Then came Vlad the Impaler, once history s most bloodthirsty fiend, now reanimated as an undead creature of the Night Facing the vampire legions of the brutish Vardalekos, the loathsome Viy, the diabolical Jhiang Shi, the monstrous Mmbyu, the cunning Erlik, and the seductive Nycea, Vlad Dracula seeks out allies, be they undead or lycanthropic or mortal.You ve read Bram Stoker s Dracula Now see how Vlad the Impaler fought and struggled to become Dracula, the King Vampire A part of THE LEGEND OF DRACULA trilogy, this book is a collection of twenty short stories about the infamous Count and his undead legions as he strives for the ultimate goal the throne of the supreme King of the Vampires
Vampire Wars For thousands of years ancient vampire lords ruled the Night Their queen the coldly beautiful immortal and all powerful Lilith ruled them distantly ignoring their squabbles over territory and vi

  • Title: Vampire Wars
  • Author: Perry Lake
  • ISBN: 9781771151627
  • Page: 164
  • Format: ebook
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    1. ** I received a copy of the ebook by the author in exchange for an honest review. **We are used to see Count Dracula as the villain, while the hero is the hunter who fights the dark forces. Well, here he is always the villain, but the "main character" villain.This is the first book of a trilogy and consists of short novels that telle the rise to power of Vlad in the undead's rows, to become the king. Each story tells of an episode involving other vampires, some generated by him, other are enemie [...]

    2. Well that was unexpected!I was thinking this was a novel, when in fact it's a collection of connected short stories themed around the ambitions and exploits of that notable figure of the undead - one Vlad Dracula.(So, quick change of gears - not reading a novel - reading a collection of shorts got it.)Vlad and his minions stalk the night, feasting and wenching, whoops - I mean feasting on wenches. Vlad has conceived of a noble purpose fitting for a being of his stature and aristocratic bearing - [...]

    3. Vampire Wars, never was a title of a book more true! Mr. Perry Lake has crafted a really good Dracula tale that almost reads like non-fiction. Mr. Lake really worked overtime with his research and made sure to keep everything as authentic as possible. This story takes place before Bram Stoker's tale, and explains how he became "The Lord of Vampires." I'm assuming more of the tale is also told in the next two volumes of the trilogy.I did have a few minor complaints. The story slowed down in place [...]

    4. Vampire Wars is an inventive and entertaining tale of Dracula’s many ups and downs. If you think he has it all his way, you would be mistaken – those who sleep by day have no idea of the war that is being fought by night, unless they become dinner, of course. Perry Lake’s writing is believable and consistent in its language, and the book is written as a series of chronological short stories. This is sometimes cumbersome as we are reintroduced to characters, but becomes less so the more you [...]

    5. This novel might be aptly subtitled: "Dracula and How He Got to be King of the Vampires." With very few deviations from the storyline, it's just that, and nothing else. Here we have Vlad the vampire as a slave to Dr. Faust, the "Misphistopheles" of that story. In this case, he doesn't stay enslaved long, however--nor would we expect him to. Thus, the servant overcomes the master and turns both Faust and his beloved Gretchen, making them his thralls. From there, it's only a flap and a flutter to [...]

    6. Author Perry Lake takes on the task of retelling the legend of Dracula and how he became the most powerful vampire. It's quite a gaol but Lake was definitely up to it. Vampire Wars is an action-packed story about Vlad the Impaler becoming the powerful legend we all know - Dracula. At a meeting of various warlords, Vlad is given powers by Strigoica, the Queen of Vampires. Not surprisingly this makes him a target since everyone else covets that power. In the war that follows, Vlad battles undead, [...]

    7. Vampire Wars is an ambitious and entertaining take on the familiar legend of Dracula. A prequel of sorts to Bram Stoker's classic novel, it shows Dracula's quest to become King of the Vampires. Vlad cuts a bloody swath across Europe and Asia, finding allies and enemies among the supernatural creatures of many lands. Author Lake constructs an elaborate vampire mythology, drawing on history, literature, and folklore (even tv shows and comic books get a nod; scholarly-minded readers will have a bla [...]

    8. A grim saga of Count Vladimir Dracula and his efforts to become the overlord of all the vampires in the world. Many will fall over the centuries, but Vlad is determined to triumph. This novel, built of a series of short stories, reads as much like history as fiction. It was intriguing, frequently gory and violent, but I thought it suffered somewhat from a lack of any sympathetic characters. Among vampires, it seems, there is no true love or loyalty - only the desire for dominance.

    9. There was a time when Vlad the Impaler was not king of the night, when he was but one of many vampires who prowled for blood. Vampire Wars: The Legend of Dracula: Book One, is the story of the ascent of Vlad. This story tells the early struggles, deceptions, the betrayals, the killing of his own kind that placed him as the king of all Europe’s vampires, ghouls and other children of the night.Vampire Wars is tightly written with enough period affect that it is almost like reading a journal of s [...]

    10. Vampire Wars is the story of how Dracula fought off many enemies to become the ruler of the Vampire World. It's written in a lovely old fashioned style, with just enough humour in it to keep the reader amused. The Dracula in this book is a "proper" vampire, and is as selfish, self-absorbed and vain as a Vampire should be. No sparklers here, thank you very much. A very entertaining story with plenty of magical characters and lots of Vampire gruesomeness

    11. I enjoyed this book for the most part. My biggest problem was how parts didn't flow so smoothly. There were parts where it got confusing. There were flashbacks in parts of the book, but the way it went from the present story to the flashback was very confusing. I had to re-read those sections a couple of times because of how confusing it was. However, overall I did enjoy it.

    12. Mr Lake has produced quite a masterpiece in Vampire Wars which sadly is unlikely to get the recognition it deserves. He obviously has a passion and deep knowledge of underworld lore which fills every chapter, lifting it from the mundane to a rarity in its genre. It is genuinely Tolkinesque in its depth at times. Yes, I was that impressed.The story spans several centuries and tracks the rise and conquests of Lord Dracula as he fights to be the undisputed King of the Undead, a position which he be [...]

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