Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse!

Join Mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie as he celebrates Valentine s Day with all the friends he loves.
Happy Valentine s Day Mouse Join Mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie as he celebrates Valentine s Day with all the friends he loves

  • Title: Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse!
  • Author: Laura Joffe Numeroff Felicia Bond
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. As a child, I loved If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Back then, it was a standalone, instead of a series. So, I have not read many of the other *Mouse* series books. Overall, this was enjoyable. I still prefer the original.

    2. It's Valentine's Day and Mouse is making a valentine for each of his friends, and letting us know why he loves each one!Finally, they all show up unexpectedly at his door, showering mouse with valentine's cookies! :)

    3. Overall I am not terribly fond of these books. But this one is better than most in the series. My daughter and I read it and she loved it.

    4. My four-year-old niece loves this book. It's short and sweet and we read it every time we are together.

    5. This book takes Mouse and he wants to make Valentine's for all his friends (all the friends from the "If you take a Mouse" books) and each page tells why Mouse likes each friend like why they are so special to him.

    6. It's Valentine's Day and Mouse wants to celebrate with all his friends. Mouse goes through and creates a valentine for each friend that we see in the "If You Give A." books. Each valentine he creates ties in to each character's personality. Mouse's friends include Pig, Cat, Moose, Fox, Bunny, and Dog. In the end, Mouse is surprised by all the friends that he loves when they show up at his door with Valentine's Day cookies for him.This book is intended for P-1st graders. The language is easy to u [...]

    7. summary: Mouse is making valentines for all of his friends. He makes one that is similar to their personality and wants each one to be perfect. He says why he loves each on of his friends. Someone appears at the door and it is all of his friends with valentine cookies for him!age: nursery and primary readers. It is short, sweet, and to the point. The book has simple words that beginning readers, or someone being read to, can understand and enjoy. artistic element: The pictures were mostly of ani [...]

    8. This was a bit of a disappointment. Natalie really loves If You Give a Mouse a Cookie right now, so a board book about mouse and Valentine's Day seemed awesome. But, the mouse is only on a couple pages, then it is the other If You Give series characters. That is great if your child loves all those books, but Natalie totally snubbed If You Give a Moose a Muffin. Not sure board book is the right format since the board book audience probably hasn't read all these books, and if they have, they did [...]

    9. This book is about Valentines day and how mouse is thankful for all of his friends. This is my favorite books from her board books. It tells why mouse is thankful for all of his friends. Most of his friends are in other books as well. It is really cute and a well thought out book. Fell completely in love with it.

    10. I expected more from this book. I was hoping it would be more like "When You Give a Mouse a Cookie" but it isn't. In this book Mouse is making cards for each of his friends and in the end they all get together to celebrate. It was quite boring for me.

    11. A perfect little book to teach French kids about Valentine's day. It helped me to introduce some new animals as well as the concept of making Valentines for friends. In France, Valentine's Day is just for lovers so this was a brand new concept for them.

    12. Mouse is making special Valentines for each of his friends which have appeared in other Numeroff stories. His friends arrive bringing cookies which ties the story to a previous title by Numeroff--If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Charming and fo th youngest.

    13. I think this tops any of the "If you give a" books by Numeroff. Mouse is making valentines for his friends, pig, cat etc. and expresses why he loves each one. The story ends with a visit from mouse's friends who all bring him cookies of course!

    14. This book would be great to read to younger children around Valentines Day. You could have children make Valentines cards after reading the book.

    15. Sweet book about all the friends Mouse wants to give Valentine's cards to and how his friends end up coming to his house.

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