Oslo, sredi divjih estdesetih Tudi Kimu Karlsenu in njegovim trem najstni kim prijateljem glasba obo evanega liverpoolskegakvarteta obrne ivljenje na glavo in tako od plo e do plo e po asi odra ajo, dokler se, tako kot se je to zgodilo njihovim idolom,njihove poti po asi ne razidejo Beatli pa niso le kultni roman o beatlomaniji in rokerski generaciji, ampak predvsemOslo, sredi divjih estdesetih Tudi Kimu Karlsenu in njegovim trem najstni kim prijateljem glasba obo evanega liverpoolskegakvarteta obrne ivljenje na glavo in tako od plo e do plo e po asi odra ajo, dokler se, tako kot se je to zgodilo njihovim idolom,njihove poti po asi ne razidejo Beatli pa niso le kultni roman o beatlomaniji in rokerski generaciji, ampak predvsem topla inhumorna, a tudi melanholi na in trpka pripoved o odra anju, ki se s svojo neubranljivo univerzalnostjo vtisne globoko v spomin.Pisatelj in pesnik Lars Saabye Christensen 1953 je eden najbolj branih sodobnih norve kih avtorjev Njegov prvi roman Bitli Beatles iz leta 1984 so norve ki bralci pred nekaj leti izbrali za svojo najljub o knjigo Ob trideseti obletnici izida so po njej posneli tudi film.
Beatli Oslo sredi divjih estdesetih Tudi Kimu Karlsenu in njegovim trem najstni kim prijateljem glasba obo evanega liverpoolskegakvarteta obrne ivljenje na glavo in tako od plo e do plo e po asi odra ajo d

  • Title: Beatli
  • Author: Lars Saabye Christensen Darko Čuden
  • ISBN: 9789610128731
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. You know it ain't easyWhat is this book about? I can see why most of the reviewers are having trouble. It's got laugh-out-loud slapstick, heartbreaking tragedy, unforgettable characters, ridiculous stereotypes, breathtaking lyricism, flat ultrarealist prose you see the problem. But one thing's clear. There's a whole lot about the Beatles.So let me introduce to youKim Karlsen is 11 when Love me do comes out. He and his three friends are immediate converts, and identify with John, Paul, George and [...]

    2. Wavering between 3.5 and 4 Notice the absence of the The in the title: there are The Beatles and then there are Gunnar, Kim, Seb and Ola -- four good-hearted, The Beatles-loving teenagers growing up in Oslo in the mid-60s. But what might seem like a mischievous comic romp of a novel turns deadly serious as politics, police brutality and drugs become a part of the boys' lives into the very early 70s.I loved the concept and greatly enjoyed the Oslo setting (as I'd recently been there); but what bo [...]

    3. KNYGA. PATIKO. LABAI.Kurį laiką negalėsiu aprašyti šitos knygos. Gal kada nors vėliau. Susigulėjus viskam.***Gal dar ir ne visai susigulėjo, bet aprašysiu.Su šia knyga keliavau laiku. Atgal į paauglystę 7 metų laikotarpiui. Tiesa, paauglystė ne mano laikų, veikiau - mano tėvų kartos, bet dėl to buvo tik įdomiau. Susipažinau su keturiais bičais - Kimu, Sebu, Ūla ir Gunaru. Kartu klausiausi Bitlų, dalyvavau jų žygiuose, sėdėjau mokyklos suole, svajojau apie meilę ir ate [...]

    4. Четох „Полубрат” на английски, защото бях чула от много места, че преводът на български е ужасен. Преди седмица имах честта да се срещна лично с Ларш Собю Кристенсен и Анюта Качева, негов преводач, както и с Весела Люцканова, негов издател. Купих си и „Бийтълс” на български [...]

    5. Fotograma do filme "Beatles" realizado por Peter Flinth baseado no livro de Lars Saabye Christensen “Beatles”– 1º livro de uma trilogia - de Lars Saabye Christensen (n. 1953) é a história do narrador Kim Karlsen e dos seus amigos Gunnar, Ola e Seb. Quatro adolescentes que crescem em Oslo no período em que Beatlemania invadiu a Europa e a Noruega e que adoptam os nomes dos quatro músicos – Paul, John, George e Ringo. A narrativa inicia-se na Primavera de 1965 e termina no Verão/Outo [...]

    6. Rewelacja. Zaczynam być wielbicielem nie tylko pisarzy norweskich ale w ogóle norweskiej literatury. Knausgaard, Hamsun i teraz Christensen. Lubię książki, po zakończeniu których wzrok zawisa na suficie i człowiek zaczyna się zastanawiać. W tym wypadku, po wielu stronach doskonałej opowieści o dojrzewaniu, alkoholu, narkotykach, młodzieńczych pragnieniach, przyjaźni nagle wszystko zakończyło się jakimś skokiem w przepaść. Zaniepokoiło mnie to. Przez moment byłem nawet lekk [...]

    7. I never wanted it to end. My heart still aches after reading the ending. Such a good book! Especially for someone who loves music and cares for friendship.

    8. „Но истинските неща, за които искахме да говорим, таяхме в себе си.“„Не могат да се справят с промените, родителите ни, имам предвид – прошепна Гюнар.“„На светлосиньото заслепяващо небе слънцето се бе разтекло като разбит жълтък, нямаше и следа от вятър и животът течеше к [...]

    9. This book is called Beatles and yet (view spoiler)[they never listen to Let It Be and he sells all his Beatles records at the end I mean, I understand why he had to sell them, but it just annoys me (hide spoiler)]All in all, a good coming of age story, but I picked it up because I thought it was gonna be more about The Beatles. I liked the first part way better than the second.

    10. Four boys growing up in Oslo from 1965 to 1972. They collect Beatles records first in awe of their brilliance then slowly more critical as their tastes and preference in music widen. The narrator is Kim. He is quick with a quip and tells too many liars. He is a drifter and is not all that stable. His friends include a stutterer, a spiritualist and a protector. They play soccer and gradually find girlfriends. They smoke a bit which for some of them turn into hard drugs, they drink a lot. All come [...]

    11. Reading 'Beatles' was another long walk I took down Memory Lane.Bless Lars Saabye Christensen for setting another novel in that specific area of Oslo I remember so fondly! The English edition I owe boasts that 'Beatles' is 'The International Bestseller' and in fact this is the book that made Mr Christensen famous in Norway and abroad. Not to mention that a few months ago I spotted a hoodie eagerly leafing through this same book at a bus stop in the sleepy English town of Hereford (just don't ask [...]

    12. „Бийтълс“ на Ларш Собю Кристенсен пленява сетивата. Пленява ги, защото те вкарва в капана на изминалото безвъзвратно юношество, карайки те да разсъждаваш и мечтаеш като 16-годишен, докато държиш книгата в ръцете си. Неусетно разиграваш наново своите собствени преживявани [...]

    13. Tror dette blir min første anmeldelse på Norsk, beklager for de som finner skrivefeilene. Denne boka her er helt utrolig, en skikkelig generasjonsroman. Dette har alltid vært favoritt boka til faren min, så jeg visste ikke helt hva jeg skulle forvente, men jeg skjønner det. Boka er fullstendig legendarisk. Skrivingen er fabelaktig, det er så grafisk og spesielt. Ganske likt som Ambjørnsen, men Christensen bruker mer tid på karakterskildringene, spesielt når det gjelder Kim. De blir virk [...]

    14. Wciągająca, choć nie fabułą, (ale i ta dla lubiących powieści obyczajowe jest do docenienia). Wciąga klimat lat 60/70, wciąga Skandynawia, przyciąga główny bohater, którego nie sposób nie lubić. Połknęłam dosłownie w 3 (długie) wieczory i mało mi

    15. I remember seeing this book in my home since 2005, which the date of release of the portuguese translation. I've just decided to read it this summer, in late June, at the breaks of some study for the university exams. Sometimes, it was hard to stop reading to sleep a bit, and sometimes, without noticing it, it was already 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning. Now about the book, it was great, and one of the best things I have ever read in my life. A good and very well told story, moving in some parts, [...]

    16. En av de beste bokene jeg har lest. Jeg likte at denne boka innholder bare ikke Kim's eventyrene, men også de andre problemer av de '60 årene, som kapitalismen og innflytelsen av kommunismen over det norske samfunnet. Eskapadene til de fire vennene (Kim, Seb, Gunnar og Ola) var veldig interessante og de holdte leseren i spenning. Jes synes denne boka inneholder mange temaer, inkludert kjærlighet, krigen, musikk, vennskap og så videre. Hvis jeg bør si hva gripet meg, det var kraftigheten til [...]

    17. I must admit, that I´ve borrowed this from the library just because of the title. But even if it was about "Beatles" it wasn´t about them at alld that was surprisingly the best thing about it. Bittersweet norvegian story from amazing era which went together with amazing music. You start to read it yesterday and then you suddenly realise it´s tomorrow. Need a sixth star for this. Howgh

    18. A wonderfully written coming of age story that I highly recommend to anyone. I would have given it five stars, but the I found the ending a bit off-putting.

    19. Praėjusio amžiaus 6-ojo dešimtmečio Norvegija, Oslas. 4 geriausi draugai - Kimas, Sebas, Ūla, Gunaras - paaugliai, pasigardžiuodami geria į save viską: futbolo treniruotes ir rungtynių išvykas, tėvų priekaištus už per ilgus plaukus, pirmąsias patirtis su merginomis, cigarečių dūmus ir alų, bet svarbiausia - Bitlų muziką. Kiekvienas skyrius prasideda šios grupės dainos pavadinimais. Būtent sukamos plokštelės drebina vaikinų pasaulį. Šie svajoja įkurti savo grupę ir [...]

    20. And although I don’t think about it, the reel behind my eyes stops at a particular frame, I hold it for a few seconds, freeze it, then let it roll, for I am all-powerful. I give it voices, sound, smell and light. *[] time lay over us like a huge lid and we were a pot that had to explode at any minute.*Then we headed home. Talking about all the things we were going to do. [] About summer, even though winter had barely begun. About all the summers of our lives. [] We became effusive and beautifu [...]

    21. Nobody writes with such originality about the shift from boyhood to adolescence and beyond as this author. I loved young Kim’s description of the theatre as ‘worse than church and gymnasium combined’ as he endured an outing with his mother. Down the road a few years and Kim and his friends travel back home from Paris ‘through a stinking Europe that lay on our skin like grey dirt’. For me, the most beautiful part of the book is the encounter that the boys have with Fred’s mother at th [...]

    22. This is a really problematic book to talk about, after almost 600 pages I still can't decide if and how much I actually liked it.I definitely got bored in several occasions, mainly because of the abundance of repetitive situations (a trait common to many Scandinavian narrators, apparently) but I was also enthralled, moved and touched more often than not.What hooked me in the beginning was the title: I grew up with The Beatles, just like the Kim, Gunnar, Seb and Ola, but without "the revolution" [...]

    23. Beatles er den beste norske boken jeg har lest på årevis. Det er noe med språket til Saabye Christensen, det litt uformelle og ungdommelige som umiddelbart skaper den kameratslige atmosfæren som ligger i vennskapet til de fire guttene. Saabye Christensen krydrer også boken med herlige, nyskapende bilder som elegant formidler følelser. Historien i seg selv er en gripende fortelling om Kim Karlsen, og hans personlige utvikling gjennom barndommen. Identitet, vennskap og oppvekst er utvilsomt [...]

    24. Victime d'une traduction déconcertante (sans connaître le Norvégien, je suppose que certaines expressions, traduites littéralement, sont inadaptables en Français), ce roman peut laisser indifférent pendant un bon tiers de sa lecture. Ni déplaisant, ni vraiment addictif. Vers le milieu de l'ouvrage, impossible de le lâcher. Et le soufflé retombe peu à peu dans les 100 dernières pages, avec une fin plutôt décevante. Non parce qu'elle est ouverte, mais parce qu'elle est bâclée, laiss [...]

    25. To nie jest książka dla lubiących fabuły z szybką akcją i niespodziewanymi zwrotami wydarzeń. To raczej powieść inicjacyjna o trudach dojrzewania w latach 60/70. Sprawnie napisana i świetnie przemyślana kompozycyjnie. Bohaterowie dorastają wraz z muzyką Beatlesów, kolejne albumy Fab Four są coraz trudniejsze i wymagające, podobnie jak coraz trudniejsze staje się przechodzenie z sielankowego dzieciństwa do brutalnego świata dorosłych. Wprawdzie w pewnym momencie czytelnik ma w [...]

    26. Jeg veit helt ærlig talt ikke hvor mange stjerner jeg vil gi denne boka. Hva jeg syntes om den forandra seg mange ganger underveis. Innimellom elska jeg språket, noen ganger syntes jeg det var overdrevent med alle similene, seinere lurte jeg på om det i stor grad var det som gjorde boka så bra. Noen ganger tenkte jeg den var litt for oppsummerende, men fant etterhvert ut at komposisjonen var veldig bra. Jeg elsker å lese om hvordan mindre, ikke nødvendigvis fukt så dramatiske eller uvanli [...]

    27. Drifts along page after page, the characters get a bit older and learn a few trite life-lessons along the way, and the only thing that makes it distinctive is the Norwegian settingwhich barely seems worth commenting upon because the Norway that's depicted seems like just about everywhere else. Or was that the point of the novel? This is perfectly readable and has some entertaining moments but is really mediocre. The translation uses lots of anachronistic English slang words which is very jarring [...]

    28. Rating 3.4* out of 5. This is not a story of the Beatles, but of four friends that are fans, growing up in Oslo in the 1960's. It's a fairly average coming of age tale, there isn't really anything new. Friendship, love, school, death, revolution. The Oslo/Norway angle is probably important for locals, it didn't add anything in itself to me. I enjoyed reading this, but felt like I was missing out on cues - which I probably was.

    29. The book is about four boys growing up in Oslo in th 60's. I think I can relate to this book because I lived by the place it was written about. It's a really funny story that made me laugh lots of times.

    30. Nu este despre Beatles. Poate vă veţi identifica puţin cu Kim. Sau poate el vă va aminti de cineva. Pe mine m-a făcut să tânjesc după nişte timpuri în care eram (sau aşa percep eu acum) mult mai direcţi, mai simpli, mai profunzi, mai nedomesticiţi şi mai sinceri. Those days are gone for ever.

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