One Foolish Night

At his friend s wedding, Paul Gilbert meets Holly Foster and is enchanted with her After one amazing night in her arms, he finds out that Holly is a professional escort He feels deceived and rejects her However, when his wealthy family tries to pressure him into marrying an heiress he has no interest in, he enlists Holly s help But is Holly than he can handle WhilAt his friend s wedding, Paul Gilbert meets Holly Foster and is enchanted with her After one amazing night in her arms, he finds out that Holly is a professional escort He feels deceived and rejects her However, when his wealthy family tries to pressure him into marrying an heiress he has no interest in, he enlists Holly s help But is Holly than he can handle While Holly is devastated by Paul s rejection, she finds she has a bigger problem to deal with an unexpected pregnancy When Paul contacts her out of the blue, can she accept his unusual offer for the sake of her unborn child or must she decline it, because she fears she won t be able to keep their new relationship all business when her heart and her body long for something far personal .One foolish Night is the first book after the trilogy of Lawful Escort, Lawful Lover, and Lawful Wife, which chronicled Daniel and Sabrina s love story Now it s time for the other seven sexy members of the Eternal Bachelors Club to find love.
One Foolish Night At his friend s wedding Paul Gilbert meets Holly Foster and is enchanted with her After one amazing night in her arms he finds out that Holly is a professional escort He feels deceived and rejects h

  • Title: One Foolish Night
  • Author: Tina Folsom
  • ISBN: 9781937519759
  • Page: 111
  • Format: ebook
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    1. “Because you can’t love somebody with a past like mine.”One Foolish Night (Eternal Bachelors Club) Tina FolsomAfter reading the first three books of this series I was so dying to sink my teeth into “One Foolish Night.” We met Holly Foster in the Lawful three books. She was Sabrina’s best friend. We also learned a little something about Holly in “Lawful Wife”. She was ready to get out of her Escort profession and she wanted an HEA like her best friend. Only thing was with a past l [...]

    2. Holly Foster had been tired of the escort business for a while now and had already started to turn down the requests that required her to have to sex. It didn’t matter that those were the deals that brought in the big money. She wanted what Sabrina and Daniel had. She wanted to be loved by a man that loved her unconditionally, one that cared about her feeling and needs not just his own and she wanted a family. She couldn’t have any of that while she was with the agency. So before she approac [...]

    3. I have so enjoyed the Eternal Bachelors Club Series, as the first books were about Daniel’s journey to find true love. This time the “eternal bachelor” is Paul Gilbert. After Daniel and Sabrina’s wedding reception, Paul hooks up with the Maid of Honor, Holly Foster. Their unbelievable night of hot passionate love making comes to a screeching halt the next morning when Paul discovers Holly’s occupation. Holly leaves in tears, as Paul’s hurtful and very crude words echo in her mind. Tw [...]

    4. I so loved this story! It's the best of the four books of "Eternal Bachelors Club". This is the story of Holly Foster, Sabrina's best friend and ex roomate with Daniel Sinclaire's friend Paul Gilbert.Holly is an escort in book 1-3 and she's the cupid who put Daniel and Sabrina together. At their wedding she decided to abandon the escort job and finally feel free to live and feel emotions, and is there when she met PaulA sexy and self made successful businessman, who has a very rich family. He do [...]

    5. "Had you known, you would have reacted the same way, because my past is still the same. The thing that has changed is my future. But people don’t judge you by your future, they judge you by your past. And my past I can’t change, as much as I want to."the book in this series is getting better and better, couldn't wait to read jay's story

    6. Vikki’s MusingsI have been a fan of Tina Folsom since I read Samson’s Lovely Mortal years ago. I recently decided to read/listen her Eternal Bachelors Club series, and I am so glad I did. I have enjoyed the first three books in the series, but I love One Foolish Night. I have been fascinated with Holly’s character since the Lawful Escort as the quicky room-mate of Sabrina’s, the heroine in the first three books.Holly Foster has worked for an Escort service for years. After seeing the hap [...]

    7. "One Foolish Night" by Tina Folsom. Book 4 in the Eternal Bachelors Club series.What an excellent story! I couldn't put the book down! Finished it in one day! (And if you knew me, you would know that that doesn't happen very often.) Contemporary romance is not my go-to genre, but Tina Folsom is one of my go-to authors. I so enjoyed reading about Paul and Holly.Holly is an ex-escort, trying to make a better future for herself. She wants to start her own business but she needs money. When her bank [...]

    8. Closed to a 4 StarsWhile the plot gave out the story and the ending may be predictable, I still enjoyed this story.For :It was not that short when I looked at the number of chapters and the numbers of pages weren't that short. But it was a pretty quick read. It was sure easy guessing for that kind of story, romance, so HEA was there, with some small hoping it will end like that, no twist. The story was about Sabrina's best friend, Holly, who met the fabulous handsome Paul, the man who was there [...]

    9. Got a Pretty Woman vibe to it.I could not get over Paul's harsh treatment of Holly, when he found out what she did for a leaving. I was disgusted with his harsh words and how he threw out of his parents' house. He did not give her time to explain herself. I wanted to knock the living daylights off him, from his high pedestal.I did applaud Holly for holding her head up high; she did not beg for his forgiveness. She went away and moved on. She kept the baby and wanted nothing from the father (who [...]

    10. I love Tina Folsom she is an excellent writer and book 4 in Eternal bachelors just proves it. how she weaves these peoples lives to interact and yet be there own stories is just amazing. I loved Holly and how strong she is from the first three books I am glad to see she was able to bring Paul down to his knees and stop his flirting ways. I am sorry how paul's family treated her but glad to see that it didn't matter in the end it was how they saw there future. It is amazing to see such strong cha [...]

    11. Another great read with lots of hot sexTina Folsom has a real talent for a great story wrapped up in love, some obstacles, interesting characters and mind blowing sex. This book is no exception. Paul and Holly take an unconventional route to their happily ever after. But it is a fun, roller coaster ride with a few surprises along the way. I can Honestly say that I have been reading and loving Folsom's books for several years. I have read everything she has written and have never been disappointe [...]

    12. This is the 4th book in the Eternal Bachelors series. This book is focused on former escort Holly, and Paul, friends of Sabrina and Daniel from books one through three. I really liked their story. Out of the four books already written in the series, I think this is my favorite so far. One thing I like about these books is the honesty of the characters and how they stay true to themselves. I am looking forward to Tara and Jay's story in book five, One Long Embrace.

    13. 3 1/2 Sars!This story was pretty good. I actually like it. It was both completely realistic and unrealistic at the same time, if that makes any sense. It's kind of Pretty Woman-ish. There was just something about it though that kept me from loving it. I probably didn't get over Paul's early behavior and Holly's early forgiveness. It all shifted very fast from disgust and anger to love ever after. IDK I do love Tina Folsom though, so, I'm looking forward to Jay's story. Happy reading.

    14. Loved it so much. Yet it wasn't obvious at the start. The heroine is a call girl, I mean a real call girl, not the kind who only goes out with clients LOL But I loved this book. I loved the heroes, the evolution of their relationship and I loved the way they face against those who don't want them together. The story also takes place a little before and during the first events in One long embrace. I can't wait now for the next bachelor's story.

    15. Book 4 -Just as great as the first 3I had just finished reading the first 3 books in the series yesterday and was disappointed that I was going to have to wait a few days to read this one. Today I got the email stating the book was getting an early released so I went out to and bought it. I started reading it and couldn't put it down till I finished it. Now it's going to be a long wait till December to read book 5.

    16. Loved Holly and Paul's story, think Pretty Woman with a twist if Julia Roberts had been pregnant. The pool side chapter WOW how HOT was that, this book has steamy sex, sweet romance and a bossy man. There was a slight mistake with the pregnancy thought my calculations should have been 4 months it was mentioned 5 months and then 7 months even though it had only been a week.

    17. After reading Sabrina and Daniel's story, im so happy Holly and Paul have one too! Their story was just as interesting as the Sinclair's. Although this book was faily short it was so cute! I loved how the author incorperated Sabrina and Daniel too! I hope the other books are like this one! This book can be read as a stand alone, but i think its so much better if you read the entire series.

    18. I loved this story! Read it all in one day because from the first page I could not put it down. Tina is a wonderful storyteller and I have read all her previous works. The Eternal Bachelors Club series is another excellent series that I highly recommend. I am looking forward to the next installment which I know will be just as good. Congratulations, Tina, on another awesome book!

    19. One Foolish Night is a good read if you have nothing else to do. But it is not as great as the books that evolve around Daniel and Sabrina. Daniel and Sabrina has more charm and chemistry than Paul and Holly. But still, as I said earlier, it is a good book.

    20. In loveVery romantic novel. I felt in love immediately by Paul and Holly, almost impossible to stop reading ! They're hot, experienced and naive at the same time and you'll discover that the past cannot be changed but csn teach you about future at all.

    21. I toltally enjoyed the story. It definitely lived up to what I expect from Tina Folsom for the love scenes. I would absolutely reccomend this book to any of her readers and to anyone looking for more in their romance.

    22. Had to finish it before I could go to sleep. Loved Paul & Holly's story. I've enjoyed the entire series. Jay & Tara's story will also be exciting based in the ending of One Foolish Night.

    23. This book can be classed as an erotic romance, I suppose. There are some detailed sex scenes. That's not a bad thing.

    24. Absolutely Fantastic. Loved it loved it loved it loved itPaul and Holly so made for each other.Families eh!! secrets. well well wellSuch a joy to read. want more.

    25. Great storyGreat story, can't wait to read more of this series and the characters. Well written and complex characters. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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