Worf's First Adventure

Before he was an officer aboard the U.S.S EnterpriseCadet Worf arrived at Starfleet Academy as the first Klingon to gain entrance since the Federation Klingon Peace Treaty Raised on Earth by human parents, Worf wonders if he is still a Klingon, the proud member of an honorable warrior race, or is he human Where does he fit in Command level classes fill his sBefore he was an officer aboard the U.S.S EnterpriseCadet Worf arrived at Starfleet Academy as the first Klingon to gain entrance since the Federation Klingon Peace Treaty Raised on Earth by human parents, Worf wonders if he is still a Klingon, the proud member of an honorable warrior race, or is he human Where does he fit in Command level classes fill his schedule, but nothing prepares him for his fellow cadets, among them his human foster brother Intelligent, ambitious, and confident, the Academy cadets make life difficult for the young warrior How can he win over his classmates including the always logical Vulcans and the fierce Brikar if they are still trained to think of him as the enemy When a routine trip to a training satellite turns into an unexpected disaster, Worf must unite the cadets and risk his life before a terrible accident destroys the entire mission.
Worf s First Adventure Before he was an officer aboard the U S S EnterpriseCadet Worf arrived at Starfleet Academy as the first Klingon to gain entrance since the Federation Klingon Peace Treaty Raised on Earth by human par

  • Title: Worf's First Adventure
  • Author: Peter David Catherine Huerta James Fry
  • ISBN: 9780671870843
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Worf Memory Alpha FANDOM powered by Wikia Worf and Gowron in Worf s exposure to Klingon society began in earnest, in his time aboard the Enterprise D.In a few short years, the forgotten orphan from the House of Mogh was a player in the highest levels of the Empire s politics. Birthright Star Trek The Next Generation Birthright is a story spanning the th and th episodes of the sixth season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek The Next Generation, the nd and rd episodes overall. Painstik Memory Alpha FANDOM powered by Wikia The painstik or pain stick was a Klingon electronic baton used to inflict pain for both ritualistic and disciplinary purposes The potential of their use was once described by Miles O Brien who once saw a painstik used against a two ton Rectyne monopod According to O Brien, the painstik List of Star Trek characters N S This article lists characters of Star Trek in their various canonical incarnations This includes fictional major characters and fictional minor characters created for Star Trek, fictional characters not originally created for Star Trek, and real life persons appearing in a fictional manner, such as holodeck recreations. Star Trek The Next Generation Book Series In Order Star Trek The Next Generation is a series of books written by various authors, based on the likewise named TV series created by Gene Roddenberry, who was also the executive producer of the original series, Star Trek The Original Series. Star Trek Deep Space Nine Recap TV Tropes Apocalypse Rising A changeling is posing as the leader of the Klingons armies, and Sisko and his crew must infiltrate their ranks to oust the impostor The Ship Sisko discovers a crashed Jem Hadar fighter, and must protect it from those that would take it to use against the Federation Looking for par Mach in All The Wrong Places Quark s Klingon ex wife returns to the station, and Worf s Star Trek Characters TNG Wants Us To Forget ScreenRant Overall, fans agree early TNG could be a bit rocky The series had cheesy plots, lackluster scientific intrigue, and Riker had way too many love interests However, around mid season , things started to pick up and the show became a cultural icon, spawning several other series, films, and books. Star Trek Greatest Episodes The Hollywood Reporter To celebrate the th anniversary of the airing of the original Star Trek, THR counted down the best episodes across all series. Movie Props, Movie Replicas from Films and Shows Take a look at the movie prop replicas from Entertainment Earth We have top quality replica weapons and a large selection of other reproductions from popular themes. Culture Justifies Anything TV Tropes Cultural relativism can be depicted in many ways, making it come across as a good, neutral or bad thing When a character argues that Culture Justifies Anything, the relativism is at its lowest and nastiest, and sometimes also at its most hilarious This nastiest form of cultural relativism is to

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    1. An enjoyable, if slight, read detailing "Worf's First Adventure" in Starfleet. For those familiar with Worf from the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" television series and films, you won't find much to surprise you about how he came to be adopted by an Earth family, or about his personality. Indeed, on thing I appreciate about Peter David is that his characters ring true with those from the TNG series. Young Worf has his familiar Klingon temper and honor mixed with the kind heart and loyalty tha [...]

    2. I love Star Trek, I love Worf, and I love the idea of learning about these fantastic characters' early stages at Starfleet!Worf's First Adventure is just that -- this slim, 115 page book covers the first few weeks of Worf's time at the Academy, his relationship with his brother, and the discrimination he faces being the first Klingon ever to enter the Academy.There's some fantastic elements at play here, and some really wonderful points made. But that said, this book fell fairly flat for me. I f [...]

    3. Mildly enjoyable but pretty basic, with a paper thin plot you can see a mile off and the barest of character sketches. I'm not entirely sure if it's a YA or a children's book, either. I'm plumping for the former, as the characters, a group of cadets starting at Starfleet Academy, are presumably all 18-ish, but it reads more like a book for much younger kids. I went into it expecting something a little more sophisticated - it's superficial even for the age group - but that being said, I do like W [...]

    4. Crossing YA with Star Trek we actually got this book as a practical joke for one of our friends, but the Big D and I decided to read it first. It's the story of Worf and his human "brother" arriving at Star Fleet academy. You wouldn't read it for the plot, in fact the only reason you'd really read it was that you were a Trekkie and/or just plain curious.

    5. This review originally appeared on my blog,Shared Universe Reviews. Star Trek: The Next Generation – Starfleet Academy is a series of fourteen books that take place at the United Federation of Planet’s Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. The first three books were written by Peter David and follows the story of Worf Rozhenko’s and many other cadet’s first few months at the Academy. Worf is the first Klingon to ever be admitted to the academy and he will grow up to be one of the most belo [...]

    6. Peter David takes us to Worf's youth in this opening of a trilogy about our favorite Klingon's days in the Academy.This is pretty standard young adult stuff plotwise; Worf enters the Academy and has to battle racism and prejudice that is still present, even in the advanced society that the Federation has built. Thankfully David writes with sufficient involvement and has his focus on character. He turns a mediocre plot into a dynamic story of personal growth.Not horribly original or accomplished, [...]

    7. If anyone can write for a younger audience it’s David, his amusing style is sure to hold teens and younger captive. I for one will be putting this on the shelf to revisit when my daughter is a bit older and has been subjected to televised Star Trek.Inevitably, there’s a push on the characters David already has worked on so this isn’t as Worf as it might be, but it’s still a short, snappy story which is interesting to any Trek fan and not so dumbed-down as to be meaningless

    8. I picked it up from a dollar bin, and it was money well spent. Obviously intended for children, it's not bad if simple, but the aspect of it that really caught my attention was how so many of the side characters in this are the younger versions of Peter David's later new frontier crew. I am not 100% on this but this might be several of their first appearances. Quick, fun if you was the Star Trek books, and a quick add to my reading challenge. Yay!

    9. It was interesting not just to learn about Worf's early years as a cadet, but also about Simon, his adoptive brother. Although Worf Planned to be roommates with his brother, he instead ended up with Brikar Zak Kebron. Zak is a character I enjoyed in another StarTrek series, so it was great to see his humble beginnings too. I am not surprised he and Worf get a fight in their first day at Starfleet Academy. Peter David rocks!!!!

    10. This book was adorable. I think they should have done a Starfleet Academy movie like this instead of the upcoming movie that takes place on the Enterprise and uses a younger cast. You have to be very careful with the Star Trek universe; change one tiny little fact and a whole bunch of major plotlines unravel. It makes the Trekkers surly, too.

    11. a beautiful beginning to a beautiful series. there were a few minor continuity errors (official first contact with the Ferengi wasn't until "The Last Outpost", e.g.; they were not known to be Ferengi during previous encounters with them), but nothing too big. I love them all, but Mark McHenry especially has always been a favorite of mine.

    12. Found this at a garage sale. Peter David is one of my favorite authors and once again, he doesn't disappoint. While the title is a bit puerile ('Worf's First Adventure'? Really?), the content is not. Yes, it is a short story, written for a younger target audience, but it should still be an enjoyable (if quick) read for any TNG fan.

    13. A simple light read, I am working. I am working my way through all the trek novels and found the starfleet academy books and started with book number 1, it dealt with racism as well as fitting in at school, both elements that we see in everyday life. I look forward to more of these prequel stories of the next generation characters.

    14. Suitable for children aged 8+.This follows Worf in his first year at Starfleet Academy. It includes him facing prejudice, sibling rivalry, and controlling his temper. It's a well written story with decent characters, and is believable that this would have happened to Worf. Oh, and the illustrations are decent too. A good read.

    15. Three almost four fights in 118 pages? What is not to like? This is a great little book by I would say the best Star Trek author. The characterization was spot on and I couldn't help but yell at the book at the very end!

    16. Yes, it was well under my reading level, but I got this mainly because I wanted to write for this line. I loved TNG and longed to write a Starfleet story with Deanna Troi. By the time I finished it, they stopped putting out these books. :/

    17. Yes, this book is meant for younger readers so it is a very quick read. However, I am a young adult and I loved this book. I don't usually laugh out loud while I am reading, but I did a lot while reading this book.

    18. Read this when I was a kid. No clue where my copy went, but i'm sure it's around somewhere. I do recall enjoying it though, I think there's even a scene explaining why he hated zero G training.

    19. I am a Star Trek TNG fan, and I thought that this book was awesome. It was kind of like watching an episode of the TV show, but with a really young Worf. I wouldn't mind reading more of these books.

    20. A good start to a cool series about the TNG characters. The author does a good job of pulling in a few of the TV episodes to add some basic foreshadowing.

    21. I'm bingeing my way through this series on holiday. I had an appetite for quick, easy fun and each book so far has hit the mark. I won't review them individually, just rate.

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