Silver Master

Fleeing a lurid scandal, matchmaker Celinda Ingram arrived in Cadence City desperate for a new start Known for her strong para resonator abilities, she is able to match up clients by reading their psi waves It s this talent that sets her body tingling when security specialist Davis Oakes shows up at her office.A formidable psychic himself, Davis is trying to track down aFleeing a lurid scandal, matchmaker Celinda Ingram arrived in Cadence City desperate for a new start Known for her strong para resonator abilities, she is able to match up clients by reading their psi waves It s this talent that sets her body tingling when security specialist Davis Oakes shows up at her office.A formidable psychic himself, Davis is trying to track down a powerful relic that Celinda supposedly bought as a toy for her pet dust bunny Trying to wrest the ruby red object from the suspicious duo nearly drains Davis of the energy he ll need to keep his growing desire for Celinda in check and to keep her safe from those who will do anything to possess the relic 2007 Jayne Castle P 2007 Brilliance Audio, Inc Unabridged Audiobook Length 8 hours and 33 minutes
Silver Master Fleeing a lurid scandal matchmaker Celinda Ingram arrived in Cadence City desperate for a new start Known for her strong para resonator abilities she is able to match up clients by reading their psi

  • Title: Silver Master
  • Author: Jayne Castle Joyce Bean
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Audible Audio
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    1. This was a great deal of fun. By now in the series, you should know what to expect. While this series does better than most at keeping each book independent of the others, I'd still recommend at least reading the first two before later volumes. One of the benefits of doing so is that you'll know whether you like these books in general. Castle does a great job maintaining the same tone and general expectations without being predictable or formulaic.I liked this one much better than the last one. [...]

    2. “Dust bunnies rule!!!!!! Jayne Castle is another pseudonym of Jayne Ann Krentz. Jayne Castle books are more futuristic and paranormal. Dust bunnies are pets of the humans inhabitants of the planet Harmony and have captured the hearts of many fans of this series. Just finished this book and thought it was a superb addition to the other Harmony books. Loved Max and Araminta, the two latest dust bunnies to make our acquaintance. Davis and Celinda, hero and heroine, made a great couple. Well plott [...]

    3. Ok story but I wouldn't recommend buying it.It sounded creative: humans and pets with psychic abilities and living on another planet, but it felt like a "made-for-tv movie." The book seemed formulaic. The hero and heroine (Davis and Celinda) met, fought and chased the bad guys and ended up in love. I was hoping for creative or witty dialogue which was not there. Nothing surprised or delighted me. The characters seemed like copies of characters from other books. In one scene, Celinda was too whin [...]

    4. In this fourth volume of the Ghost Hunters series, the author returns in some respects to the territory previously explored in her earlier trilogy set on a similar planet with a colony cut off from Earth. Before now, we haven't heard about marriage bureaus despite the fact that Covenant Marriages are for life - on Harmony, Marriages of Convenience allow people to see if they are compatible first. But the heroine in this book is a marriage counsellor. In the prologue, a woman is attacked in an un [...]

    5. Author: Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Jayne CastleFirst published: 2007Length: 441 pages (Large Print)Setting: Around 200 years in the future on the planet Harmony, cut off from Earth. In Cadence City.Sex: Very explicit, infrequentHero: PIHeroine: marriage consultant.Filled with references to Krentz/Castle/Quick's Arcane Society series as well as other Harmony books, Silver Master is yet another enjoyable, quality Krentz/Castle paranormal romance.Of course, it's much like other books in the series [...]

    6. Actual Rating: 3.5 StarsThe summary blurb is a little bit misleading, but then again, not really.  So this first sentence was moot.Much like the previous book in Jayne Castle's Harmony series, Silver Master is a lot of fun to read--entertaining, with great characters, and a hooking story line despite the predictability of it all.  The pacing is fast and smooth, so we get into the action right away, just as it seems we do for all other JAK books.Unfortunately, much like the previous book in t [...]

    7. Let's start with something different this time. I don’t understand the adversity of these heroine toward the Guild. I simply don’t. “Hunters [Guild men] are just glorified mobsters, good enough only to provide not-so-much needed protection underground.” Yeah? I didn’t hear any of the heroines so far protest and diss the Guild while the heroes protected them from becoming ghost bait. But as soon as the danger has passed, let’s go back to bitching about the Guild.I mean, sure, the orga [...]

    8. Great Addition to the Harmony SeriesSILVER MASTER is the fourth book in the Harmony series. The Harmony series is a futuristic paranormal romantic suspense series about an earth colony which was cut off from earth and where psychic abilities have been developing in humans. This book is the story of Celinda Ingram, a matchmaker building a new life after a horrendous scandal. She meets security specialist Davis Oakes when he comes in search of a missing relic. She is determined to stay away from h [...]

    9. After the horrible scandal in her old town, matchmaker Celinda Ingram tries to make a new life for herself in Cadence City. She's very good at what she does because of her rare para-resonator abilities. Everyone in Harmony has some ability, but hers is particularly strong. Davis Oakes also has a powerful ability which allows him to go invisible. He's tracking a rare artifact and Celinda just happens to have possession of it. Several devious people want to get their hands on it too. Davis has to [...]

    10. This was another fun book in the Harmony series. Overall, I haven't been disappointed in one of these yet. The two lead characters were fun and had good interaction. It's fun to see all the new discoveries and new talents coming to light in Harmony. A solid, enjoyable read.

    11. Setting: Cadence City - Promises, Inc – upperclass matchmakers for covenant marriages; Jackson’s Old World Finds; Verdrigris restaurant in the Old Quarter; Glenfield Institute – specializing in treatments of psy dysfunctions; Dead City Wall/Old Quarter – her apartment; Old Frequency: Haunted Alien Ruins: various catacombs; Phantom – his fast, trendy car; Cadence mercer; Theme: starting over; getting touch with ones feelings; love; stopping the bad guy – and figuring out how to use th [...]

    12. This book is a very easy read. The heroine, Celinda, works as a matchmaker. She bought an alien artifact that the secretive Guild wants. The Guild is something like the mafia. It's always been on of the two problems I have with this entire series that they are glorified. The other major problem I have is that the settlers on the planet where the story takes place tried to maintain the family structure after they were cut off from Earth was by nearly outlawing divorce. It's only possible if you h [...]

    13. Again, not a bad book in itself, but the insta love made me realize that at the end this author, like many in PNR, choose the easy way out. The couple doesn't fall in love, they are linked by some mystical sh*. So, yes, you read about their adventures (and they are fun!), but as a couple they leaves you flat. There's no real crisis, no pain, no reaction to action (like betraying one's word and someone else trust), no real story. It's a Harlequin in a futuristica setting. Not for me.

    14. I am liking this series more and more as it continues on. This was my favorite so far and it was really close to 4 stars. TBH, the only thing really holding me back was how much I loved the Arcane series and this just falls a teeny bit short, which really isn't fair to this book because I really did enjoy it. I need to stop comparing this series to Arcane.

    15. OK, not great but certainly not bad. Good story, not much believable heat between the main characters, love the dust bunnies.

    16. These are always quick enjoyable books. There not real deep but the characters are good and the plot while not deep are interesting.

    17. Feel like you need some easy reading time? Then join me on the fascinating future planet of Harmony, discovered through and between Jayne Ann Krentz’s different series and pen names! This famous and best-selling author has been writing since 1979, usually with a paranormal twist to her romances. Around the turn of the millennium she began a new series in a new setting—the distant planet, Harmony. Although she has used up to 7 different pen names, currently she only uses three. The Harmony no [...]

    18. The heroine is desperate to start over after a scandal in her past resulted in the loss of her business and reputation. Now, a Guild detective is asking questions about an artifact in her possession and her dust bunny has hidden the damn thing so he refuses to leave. But she admits to herself that though he's not someone to be taken lightly, she's drawn to him. At first she imagines him to be the perfect man but the fact that he's associated with the Guide, an organization she believes to be thi [...]

    19. This installment of Jayne Ann Krentz's (writing as Jayne Castle) series about Harmony, the planet where a generation ago, humans from earth colonizing another planet get stuck there when the curtain that opened to allow them to get there in the first place just closes one day without warning. Those left behind adapt, part of which involves the development of various psychic talents in the populace.The story involves Celinda, a disgraced matchmaker trying to start over in a new city, and Davis, a [...]

    20. I love all Jayne Ann Krentz's books, but the whole "Curtain" series is my favourite. "Silver Master" is the 4th in the Harmony part of the series and is as absorbing as the remaining ones. The basic formula is more or less the same - a handsome, strong man with out-of-scale paranormal power and an independent yet feminine woman with equally developed paranormal talent, working together towards solving a case and saving the woman at the same time. With each book the author manages to make the sto [...]

    21. New couple, same city. Celinda is a matchmaker who uses her special ability to read people's psi power to match couples. She immediately knows that Davis Oakes is her perfect match. Though she does begin to doubt her ability when she learns that he's working for the guild and has an issue with covenant marriages and matchmaking. He's looking for a relic that she bought, but her pet dust bunny hides it. Davis intends to stick around until it shows up. While they're together, neither of them can r [...]

    22. Book 4 of the Harmony Series by Jayne Castle (Jayne Ann Krentz)Celinda Ingram is a matchmaker and para-resonater working in Cadence City. She bought an old relic that looked like drawer knob because her dust bunny Araminta seemed to want it. Returning from lunch one day she finds a police detective and a private investigator in her office.They want to talk to her about the relic she purchased. It seems that it was stolen from the local Guild Office, who hired Private Detective Davis Oakes to fin [...]

    23. This is another fun paranormal romantic suspense set on the futuristic planet of Harmony. Unlike Earth, the majority of inhabitants on Harmony have some level of psychic ability, thought to be caused by the prevalent green quartz located all across the planet. Matchmaker Celinda Ingram has recently moved to Cadence City to start over fresh after a scandal forced her to change locations. When Celinda buys a "new" toy for her pet dust bunny at an antiquities shop, she has no idea that several part [...]

    24. The futuristic Harmony world is made up of humans who came through a "curtain" in space 2 hundred yrs ago. Once there the "curtain" closed and they found that a lot of their artifacts no longer worked. However, they started to develop psychic powers that were enhanced by using tuned amber.Celinda Ingram is a matchmaker, which is a very important role as once you're married there is no divorce, because Society needed the stability after the 'curtain' closed. Davis Oakes is a PI, working for Merce [...]

    25. This book was a departure for me. Usually if I'm reading Jayne Ann Krentz aka Jayne Castle, it's under her historical fiction pseudonym, Amanda Quick. But, this was tagged as an upcoming book for her futuristic series that deals with paranormal (read: psyhic) characters. I thought I'd give it a shot.Harmony, the world where the story takes place, is an alien world that's been colonized by Earth residents. A portal opened between the two worlds, allowing travel between them. Then, 200 years ago, [...]

    26. Another day, another addition to the world of Harmony. Having read the current novels and loved them, I decided I needed to read the first few novels set in this delightfully alien world. The two prior to this one were a bit of a letdown. The world was skillfully built in each, adding new layers, but I wasn't overly impressed with the characters. I do, however, adore me some dust bunnies! I'd love to have a connection with one them and have one for my very own! Hey, a girl can dream. Silver Mast [...]

    27. Jayne Castle’s futuristic novels set in Harmony have just the right amount of paranormal, mystery and love to keep you going from one book to the next. There are nine books in the series so far and I am pretty certain there will be more. These books are stand alones, but all relate to each other. As you read more books you come across references to the hero and heroine of another one in the series, somehow they all know each other and soon you start to feel like you know them all, too. Jayne C [...]

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