Let it Go

Evelyn Snow is a successful nurse She has loyal friends, lives in a great city and has fabulous taste She doesn t need a man to make life complete, but one to warm her bed would be welcome But the entrance exam to get her between the sheets has left a string of wannabe suitors failing to make the grade Sergey Mikhailov is a dedicated officer of the law A police lieuteEvelyn Snow is a successful nurse She has loyal friends, lives in a great city and has fabulous taste She doesn t need a man to make life complete, but one to warm her bed would be welcome But the entrance exam to get her between the sheets has left a string of wannabe suitors failing to make the grade Sergey Mikhailov is a dedicated officer of the law A police lieutenant in Austin Texas From the moment he met Evie Snow he knew he wanted her But work pulls him from her time and time again What happens when two hearts connect but the minds won t let go Let It Go is about falling in love in spite of all the reasons not to It s never too late to just let go and love.
Let it Go Evelyn Snow is a successful nurse She has loyal friends lives in a great city and has fabulous taste She doesn t need a man to make life complete but one to warm her bed would be welcome But the ent

  • Title: Let it Go
  • Author: Amanda Hough
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. OMG First let me say I need more of this story line OMG THIS WAS FREAKIN AWESOME.Ok now that I have gotten that out I received this book in exchange for my reviewOK so get ready for an freakin awesome story with a couple of super Hot Russians and a loveable heroine and her close friends. This story was so good it leaves you panting for more. Sergey is a super hot Russian cop who meets Evie at her job where she is a nurse working in the jail hoping to come across her brother. Evie has had a bad l [...]

    2. 3 Stars OKOK, I was a bit intrigued by the blurb so I decided to give it a try. I truly liked the premise of the story but I had a few personal issues. The Thanksgiving "incident", I didn't get it, I was so hurt for Evie and then there was no explanation as to why he did what he did and no apology???? That was a big turn-off for me. Made NO sense to me whatsoever. She and everyone else seemed to blow it off like it was nothing and expected her to do the same???? WTHOK, so again the storyline cou [...]

    3. OMG okay I officially have a new book boyfriend and that is how much I am in love with sergey. This first book had a lot of charm and ALOT of sexy. It was easy to like Evelyn in this book she was a sweetie with that touch of sassy ness we all want to see. When I got to the end of the book I was left intrigued and cannot wait for the second book to be available. Definitely worth the read and although I really do not want to share sergey the world of women deserve to know him.I give this a big fiv [...]

    4. The beginning of Let It Go drew me in and I was excited to see how things would play out. Initially, I liked Sergey's gruff, take-charge attitude. It seemed to be what Evie needed to knock down the walls she'd constructed around her heart. I thought their first love scene (including the pantry foreplay) was hot. As the story went on, however, I found Sergey to be overbearing and domineering and that turned me off from him. The same was true of his family. I liked that they cared so much for Evie [...]

    5. Check out my other reviews at my blog gemmareadstoomuchforittomenorm4.5 amazeball starsI was offered this book in exchange for an honest review so here goes.I LOVED IT!!!In fact I loved it so much I read it in one go and then emailed the author at 2 o’clock in the morning begging her to send me a copy of the next book lol.Ok so the best bits• Sergey, can I have one please? He’s Russian, alpha and in my imagination he’s a blonde Adonis.• Evelyn, this girl eats when she‘s sad or stress [...]

    6. This book had promise, but was a let downThis story was a solid 5 star story until 34%. Up until then, we had a sweet Sergey, an interesting story, good chemistry, and good sex. Then Sergey pulls a douche kove that I still don't quite understand. He just tells Evelyn over the phone in a voicemail "he can't do it" leaving her all dressed up to go to Thanksgiving that she has been uninvited to. Then, she forgives him, and he tears up her condo in a fight with his brother. For someone who is a comm [...]

    7. Yum. I couldn't think of a better way to start off my review. Mmmm, Sergey. I bet he was hot as homeless surfer dude, but my, oh my, does he ever sound even yummier as his true self. I loved this story! It was over far too quickly, as I pretty much read it straight through. I love that Evelyn finally has more than Toni and David in her life. The Russian detective sounds like he has needed herin his life as well. Sadly, Eric's life ended young, but not surprisingly so. These families seem almost [...]

    8. I was given this book for an honest review. Took me a few pages to get into but once i did i really enjoyed the story and characters the story work well and really easy to follow. I look forward to reading more from Sergey and Evie.

    9. Let it goThis was really good. It had a great plot and the characters are great. I just hate that it's a cliffhanger

    10. 4 Hot Russian Stars!Complimentary copy received from the author via Making Connections for an honest review“You’re a prisoner in your own head, Evelyn Snow. I’m going to set you free.”Hot Russian cop that’s all alpha and protective and sexy? Check!Troubled, insecure but working class heroine? Check!A mysterious and sort of suspense plot? Check!Good chemistry between the hero and heroine with steamy sexy scenes? Big Fat Check!Let It Go was an intriguing and gripping read from the start. [...]

    11. Just Say NO To Bambi Bitches!Our heroine (Evie) just met him, doesn't like him, doesn't know his name, calls him Creeper Homeless Surfer and when he tells her "We're going out tonight," her answer: "Okay."Creeper Homeless Surfer knocks on Evie's door to pick her up for their date and she doesn't recognize him. Why? Because he shaved, washed his ass, and is wearing slacks instead of jeans. Creeper Homeless Surfer is now Mr. Beautiful. Destination of first date: Mr. Beautiful's sister's house. Evi [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book. The storyline grips you from the beginning and refuses to cut you lose until the very end. I want to know what is at the Y but the book is just not going to tell you! Ughhhh. Sergy is a sexy man. Well, let me back up and say it seems that all of the brothers in this family are just downright mouth-watering-goodness. While Sergy was a true gentleman, I was really digging the bad-boy persona that his brother Dragan was putting off. I think this will end up being a reall [...]

    13. I'm a reader. I am not a writer. There are good reasons for this, the main being I enjoy someone else doing the work for me. Sure I accept the need to fill in the gaps and visualising the characters is all mebut.I don't want to be responsible for large chunks of the story. I won't be responsible for that. Again, it's why I read.Let It Go was maybe half way there. It had the grounding for a great story but we were missing a lot of their history so neither character felt all that well developed. F [...]

    14. Oh yes! I was so lucky to have won this ebook in a contest! It’s the first book I've ever read by this new author, but it won't be my last :) Let me tell you, this page turning, contemporary, romantic suspense exceeded my expectations :) In fact, I just bought the next book #2, only minutes ago in order to keep reading this awesome series :) You definitely need to add this to your must read list!! The only reason I couldn't give this 5 stars is because of many typos, some punctuation and [...]

    15. Sergey may be a police officer but at times that boy doesn't do things by the book, "he was whispering a demand into my ear while snapping the elastic of my gartered stockings, "when I eff you tonight, Evelyn, you are going to keep these on for me, baby." He's one of those men that makes dirty, sound hot, "you keep rubbing your a** on my c*** and I'll come in my effing pants." He's also an alpha which mean when Sergey says jump you better ask how high, "get your beautiful round a** in the bedroo [...]

    16. Great StoryI really enjoyed getting to know Sergey and Evie in this story. The fact that this is a mystery romance that continues into book 2 just makes it that much better. I have given this book 4 solid stars due to storyline, writing style and its ability to capture the reader from the first paragraph. I am really looking forward to starting book 2.

    17. I really liked this one, now I want and need some Dragan yum :)It was a light read for me, there where some momenrs that felt rushed but overall it was a good read, enjoy!Happy next reading everyone!

    18. The Mikhailov brothers <3 need more good book lots of secrets and drama with love combined into it I love the brothers you see they're not the best of friends but they have love and loyalty for each other!!! author did a great job

    19. The love story was pretty ridiculous. I felt like it was pretty inconsistent too. The mystery portion of the book was better but the ending was awful. Don't think I would read another one of her books.

    20. Great story. The beginning was slow to get into. But once you are it turns out awesome. Couldn't put it down. Totally routed for the characters. I am glad love was found.

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