In The Red Kitchen

Evoked in the voices of several women, four in particular, the tale of Flora Milk is one of dark Victorian hypocrisy and exploitation, and of questioning contemporary passion The author won the 1992 W.H Smith Literary Award.
In The Red Kitchen Evoked in the voices of several women four in particular the tale of Flora Milk is one of dark Victorian hypocrisy and exploitation and of questioning contemporary passion The author won the W

  • Title: In The Red Kitchen
  • Author: Michèle Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780413630209
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This was an interesting short read, with a number of narrators. Some (or all?) of them are unreliable. Inspired by the real life case of the uncovering of a fraudulent 19th century spiritualist, this tells of Flora Milk, a young woman who realises she is a gifted medium, and how she is exploited. The other narrators are a married Victorian lady who has recently lost a child and eventually employs Flora as a companion, a modern young woman called Hattie who is renovating a house, an Ancient Egypt [...]

    2. A young Victorian spiritualist Flora Milk is taken in by her "friend", Minny, whose husband is ostensibly interested in her for scientific reasons. Meanwhile in the present the owner of the Milk's house deals with her own traumas and ghosts while from antique Egypt the first female Pharaoh (whom Flora claims to channel) finds the religious preparations for her passing into eternity are no comfort in the end and she leaves this world terrified and lonelyFour women's voices merge across 4000 years [...]

    3. A short tale written in an intricate literary style which interweaves four narratives: at first, you wonder what can connect them, although I thought it was quite likely that the two Victorian viewpoints would connect and they did, but eventually you realise how the central character's abilities as a medium connect them all. Not as interesting as Sarah Water's Affinity which covers some of the same subject area. Might also be upsetting for some readers as it deals with sensitive subjects such as [...]

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