Welcome to Darmid, where magic is a sin, fairy tales are contraband, and the people live in fear of the Sorcerers on the other side of the mountains Rowan Greenwood has everything she s supposed to want from life a good family, a bright future, and a proposal from a handsome and wealthy magic hunter She knows she should be content with what she has If only she could banWelcome to Darmid, where magic is a sin, fairy tales are contraband, and the people live in fear of the Sorcerers on the other side of the mountains Rowan Greenwood has everything she s supposed to want from life a good family, a bright future, and a proposal from a handsome and wealthy magic hunter She knows she should be content with what she has If only she could banish the idea that there s to life than marriage and children, or let go of the fascination with magic she s been forced to suppress since childhood When Rowan unknowingly saves the life of one of her people s most feared enemies, that simple act of compassion rips her from her sheltered life and throws her into a world of magic that s beautiful, seductive, and dangerous than she ever could have imagined Rowan might get everything she ever dreamed of that is, if the one thing she s always wanted doesn t kill her first Young Adult Fantasy recommended ages 15
Bound Welcome to Darmid where magic is a sin fairy tales are contraband and the people live in fear of the Sorcerers on the other side of the mountains Rowan Greenwood has everything she s supposed to wa

  • Title: Bound
  • Author: Kate Sparkes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1 thought on “Bound”

    1. The second book I've read this summer where I desperately wanted the saccharine heroine and broody hero to get eaten by the bad guy Hours of my life were spent waiting for something to happen. This book read more like a travel journal looking for magical help, and never finding it, and then on to the next destination with mini adventures in magic and near romance on the way. Then yup! Nothing happens.

    2. LOVED IT!Enchanting from start to finish. "Bound" is a must read. I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review*NO SPOILER REVIEW*Sparkes is an incredibly imaginative writer who has created a vivid and shimmering world with an intricately woven history that is both wholly believable and completely captivating. The protagonist, Rowan, is strong, insightful, generous, romantic, and funny. Sparkes' beautiful descriptive language, and informal sense of humour in the [...]

    3. This one started out slow, but once I was in about 25%, I couldn't put it down!Full of action and adventure with the right amount of romance!Absolutely loved this series!

    4. As far as YA fantasy novels go, this is probably one of the most underrated read I have come across this year. I kept reading this piece wondering why had I not seen it advertised anywhere, displayed on your usual bookseller shelves, and why I still don’t. “Bound” is definitely on par with the most popular YA reads sold right now and can hold its own. I really feel that Kate Sparkes is an author to watch.The world of magic and fairy tales is one that many authors venture in with repeated t [...]

    5. This a romance pretending to be a fantasy. Told in alternating POV between Aren, the male protagonist and a young killer sorcerer from Tyrea and his female counterpart, the naive but adventure seeking Rowan from magic-fearing Darmid. Their countries are sworn enemies and Aren is instructed by his evil older brother Severn to look for magic-user in her country. The first chapter started out promisingly and ominously. Then it slowly went downhill. The world-building is threadbare with shallow desc [...]

    6. I'm sorry i'm not able to write a review. Until my vacations/holidays are over nothing. Just know that i can't wait for the next book.

    7. This is a cracking story. Fantasy romance is a tricky format. It can veer from straight fantasy with a little romance on the side, through to outright romance with a little arm-wavy magic or the occasional dragon thrown in for light relief. This book leans more to the relationship side of the equation, but there’s some solid world-building underpinning it. Many elements of the story are quite conventional. Rowan is the teenage girl expected to do her duty and marry well, producing the babies i [...]

    8. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!5 PERFECT STARSCan I start this review off with HOLY COW THAT COVERI admit, I knew I was going to buy a paperback of this novel before I read it. What kind of book with this gorgeous of a cover could be bad, right?Well Kate certainly did not disappoint. This is definitely my kind of story."I'm not afraid.""No. You're not allowed to be, are you?"The story follows Rowan, a young sorceress, and Aren, who is one of the "evil" king's son [...]

    9. I think I would enjoyed this book more had I just read the book instead of playing the audiobook. I couldn't really connect with the female MC and I think that had to do with the narrator. She was whispering the whole book. And whenever she would do the male voice, I would picture him younger. But when the male took over, he made the male MC seem much older. It was all over the place. The story itself was pretty good, though. I think I'll just read the second in the series instead listening to i [...]

    10. Bound was pretty middle of the road for me. It was good but not great. I enjoyed it but I didn't get overly invested in the characters or storyline. I liked Bound enough to be interested in continuing to book 2 of the seriesDIBLE:I added the wispersync audible narration to this Kindle book. The two narrators who covered the two different POVs did a great job. They were easy to listen to and understand.

    11. **I was kindly giving a copy of bound by the author in exchange for an honest review**WOW HOLY HECK THIS BOOK WHERE TO START OMG!!!!!!!I seriously can't get over this book in fact I loved it sooooo much I'm still reeling from the fact that I have to wait a WHOLE MONTH FOR TORN THE SECOND BOOK!!!!!! THAT'S RIGHT A WHOLE MONTH!!!!!!! I knew instantly that I was going to love this the cover is gorgeous the characters are perfection and the story was just amazing. I have to admit I haven't read much [...]

    12. I loved this book. Bound kept me enthralled and took me on a magical journey. I wanted it to go on forever. Can't wait to read the next book in the trilogy.

    13. A truly fantastic fantasy début! I really enjoyed this story and I'm really glad I gave the author a try. The story starts off by introducing us to Rowan, a girl lost in daydreams about magic and fairy tales in Darmid, a country and culture where it is forbidden and the consequences are severe. She doesn't fit in with those around her and constantly wonders why she just can't be happy with her life as it is. Escaping from her mother's pressuring concerning a marriage proposal to a prominent mag [...]

    14. Bound is a very great YA-Fantasy book to read! At first I really don't know what it is all about but then when I read the prologue, I was hooked up. Definitely because it was just so fascinating and amazing that I couldn't help myself reading it and enjoying it.So when I got the chance, I didn't think twice. I signed up already to review this book.So the book is all about Rowan Greenwood. She's a very kind woman who is very considerate of other people's feelings. She is living in a country named [...]

    15. 4.5 stars!!!! Ever since reading the Farthest Away Mountain as a little girl, I have loved to read and write adventure stories. Rarely do I find books that measure up to my long checklist of everything that, to me, makes up the perfect adventure fantasy, and I seek out books that can make me get lost in another world. I need the fantasy, the world, the romance and the adventure. I need the characters to be worth investing the travel time into, because a good adventure story takes time to get the [...]

    16. I received this book in exchange for an honest review, and I honestly really liked it. :-)Rowan and Aren are both wonderfully created characters. The author switches between their two points of view, using first person voice for each of them. Sometimes this can get confusing with some authors, but their voices and personalities are so distinct that it is perfectly clear who is speaking, even without the name labeling as part of the chapter title. I love both of these characters. Rowan is a belie [...]

    17. Here is a book you can definitely judge by it's cover which is gorgeous! I thought the description of the book was interesting but it did not sound unique or special. It sounded like your typical fantasy book but the cover was so pretty so I took a chance. I'm so glad I did. This book was just so good that it goes on my all time favorites shelf! It is one of the best books I've read in a long time and I've had a lot of luck lately with some of the books I've read which makes the new book I start [...]

    18. For my summer reading I was saving up books by authors I knew I loved, but I just couldn’t resist giving Kate Sparkes debut novel a go. I really enjoyed it. The characters felt so real and I was with Rowan every step of the way, willing her to make the right decisions and take me on an adventure. In a world full of magic, Rowan lives in Darmid, the one country that has banned it. She’s fascinated and seeks out fairy tales and every hint of magic she can find, though she has to hide it for fe [...]

    19. There was more travel and world-building than action or villains. While the elements the heroes encountered were interesting, there was a lot of exposition and telling the reader what was going on than any actual action. I was also rather peeved that the first half of the book had the heroine going back and forth as to whether she would actually stay with her traveling companion. I would have liked more decisive characters, but overall the book was a quiet young-adult romp in a magical world tha [...]

    20. I enjoyed this book a lot. It took some time to get into but after it picked up I really loved it. Rowan is a great character and seeing aren's struggling with what he knows and who is clearly really is was great.

    21. Enjoyable read. Some adventure and a little romance it'll be interesting to see what happens with Severn later on. I loved Rowan and Aren and their relationship I think I need more something. Not sure what.

    22. Very enjoyableBound was a great beginning to a trilogy. I was sad to find out I have to wait over a year to find out what happens next. The story includes a glimps into the world of merfolk!

    23. This is a wonderful adventure that introduces us to a rich new world. Aren is a complex and intriguing hero and Rowan a likable and engaging heroine. Good blend of action and romance.

    24. Definetly recommend this book! It kept me up well past my bedtime :) Wonderful world and characters with an engaging story line. Loved Rowan and adored Aren :) Can't wait for the next one!

    25. This was just what I needed -- a nice, familiar book I could relax in while being comforted by the certainty that I wouldn't be disappointed by the story, which seems to be the theme of 2017 for me. So the story. Rowan, a seeming human, saves a sorcerer, and as if she isn't already aware, consorting with the enemy of her people is a big no-no, not to mention that her engagement with a magic hunter places her in the most precarious situation. Unwilling to let him die and driven by her fascination [...]

    26. This Kindke Freebie read like the kind of YA fantasy that aggravates with its eye-rolling moments. Aren, the hero had potential. His conflicts seemed juicy. I was hoping to pleasantly survived. Nope!The heroine was naive but supposedly she's also clever. There was one especially irritating TSTL moment that was supposed to show how clever she was but it felt forced. This heroine hoped for adventure from her sheltered life. She's thrown into one one adventure after another. Eventually the stern he [...]

    27. Honestly, this is one of the best books I've read in a while.Representation of this book in my life:Guess who got no sleep?

    28. I do love a good fantasy book that doesn't shy away from creating a world top to bottom. And I think there's something lacking in YA books these days, that Sparkes really brings back. It's not just romance, it's not just fantasy, it's not just character development and intelligent writing. It's the whole shebang that makes this book so wonderful to read. It was fun, engaging, and entertaining. Definitely worth a read even if the main character could be a little "young" sometimes. That's alright, [...]

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