Rosa shocking

Quanto conta l amicizia Pi della famiglia Pi ancora dell a E qual il confine oltre il quale la realt e la fedelt si trasformano in ossessione, e l ossessione in follia Per Andie, Julie e Raven, amiche d infanzia coinvolte in un drammatico fatto di cronaca sfociato in omicidio, la vita non una strada a senso unico Quindici anni dopo i fatti, il passato restQuanto conta l amicizia Pi della famiglia Pi ancora dell a E qual il confine oltre il quale la realt e la fedelt si trasformano in ossessione, e l ossessione in follia Per Andie, Julie e Raven, amiche d infanzia coinvolte in un drammatico fatto di cronaca sfociato in omicidio, la vita non una strada a senso unico Quindici anni dopo i fatti, il passato resta una presenza incombente, muto e geloso custode di agghiaccianti segreti, e la loro amicizia rischia di tramutarsi in un cappio che uccide ogni speranza di vita e di libert.
Rosa shocking Quanto conta l amicizia Pi della famiglia Pi ancora dell a E qual il confine oltre il quale la realt e la fedelt si trasformano in ossessione e l ossessione in follia Per Andie Julie e Raven amiche

  • Title: Rosa shocking
  • Author: Erica Spindler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I'll tell you right off the bat this is one of those 'trashy beach reads' you hear about. I mean it's called "Shocking Pink," if you weren't clued in already I don't know what to tell you. LOL. I liked this one though -- and I'm not a fan of this type of book generally speaking. I've started countless others like this one and put them down a few chapters in, feeling a bit of my soul died while reading them. This one is different for some reason. I dunno it's plot line is simple enough: group of [...]

    2. I read this book many years ago and it is still one of my favorite Erica Spindler books. I could not put it down, and the ending was very shocking. A must read.

    3. I'll start with my second biggest issue because it's shorter. The author created way too much hint hinting moments in the book. I get wanting to build suspense but you can't have every single moment hinting at or creating a new secretI was too busy keeping track of each secret to wonder where any of them were going to go. Maybe they all served a purpose later in the book but there was just too much going on with zero resolution. My biggest issue though and the reason I quit was the portrayal of [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this novel however I just found it to be a bit on the slow side at times and this is the very first time I was able to know who the killer was a mile before the novel ended so for me it isn't worth a 5 star rating. 4 stars is decent enough though.

    5. Shocking Pink is a beautifully constructed, creative suspense story with snappy dialogue among well-developed characters. I didn't give it a five star rating because it moves too slowly at the beginning and it is often repetitive. As the novel unwound, I began to realize that the repetition was long-time romance author Erica Spindler's way of showing obsession, but I wondered if the same point could have be made more subtly.How many stories have you read where some horrible event has been witnes [...]

    6. I decided I needed a break from reading actors biographies recently and promptly found this in a charity shop. I was intrigued enough by its cover and its concept to give it a tentative whirl.I won’t divulge the plot premise (that’s here in numerous reviews) but it’s one of those novels that deals with a glimpsed event in the character’s lives that plays into their present many years later. The inherent danger in such thriller fiction (and there are literally hundreds of novels that oper [...]

    7. Shocking Pink is about three teenage girls Raven , Julie, and Andie, one summer , they where just hanging out in there usual spot when they heard music coming from an empty house in the housing development where Andie lived. They decided to check it out and found some mysterious lovers engaged in a deadly sexual game. Now there curiosity has deepened into a dangerous obsession they have named the couple mr and mrs x and have decided to watch and make sure mrs x always leaves safely. Andie thinks [...]

    8. I thought the author did a great job with this as she had my attention from page one until the end. It's about three fifteen-year-old girls who are close buddies. The come across a vacant house that they hear music playing from. On further inspection they discover that a man a woman are meeting and their love making looks dangerous with blindfolds and ropes. One of the girls decides she's going to the police even though the other friends believe that will cause trouble with their relationship. T [...]

    9. I loved this book from beginning to end!!! This is one of the weirdest, most twisted and unexpected books I've ever read, and I've read a lot of psychological suspense thrillers from many different authors. Erica Spindler's writing style connects so well with me. I love how she takes the time to really create such detailed and emotionally rich characters that resonate so well. I love the plot twists, love her writing style so much that even as I could start seeing where the book was headed and c [...]

    10. I bought this book for 25 cents! I wasn't sure about it because I am generally not into this genre of books. I have read other thriller/mystery books and have had to force myself to finish, but this book was great from start to finish. The obsession, the murders, the secrets. ALL OF IT! I was intrigued and couldn't put the book down. At certain points the secrets that were revealed were so intense that I had to close the book and try and process what I just read. This is my first Erica Spindler [...]

    11. Wow! One of Erica Spindler's oldest novels just so happens to be her best. With subject matter such as BDSM and voyeurism, you know you're in for an intriguing read. Throw in some murders, childhood secrets, jealousy, control, and loyalty - boom! Five-star novel. I really, really loved this one. It may be out-of-print, but it's well worth tracking down.

    12. I enjoyed this. It was entertaining, even if it was a little predictable. I wanted to keep reading, to know if what I thought was going to happen actually did.

    13. As I picked up this title from my "to read" books, I realized that I have not read a novel by Erica Spindler in a long time. Certainly after reading this novel, I wonder why I waited so long. I was completely absorbed in the friendship of the 3 women since they were young girls and an evening shared when they were 15 years old that now haunts their current lives each in an unique way. Twists and turns may have you think twice about entering an empty house if you live alone or if you're the first [...]

    14. A reasonable thriller but somehow it seemed to be drag on a bit. Basically, three girls, Andi, Julie & Raven were "witnesses" to a murder & fifteen years on, a second identical murder occurs & while there are a few twists to the tale, sadly you can still see where it's headed. Andi is now a therapist & another story runs alongside about one of her patients killing her abusive husband. While this is quite entertaining (but yet again runs on predictable lines) it doesn't add anythi [...]

    15. Nearly 20 years old, and you can tell. I still kind of enjoyed it though. It’s the story of 3 teenage girls who witness an s&m act which results in a woman’s death. Now as adults the past comes back to haunt them. It was a not too obvious who the killer was and the romance between the detective and one of the girls was a bit cheesy. But it was of its time, I’ll say that.

    16. My first read by Erica Spindler. Excellent book. Great story with limited, interesting characters. My first read by Erica Spindler. Excellent book. Great story with limited, interesting characters. I will definitely start to read more of her books now.

    17. Regardless of any other reviews I thought this book was great I couldn't wait to read the next page but work family got in the way I read the last chapter in piece and I was engrossed and the ending was apt well done Erika can't wait to read another one of your novels

    18. I read this novel as one of my first 'Adult' books, as recommended by my mum and at the time thought it to be the best thing since sliced bread. It was grittier than the Young Adult novels that I had been reading, with actual violence and a plot that revolved entirely around sex. A teenagers ideal!I picked up this copy in a charity shop the other day, encouraging my boyfriend to speed home so that I could immediately start it, but on retrospect, I wish I hadn't.Yes there was violence and death a [...]

    19. I bought Shocking Pink at a second-hand bookstore five years ago. It had a great cover and an alluring blurb, so why did it take me so long to read it? Who knows? But now I have finally read it and ultimately I am glad I did. The story starts with one of those fantastic prologues that hooks you right in to the story. A body is found in an empty house. She is young, beautiful, and the cop working the case knows who she is. Then the story flashes back to the 80s where we meet three friends, Andie [...]

    20. Teenagers Raven, Julie, and Andie discover illicit goings-on in a model house in a new subdivision. Fascinated by the forbidden, they continue spying on the participants. When the woman they call Mrs. X dies, each girl's life is changed forever by the police investigation. Only when they are adults,fifteen years later, do the three friends reunite and then certain events make them realize the murderer has returned also. When someone starts leaving evidence from the previous crime in Andie's home [...]

    21. Not very keen on this book. Started off well but became a bit convoluted with too many twists and turns. Got a bit ridiculous

    22. Shocking Pink is about three childhood friends: Andie, Julie, and Raven. Inseparable, the three have tumultuous home lives but keep each other grounded as emotional anchors. One night they hear ominous music coming from a housing development, and discover a sexual tryst between two strangers, whom they label Mr. and Mrs. X.The girls are sickened, but curious. Mr. and Mrs. X start getting bondage and all sorts of kinky stuff, which alarms the three 15 year teenagers. After getting the police invo [...]

    23. ok this book has me confused, but at the same time it's a good book. well this book is getting darker and closer to the point where they have a secret. idk who the killer is yet. whoa i did not peg it for that. i thought Julie was the killer. holy shit was I ever wrong. i was surprised about Andie's falling in love with Nick. it was cute that they had a shared history. though at first i must say i thought the dead girl at the start of the story would end up being Andie, Raven, Julie, or Leeza. I [...]

    24. When 15 year olds Andie, Julie and Raven see a couple having disturbingly kinky sex in an empty house, they decide to watch to see what happens with the couple they dubb 'Mr & Mrs X'. But when 'Mrs X' is found dead, the girls are frightened, but when 'Mr X' isn't found, they move on with their lives. Until 15 years later, when 'Mr X' reappears, sending them scary messages to let them know he's back in town.This is one of Erica's earlier books and is more 'Mills & Boon' than her current b [...]

    25. Well, this is my first time reading this author, and I have to say I was disappointed. This book had a very high rating on and several reviewers said they had a hard time putting it down. For me it was the opposite--I had a hard time picking it up. The overall premise of the story was a good one, but I found that over the course of the book it veered off into some really hard-to-believe plot twists. I also found the characters themselves lacking. I had a hard time connecting with any of them an [...]

    26. I picked this book up for $5 and it was an easy read. I was looking after a friends dog and you didn't have to think to much to read this book. So it was good.Andie - Follow the rules, Julie - Loves sex, Raven - the wild one. Friends growing up with some big challenges in ther lives. One night they spy on a couple playing a dangerous sexual game in an abanded house. The couple come back time after time and so do the girls. Curiosity killed the cat.Then one night Andie finds the woman hanging dea [...]

    27. This book waswell, interesting. I give it 3.5 cause I don't think it deserves the full 4. It started out creepy and set up a good story. Then after it reached the "15 years later" part it got slow and had nothing to do with the set-up. I was honestly bored for a good chunk of the book until the stalking started up. That's when the book picked up the pace againy to have it slow down as Julie, Raven, and Andie all make up the stupidest reasons for not acting on their suspicions. At times thrilling [...]

    28. I must say, I spent the first third of this book wondering if I should continue reading it. It read like a YA novel and I am at the point in life where I ask myself "is life too short to read a bad book?". Just as I was about to give up, something changed (do not want to ruin it) and it got me hooked! Although it became quite apparent who the killer was quite a bit from the end, it still didn't reduce the 'thriller' aspect of the book. This is the second Erica Spindler book, Don't look back bein [...]

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