Love Life

Rob Lowe is back with stories he only tells his best friends.When Rob Lowe s first book was published in 2011, he received the kind of rapturous reviews that writers dream of and rocketed to the top of the bestseller list Now, in Love Life, he expands his scope, using stories and observations from his life in a poignant and humorous series of true tales about men and womeRob Lowe is back with stories he only tells his best friends.When Rob Lowe s first book was published in 2011, he received the kind of rapturous reviews that writers dream of and rocketed to the top of the bestseller list Now, in Love Life, he expands his scope, using stories and observations from his life in a poignant and humorous series of true tales about men and women, art and commerce, fathers and sons, addiction and recovery, and sex and love.In Love Life, you will find stories about Kissing Unexpectedly The secrets they don t teach you in acting school His great, great, great, great, great grandfather s role in the American revolution Parks and Recreation, Behind the Candelabra, and Californication Trying to coach a kids basketball team dominated by helicopter parents The hot tub at the Playboy mansion Starring in and producing a flop tv series Camping at Sea World Playing saxophone for president Bill Clinton The first journey to college with his son Warren Beatty The benefits of marriageThroughout this entertaining book, you will find yourself in the presence of a master raconteur, a multi talented performer whose love for life is as intriguing as his love life.
Love Life Rob Lowe is back with stories he only tells his best friends When Rob Lowe s first book was published in he received the kind of rapturous reviews that writers dream of and rocketed to the top o

  • Title: Love Life
  • Author: Rob Lowe
  • ISBN: 9781760111410
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I LOVED Rob Lowe. I had posters on my wall and everything. My favorite movie was St. Elmo's Fire (or pretty much any Brat Pack movie). I still like him even after all these years and I was looking forward to reading his book, but I feel a bit let down. I actually wish I had listened to the audio as maybe him speaking would have made a difference. It also took me quite some time to read. I started it months ago and finally finished it a week or so ago. Of course I often start too many books at on [...]

    2. I could not finish this book. I had really enjoyed Rob Lowe's first memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, but this one seemed scattered and unnecessary. To the Meh shelf with you!

    3. I started out liking this book, as I had enjoyed Rob Lowe's first memoir. But then, I came to page 205 (really, it was almost the end of the book) and these sentences "Has there ever been a more horrific barrier to reading than the Dewey Decimal System? No wonder libraries are becoming irrelevant." Bash Dewey all you want, but don't say that libraries are irrelevant. I know that I didn't purchase this book, I borrowed it from the library. Good thing.

    4. Rob Lowe is an American actor who became famous for his roles in young adult films like 'The Outsiders' and 'St. Elmo's Fire.' Afterwards, Lowe co-starred in several TV series, including 'The West Wing', 'Brothers and Sisters', and 'Parks and Recreation.' The eternally youthful celebrity now stars in 'Code Black.'In this second memoir by the actor, Lowe talks about being a husband and father, TV shows and films he's made, partying and drinking during his younger years (he's a recovering alcoholi [...]

    5. I love Rob Lowe as a writer. He appeals to the movie lover in me. He can describe an entire arc of emotion by referencing a scene from a famous movie, and I totally GET IT.But there's more to Rob Lowe than the famous Brat Packer. He's a loving father, a devoted husband, a recovering alcoholic, an actor, a friendhe explores so much of himself that I feel like I know him. He not big on telling stories about famous people, and some people might not pick this up, but he really only tells stories (an [...]

    6. For serious Rob Lowe fangirls, I give it a 3.5 star but I'm being generous with the other .5 star bc of the swoony end chapter he wrote about his wife. I have no idea if he had writing help, but for someone made from unicorn tears, he's a pretty decent author. And now I feel compelled to watch St. Elmo's Fire and About Last Night again. I watched both of those movies about a millionty times as a kid, far before it was appropriate to do so. But it cemented my everlasting crush on Mr. Lowe. Well d [...]

    7. Rob Lowe reveals that he is TOTALLY THE WORST in this book. And TOTALLY THE WORST WRITER. More gifs to come.dreams die so hardI'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. THANKS, SUZANNE!!!!

    8. Love Life? Are you for serious? Does it include the story about having videotaped sexytimes with a minor? Super Creepy Rob Lowe wasn't always a joke, kids . . .Sometimes it’s best just to not remind people of your “love life” . . .Oh, and also . . .Because I’m 12 and every time I watch that episode I ‘bout wet my panties.

    9. I LOVE LOVE LOVED Rob Lowe’s book Things I Only Tell My Friends when I listened to it on audio in 2011. His narration is superb and if you are an audio person and seriously even if you are not….) you are in for a super treat by listening to either of his books.In Love Life, Rob (oh may I call him Rob? ;) ) not only covers his loves through his life of family, relationships, and his sons; but also his love of acting. Just listening to him share some of his moments from Behind The Candelabra, [...]

    10. I was enjoying Rob Lowe's Love Life. It is really his musings about marriage, love and fatherhood. He does not go into great detail about his relationships except for the important ones with his wife and his sons. It was fine until, when discussing his childhood research about Bigfoot he state in side note:"Has there ever been a more horrific barrier to reading than the Dewey Decimal System? No wonder libraries are becoming irrelevant." (p. 205).Ok, he lost me there. I'm not a huge fan of the De [...]

    11. I like Rob Lowe. I like that he has been married to Sheryl for over 22 years. I like that the loves of his life are his boys. I like that he seems to be a very down-to-earth guy who just wants to try and have as normal a life as he can for his family. I like that he doesn't take success for granted and he doesn't take his job for granted. I like that he get that acting is just a job and it doesn't define him. Saying all that, I really enjoyed reading these little snippets into his personal and p [...]

    12. So first to set expectations…. this book is less about Rob Lowe's "Love Life" than an instruction from him for you to "love life." For those looking for juicy tidbits about his romantic or sexual escapades you may be disappointed. There are certainly a few of those, yes, but most of the book is not focused on them. I will admit, Rob Lowe is my all-time celebrity crush since the early 80s - I stuck by him in the lean years and am happy to see his recent successes. His first book Stories I Only [...]

    13. I was kind of bored by this book, but then I watched a bunch of Parks and Rec and was reminded how funny and handsome Rob Lowe is. Not that that should affect the quality of his writing, but I think we all know that it does. Anyway, Rob Lowe can get a little preachy. But as I said, he is incredibly good-looking. Anyway, this book has some high points (DID YOU GUYS KNOW ROB LOWE WAS ALMOST DR MCDREAMY?), but is in general not as dishy as his first one. You've seen a lot of things in your life, Ro [...]

    14. I love Rob Lowe, since the 80's but he is also so wonderful in Parks and Rec. So I picked up this book while waiting for my son in Barnes and Noble and read a little bit. My son saw me reading it, and surprised me with a copy for Mother's Day! I really enjoyed reading it. It is a little braggy, but what would we expect from an "unadmitted but possibly qualified benevolent narcissist"? :). Fave quotes: "You can't study the map forever."(245). "I believe that all parents, however on point they may [...]

    15. I really enjoyed Rob Lowe's previous memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, so I pre-ordered this book. It did not disappoint. I stayed up late finishing it. It is a quick, interesting read. Lowe's gift as an author is that he knows himself well, and he isn't afraid to talk proudly about his successes or humbly about his mistakes. He also knows the business well, and he offers a fun glimpse into the movie and TV world. The parts of the book about his family are beautifully written. Great work, [...]

    16. I'm giving this book two stars. But in all fairness, this is not my kind of book. I was desperate for something to listen to during my commute, and I have listened to every decent audiobook at the library. It's probably more interesting if you care about:1. Southern Ca.2. Hollywood culture 3. Acting and its process (he really gets into some minutiae)4. Rob Lowe5. Celebrities in generalBut I do not.

    17. A gift from my lovely friend Denise who thought that just gazing at the cover would help the Cleveland Clinic madness go down a bit easier. I'm not sure I even care if it has words inside. ****Update. Huh, there are words. I taped the book jacket to the ceiling of my bedroom so I can look at Rob as I read. Mr. Lowe, you are one handsome fellow. I read good reviews of Lowe's first autobiography, published only a few years ago, and I'm probably not alone in thinking some most of his best stuff wen [...]

    18. Well-known actor, producer and director, Rob Lowe reads the text of his second memoir LOVE LIFE. It is pointed about his personal insights regarding the world of acting and his love of family. I enjoyed his quote, “Real actors take chances.” It’s just one of a number of quotations scattered throughout this book—and hard to capture on an audio book.I appreciated Lowe’s frank writing about going to rehab in 1990 and his lifelong and daily commitment to sobriety. Also his admiration and l [...]

    19. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore Rob Lowe. He's an extremely talented man, and literally killed me on Parks and Rec, however this memoir seemed a little lacklustre to me. I feel bad for saying it considering he goes into detail about his addiction issues, and the important people in his life. Recently, celebrity memoirs haven't really interested me much, so maybe it's just me, who knows? Anyways, Love Life does have some interesting anecdotes and goes into a bit of detail about the creatio [...]

    20. I have to say that I am a sucker for a good memoir and this one did not disappoint at all! I loved this book and I loved that Rob Lowe read it to me :) The stories had a more reflective bend than his last book but that is to be expected for a person in their middle years. It also helps that I am at a similar stage in my life and can relate to a lot of his stories. Particularly, being on the cusp of becoming empty nesters and appreciating the life you built with your spouse. Fantastic! Thank you, [...]

    21. I hastily added this to my library audio list without realizing it wasn't the first of his memoirs that got the great reviews. It was enjoyable car listening, but I'm done with the actor / comedian memoirs for a while. Really this time. Unless I decide to read the first of his

    22. I have a bizarre Rob Lowe fascination, but his first book is more entertaining by far. I still enjoyed this collection of stories very much, but it was a little scattered.Edit: He personally interacted with me on social media. 4 stars.

    23. So, I started this odyssey of reading both of Rob Lowe's books back-to-back because of the chapter in this one about sending his older son off to college, which made me weep when I read it online somewhere. Then the chapter on his experiences in rehab made me weep again, and the one on his manager's death, and a few other spots here and there. The name-dropping in this second volume grew borderline tacky at times, especially when he wrote of parts he missed out on or didn't take that were "writt [...]

    24. This memoir is predictable in its depth-free stories of a rich and privileged Hollywood actor. I did enjoy Lowe's recounting of working on failing television shows because they taught me about day to day decisions that make or break a show in the industry--I like this kind of insight. But the collection as a whole sums up Rob's insular worldview: He loves his kids and wife a lot. He adulates self-determination. He slyly slips in admiration for Atlas Shrugged as great literature. He has a steadfa [...]

    25. I wavered between 3 and 4 stars and settled on three because after loving STORIES I ONLY TELL MY FRIENDS and waiting two years for the follow-up, I was a little disappointed. Some of the stories were interesting and some were so-so, and there was no order or continuity to some of the storytelling. For example, he talked about his role in "Behind the Candelabra" in an early chapter, then expanded on it later in the book. It's no big deal, it just seemed kind of scattered.Other than that I was int [...]

    26. I truly enjoyed Stories I Only Tell My Friends, so it only seemed natural that I read Rob Lowes follow up book Love Life. At first I was beyond disappointed to the point that I was not going to continue reading the book. The book was disjoined, fragmented and went on tangents, seriously where was his editor? Then somehow the chapters began to take shape. One must read each chapter on its one and take that story for what its worth. If you know anyone who wants to be an actor then I would recommen [...]

    27. Rob Lowe is such a great storyteller. I've listened to him read both of his memoirs now and they make me very happy. This book is as good as the first - there is a wrenchingly sad and gripping story of watching another man confront his deepest anguish in rehab; an embarrassing story about Warren Beatty f*cking around with his girlfriend; a self-deprecating and eventually hilarious account of being invited to the Playboy mansion as a young man for a Superbowl Party; a side-splitting account of ca [...]

    28. When Rob (yes I am on a first name basis with him) releases a book, I HAVE TO GET THE AUDIO. I feel like I am in an intimate relationship with him and he is personally telling me all of these private stories. He is a great writer and speaker. I was really hooked in the beginning hearing about some stories from his past. When he told his story about dropping his son off at college, I was literally crying. But then about midway through, he lost me. He told a historical family story that I wasn't r [...]

    29. Mostly engaging and entertaining. Some stories make you laugh out loud and some make you go awww, and of course there are some juicy tidbits (that's the whole reason anyone reads these, isn't it?). There was one disappointing bit that stuck out, though. At one point he says, "Has there ever been a more horrific barrier to reading than the Dewey Decimal System? No wonder libraries are becoming irrelevant." That line was a shot through the heart. I listened to the audiobook in my car, and I specif [...]

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