Il grande freddo

Anna North vicina a realizzare il proprio sogno di diventare una scrittrice di successo, quando riceve la lettera di una giovane ammiratrice Tutto normale S , se non fosse che Anna North in realt Harlow Grail e si nasconde da ventitr anni, per evitare che i rapitori che l avevano sequestrata da ragazzina possano tornare e vendicarsi della sua fuga Anna risponde alAnna North vicina a realizzare il proprio sogno di diventare una scrittrice di successo, quando riceve la lettera di una giovane ammiratrice Tutto normale S , se non fosse che Anna North in realt Harlow Grail e si nasconde da ventitr anni, per evitare che i rapitori che l avevano sequestrata da ragazzina possano tornare e vendicarsi della sua fuga Anna risponde alla lettera usando la carta intestata del negozio di fiori dove lavora Da qui, sar uno scherzetto riuscire a rintracciarla Inizia cos un effetto domino una persona a lei vicina scompare, donne che le assomigliano vengono assassinate e Anna si trova sola a combattere contro l ignoto Nemmeno l affascinante detective di polizia Quentin Malone, a cui si rivolta per fare chiarezza sul caso, sembra credere alle sue fantasie persecutorie Ma si dovr presto ricredere.
Il grande freddo Anna North vicina a realizzare il proprio sogno di diventare una scrittrice di successo quando riceve la lettera di una giovane ammiratrice Tutto normale S se non fosse che Anna North in realt Harl

  • Title: Il grande freddo
  • Author: Erica Spindler
  • ISBN: 9788880191841
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Mystery writer Anna North was kidnapped when she was 13-years old, along with her 6-year old friend. It was a horrific experience that continues to define her life 23 years later. When her actress mother gives an interview that exposes her new identity, Anna's life is again public and she's experiencing disturbing events. When a close friend disappears, Anna has to work with New Orleans police detective Quentin Malone who isn't completely convinced any crimes have really been committed. This was [...]

    2. WOW WOW WOW Erica Spindler is one of my favourite authors & has done it again with Bone Cold this was one of the best thrillers i have read in 2016.Harlow Grail was abducted as a 6 year old 23 years ago by a madman now an adult Anna North has moved on living in New Orleans as a successful thriller writer thinking her life is better but how wrong could she be.She gets letters from Kurt her abductor & killings start to happen so Detective Quentin Malone comes in to investigate the murders [...]

    3. Anna North is a famous Thriller novelist with a dark past. When her past as Hollywood novelist Harlow Anastasia Grail and the killer who had sliced off her pinkie as a little girl returns to finish the job by threatening her with her family and friends along with murdering others the same way, can she stay safe and find her friend Jaye or will she become a bone cold corpse? Read on and find out for yourself.This was my first ever book I had read by Erica Spindler and it was a pretty good read. I [...]

    4. Erica Spindler writes hair raising chillers like nobody's business! Bone Cold was my first Spindler novel & the rest is history.I am the first in line to get the latest Spindler novel ~ I am so hooked on Spindler's creepy thrillers, I pre~order her books.Psst! I even secretly hope it ships early (as long as it doesn't mess up her sales).Bone Cold is an outstanding page turner that will leave you breathless!Spindler interlaces so many gripping twists & turns you will find yourself reading [...]

    5. Holy moly does Spindler deliver. I've only ever read one other book by this author but it's become one of a fairly short list of books i just can't get out of my head and have to reread fairly frequently. When i found this one in one of the boxes of books i pulled out of storage i was excited to read it yet frightened it wouldn't live up. It was definitely a great read but I have to say Dead Run still takes the cake. I found all the characters, for the most part, to be incredibly developed and e [...]

    6. Winner of the prestigious Daphne du Maurier Award, BONE COLD is a delicious thriller set in pre-Katrina New Orleans. The opening scene is bone chilling. Thirteen year old Harlow Anastasia Grail and her six year-old friend Timmy have been kidnapped. Their maniacal kidnapper smothers Timmy and snaps off Harlow’s pinkie. The teen manages to escape and has transformed into Anna North. She lives in the French Quarter and is a thriller novelist. But after 23 years the safe cocoon that she has spun b [...]

    7. What an amazingly written tale which got me and kept me hooked the entire 480 pages it took to tell me Harlow’s story. This novel almost had me biting my nails I was so intrigued.Surprised that I never heard of this author before receiving Bone Cold as a gift, Erica Spindler drew my attention to the first scene involving a young kidnapped girl and boy fighting for their lives. Harlow lived at the devastation of seeing her friend suffocate and losing her own pinkie finger but she didn’t reali [...]

    8. This is the very first book I read by this author. I couldn't put this book down and it left me searching for more of her books! It was an great read, told in the present, about a young woman writer living in New Orleans who has changed her name and is hiding from a man who kidnapped her and cut off her finger 23 years ago. She escaped and now lives in fear of this man. This is a chilling psycho-thriller and I highly recommend this book.

    9. The thing to remember when reading this book is - Its never over until its totally over. Right up until the last chapter Erica Spindler keeps the reader engaged. Her writing is so intriguing that one feels like the killer/kidnapper is about ready to come around the corner at any moment - her writing is so realistic! It definitely is a page-turner because one HAS to know what is waiting on the next page.

    10. This book was actually a great read!! I just found it, and had no idea about the story and or author and i couldn't put it down! Worth the read for those who seek a good suspense :)

    11. Psychological-romantic-suspense ? First in series.A few TSTL moments; a few red herrings; I like the hero and heroine enough to maybe read next book in series.

    12. Set against the colorful background of New Orleans, Bone Cold is a gripping, suspense laden novel with characters that one will remember. When Anna North's past seems to catch up with her, she has her psychologist, a detective, two good friends and a teenager to support her. Could any of them be responsible for the murders of red headed women or the terror sown in Anna's life, and, would any of them get hurt before the perpetrator is caught? Starting with a captivating prologue, this book is one [...]

    13. This is the first Erica Spindler book that I've read and I must say I was totally mesmerized. I couldn't put this book down at all!! I'll be searching for this author's other novels.From back cover:"I'm in trouble, Liz. I've uncovered somethingThey're watching"That panicked message on her answering machine is the last time Liz Ames hears from her sister Rachel, pastor of Paradise Christian Church in Key West, Florida.Compelled to uncover the truth about her sister's disappearance, she heads to K [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this mystery. The main character is a woman who was kidnapped as a child along with a boy from her household. She manages to escape (minus a pinkie that the kidnapper chopped off) but the boy is not so lucky. Many years later she has established a new identity for herself as an author living in New Orleans. Her world is turned upside after her true identity is revealed and as a number of red-haired women turn up murdered. Are the two events related? Has her kidnapper returned to [...]

    15. I must say I was excited to read this book based on all the 4 star ratings it received. When I read the book though I found the storyline to be predictable and boring. The author did little to put twists into the plot and I figured out the book approximately 1/3 of the way into the book. I am set to read another book by this author. If the next book is just as predictable and boring, it will more than likely be the last book I read by her.

    16. I chose Bone Cold because it was a cheap offering for Nook and because the ratings here were favorable, what I often forget is that is a website that is predominantly female and while the story was believable and the characters quite clearly drawn, this book had far too much romance for my taste.

    17. Book was amazing worth 5 stars absolutely loved it. Didn't expect the killer to be who they were. Fantastic novel. It was really well thought out by the author and it had a crazy twist it's one of my favourite books. I'm going to miss the characters I loved them! I would recommend this book to everyone who loves crime thrillers!

    18. The book was all right. There was nothing entirely spectacular about it. It was entirely too predictable. I enjoyed passing the time with this read but it did nothing for me. There weren't too many thrills at all. This is my first read by this author. Although it wasn't incredible, I will possibly read another of her works.

    19. Spindler does a great job keeping the reader guessing until the end, and she juggles an interesting cast of characters without giving away anything vital. Anna North is a heroine I would love to read more about, and Quentin Malone is a top-notch hero.

    20. I just couldn't continue to read this book. The writing style was adolescent: "Anna stiffened, cheeks burning, "Jaye's neither self-absorbed nor selfish, thank you very much". The plot so far is not very interesting nor believable. It seems it's also going to be silly romance as well.

    21. WowThis was a definite page turner (or page scroller for Kindle users ;)A great author that not only develops her characters well, she shows their emotional growth as story develops.Loved it!

    22. Easy to read, cheesy in parts but a good storyline. Got about 70% through the book and sort of guessed what was going on. Nothing too dark and sinister.

    23. Oh this is one of the most epic books I've ever read. The plot is flawless. The characters are great. and the ending will blow your mind.

    24. Such a great thriller. Erica Spindler delivered on this one. Of course I am a sucker for the Louisiana setting, but her writing truly drove this story. I look forward to reading more.

    25. First time reading a book from this Author and will read more. A page turner in every sense but not one for those who scare easily. Story of a lady who was held captive years ago and her past returns to turn her life into turmoil. Nice twist at the end too.

    26. A great thriller. Bone Cold is certainly one of the best romantic suspenses I've ever read. Here, the author has built an intricate web of mystery and passion-enhancing to both the "mystery" as the romantic side of the story. Erica Spindler has an amazing book that in no moment seems The mystery is intriguing and even if somehow we, the readers, suspect who is the culprit , nothing is really that simple. The author entwines since the beginning in a web of false truths and apparently right clues. [...]

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