Defining Moments

Secrets Lies Betrayal.How much heartbreak can one heart take Melisa Dane has made it through the worst Her heart was broken, but Florian Dane, better known as Heat and the man of her dreams returned to mend it Now, with her family almost complete, Melisa is ready to sit back and enjoy life.But fate isn t done with her yet The perpetual smile on her face freezes whenSecrets Lies Betrayal.How much heartbreak can one heart take Melisa Dane has made it through the worst Her heart was broken, but Florian Dane, better known as Heat and the man of her dreams returned to mend it Now, with her family almost complete, Melisa is ready to sit back and enjoy life.But fate isn t done with her yet The perpetual smile on her face freezes when the second man to steal her heart shows up in her life once again Scott Bergfeld, the husband she buried and grieved for years ago, is not dead, and he comes back bearing secrets.Heartbroken and confused, Melisa tries to find answers to questions she never thought she d ask, but what she learns throws her life into turmoil Soon, cracks start to form in her marriage with Heat As her heart is torn into two halves between the man she loved first and the man she married first she comes dangerously close to having her whole life destroyed again How many people will end up getting hurt This time, does she have the strength to make it through
Defining Moments Secrets Lies Betrayal How much heartbreak can one heart take Melisa Dane has made it through the worst Her heart was broken but Florian Dane better known as Heat and the man of her dreams returned t

  • Title: Defining Moments
  • Author: Dori Lavelle
  • ISBN: 9781500362638
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Whether you have read the previous Moments In Time books or not, but I strongly suggest you do - Entangled Moments can be downloaded FREE from major retailers -you will find all the answers and background you need in this book.Dori Lavelle grabs you from the first page and your emotions are going to go for a bumpy ride.Melisa Dane has not had an easy life. After her first husband died she gave up on life and sunk to hard to imagine depths. With the help of a homeless shelter and good friends, sh [...]

    2. Defining Moments can be read as a stand alone but I suggest reading the prior books in the series to get a better understanding of the characters in this story.Melisa and Florian's story is a remarkable journey of heartbreak, lost love, regrets and second chances. Melisa is one of the strongest heroines I've ever come across. She has been through hell and back many times over and still she fights to find the will to live and love.Not only has Melisa persevered but she thrived after each heartbre [...]

    3. njkinny/2014/08/arMelisa has seen too much sadness, felt too much grief and despair and lost hope many times in the past but she has always managed to fight her way back to happiness only for it to be taken away again. Finally married to Heat, her first love, Melisa felt that life had, at last, started showing happiness to her and maybe, just maybe she had overcome all her difficulties but just as she is trying to reconnect to her long lost son and find peace with Heat, her first husband whom sh [...]

    4. Defining Moments by Dori Lavelle is the fourth book in her Moments In Time series, but CAN be read as a standalone. It is such a great series, however, that I think all should be read.Melisa and Heat are together, happy and about to meet the son that Melisa gave up for adoption over 18 years ago. Now that Heat has forgiven her for never telling him about the baby, they have come together again to meet him. Pretty intense right? This is just the opening of the book, the story heats up so much mor [...]

    5. *ARR (Advance Reader Review) - copy provided as a gift in exchange for an honest review4.75This is my favourite book from Dori. It's an emotional roller coaster and a fast easy read. If you have read the previous ones then you need to definitely read this one. If you haven't read the previous ones then you should now.Check out my full review as part of an ARR release tour September 6th: ljsecretaddiction

    6. Wow what a story! Melisa, Florian aka Heat, Scott and Ben. When I started reading the first few pages, Melisa and Heat was nervous about something, okay? I started to feel the anticipation too. Mind you someone enters their life, someone unexpected, the similarities uncanny. Who could this person be? Why all the tension and nervousness. AGH. I was coming unglued here, waiting to hear. Now this is an issue both Melisa and Heat must face head on and the tears will flow from here. The more the stor [...]

    7. This book touched my heart poor Melisa has been through so much. Dori does it again with a heart touching, tear jerking love story. All the series are stand alone but to read them all makes the series outstanding. I would have to say Defining Moments is my favorite of them all. If you have read the series then you already know Melisa has had hard times. She lost her husband in a fire, the same day she lost the baby she was carrying, and she lost her life when she turned to gambling and drinking. [...]

    8. Melissa had a baby at 16 with Heat which he never knew about. She gave him up for adoption. She finally marries Scott who was a fireman and died in a fire. Melissa doesn't cope with losing her husband and becomes an alcoholic and gambler. Heat is also a fireman and comes back into her life, helping her to find her way. They get married and try to start a family. As a tragedy occurs and they are struggling with their marriage, the child Melissa gave up for adoption comes back into their lives. He [...]

    9. In this book we are taken on a journey with Melisa trying to start a new life. With love and passion and hope for the future with Heat. With starting a new family and finding their son she gave up 19 years ago that she never forgave herself for. Then Scott Shows up out of know where want her back how much more can Melisa take.Heat makes a chose that Melisa does not understand WHY?Can she move on from it? Well she forgive him? Well she take him back? Can Ben Help Her?Did Scott Come Back just in T [...]

    10. Loved this conclusion to Melisa's story. When we left Mel in Bittersweet moments there were still some things left to be discovered and Dori delivered in this conclusion. I have grown to love these characters and their relationships with each other. There was a couple times I thought I was going to have to smack Mel through-out the story but who is to say what someone should do unless they have been through it them selves. There are some emotional spots and plenty of secrets and issues for her a [...]

    11. A fantastic Read that was beautifully written this book is classed has a stand alone book but I'm glad that I read the box set before I read Defining moments has it does give you a lot more of the background to these characters! It was heartbreaking and heartwarming read and emotional read! I loved Melisa dane who had been through so much in her life to deal with more than most people deal with in a life time,Also loved Florian Dane Also known has Heat whom Melisa had loved him all her life even [...]

    12. openbooksociety/article/deBrought to you by OBS reviewer AndraSpoilers…though I did leave some surprises for the reader to discoverWell, Ms. Lavelle does not disappoint. This is the fourth book in the series and it is certainly packed with punch. I was drawn in from the very beginning and could NOT stop reading until I had read the last word.While this is the fourth book, the reader is given sufficient back story to be able to read this book independently from the remainder of the series. Of c [...]

    13. Sometimes I think people are generally stupid! Melisa is doing the same thing she blamed Heat for. Melisa also runs at the first chance and needs to learn how to work things out together. But keeping Scott’s still alive a secret from her now husband Heat, is very stupid no matter the circumstances. I just had to vent that first.There are a lot of secrets, lies, omissions, selfishness and grieving in this book. At times, it was unbearable. Melisa and Heat have lost a lot together but Heat wants [...]

    14. This book can be read as a stand alone, I have not read any of the other Moment in Times books. Melisa life has not been an easy road. She has dealt with multiple devastating losses in her life. While dealing with yet another loss a surprise from her past comes back and it haunts her. This story grips you from the very beginning and makes you want to cry, scream, and love right alongside Melisa as she try's to deal with her past and her future. Not only do you feel Melisa's pain but also the pai [...]

    15. Loved It!!!!I was fortunate to win a ebook copy from Dori Lavelle This is a story of love, compassion forgiveness and the strength of hope.Melissa and Heat have had a rough beginning but now in this story they are happily married, pregnant and couldn't be happier but faith has other plans. A ghost from the passed has comed back Scott a husband that was lost, mourned and buried. Melissa is going through a hard time accepting Heats decision and questioning her fellings for him after a great lost w [...]

    16. “Life goes on. People don’t always stay in your life forever, no matter how much you need them.”I really admire Dori Lavelle’s writing style. I like the fact that the story wasn’t happening too fast because it gave me time to cherish every chapter, every moment and every word. I honestly could’ve read this book in less than two days but I took my time because I didn’t want it to end right away. Now that I finished the book, I am so happy with how things ended. “The best way to ke [...]

    17. This is the continuation of Heat's and Melissa's story from the Bittersweet Moments book, however, this book can be read as a stand alone. Dori Lavelle did an excellent job on taking you through Melissa's emotions when she sees her so called deceased husband and the aftermath of seeing him again. The events that occur in this story, will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. You will cry, yell and rejoice, while reading this story. Will Melissa choose Scott, the so-called deceased husband or w [...]

    18. How many times can your heart be broken? How many times can you expect it to heal only to face devastation again? Melisa has seen the worst. She's seen the worst heartbreak ,hope ,heartbreak and hope. How does one person go through this so many times? When she has a wonderful reunion with Ben, the son she put up for adoption , she has hope that they will reconnect. Ben isn't ready for a permanent relationship yet so here again Melissa is heartbroken.Melisa and her husband Heat are months away fr [...]

    19. Defining MomentsFantastic!!! This is the best book I've read in a very long time, and I read a lot. I don't know what to say, except that it is truly a love story with unforeseen twists and turns. I couldn't put it down, I stayed up all night reading. This is romance at its best. Dori LaVelle is an extremely talented author. She told the story with very few expletives, romantic sex scenes, as opposed to graphic sex commentary, and something that is always important to me; she used good grammar, [...]

    20. I have not read this series before, but loved this novel, so it can indeed work as a standalone. My heart broke for Melisa and Heat. Then I wanted to strangle her. Next, she was shocked beyond belief, but kept secrets so I wanted to strangle her again. The situation with Scott was interesting. I enjoyed the turn of events involving Ben. As the book was winding down, I was relieved and elated. I basically enjoyed a great story while on a roller coaster ride of emotionsC provided in exchange for h [...]

    21. THe story continues and comes to a fine ending with everything in its place. Along the way you wonder if it will and the story has many twists and turns. Enjoyed this book and Thank you Dori for the story you brought to life. Cheers

    22. I felt like I was visiting old friends again. Ms. Lavelle is a wonderful author. This is another tear jerker though so get those tissues ready. Her stories are all so very beautiful, though this is my favorite yet. It's an emotional roller coaster and a fast easy read.

    23. This book was such an emotional rollercoaster some good twists this was such a good series .

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