Light My Fire

The best book yet about The Doors BooklistThe inside story of the Doors, by cofounder and keyboard player Ray Manzarek Includes 16 pages of photos A refreshingly candid reada Doors bio worth opening Entertainment WeeklyNo other band has ever sounded quite like the Doors, and no other frontman has ever transfixed an audience quite the way Jim Morrison did Ray The best book yet about The Doors BooklistThe inside story of the Doors, by cofounder and keyboard player Ray Manzarek Includes 16 pages of photos A refreshingly candid reada Doors bio worth opening Entertainment WeeklyNo other band has ever sounded quite like the Doors, and no other frontman has ever transfixed an audience quite the way Jim Morrison did Ray Manzarek, the band s co founder and keyboard player, was there from the very start and until the sad dissolution of the Doors In this heartfelt and colorfully detailed memoir, complete with 16 pages of photographs, he brings us an insider s view of the brief, brilliant history the beginning to the end An engaging read Washington Post Book World
Light My Fire The best book yet about The Doors BooklistThe inside story of the Doors by cofounder and keyboard player Ray Manzarek Includes pages of photos A refreshingly candid reada Doors bio worth opening E

  • Title: Light My Fire
  • Author: Ray Manzarek
  • ISBN: 9780425170458
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Place HolderManzarek was jealous as hell of Morrison, but at least he had the guts to recognise the myth that Morrison created around himself and not try to squash it (even if so many other people want to squash it).Densmore was more of a straight shooter, but I think you need both books to find the truth (if not more than two).But you have to care enough about the truth.

    2. Definitely the best biography on The Doors that I've ever read! I had no idea about some of the things mentioned in this book.

    3. Wonderful, inspiring book by a down to earth guy who loved Jim Morrison a little too much!Having been a lifelong Doors fan and having already read all the standard books, I assumed that this book was just going to be keyboard player Ray Manzarek's personal love letter to his friend Jim. I figured all it would be was a tribute to Jim's genius, and lots of feel-good stories that would put their relationship in a positive light. And I got that. But I got more. Much more. The irony is, Ray is on eve [...]

    4. Heartfelt Tribute to A Lost FriendPerspective is everything. Light My Fire is Ray Manzarek’s perspective. Jim Morrison is an icon and will always be an icon. There are those who knew Morrison as a person and Manzarek is in a unique position to relate the story of The Doors, and to avoid having to answer the same question for the rest of your life “what was Jim like?” Manzarek and Morrison were UCLA film students who started The Doors. Light My Fire takes us through Manzarek’s early years [...]

    5. Not just an account of the rise and fall of the Doors, LIGHT MY FIRE is especially an expression of the creative process, psychedelic style; back when drugs were used for opening doors instead of escaping from life.This is how Ray Mazarek sees it. He had the ultimate example of the different uses of drugs, in the two personalities of Jim Morrison, poet and addict. He also had a group of four musical personalities who, combined, created more than any of them could have created alone. Ray's descri [...]

    6. While on a whirlwind road trip to D.C, we stopped at the Gettysburg outlet mall, and in the Book Warehouse I saw a book by one of my all-time favourites. Ray Manzarek! Right there on the shelves, cut price. I had never heard of this autobiography so naturally I grabbed it.For the uninitiated, Manzarek was a product of his times; son of Polish immigrants in south-side Chicago, luckily learning the piano instead of the accordion, and those skills came into use once he went to UCLA and met other mu [...]

    7. BSI knew Jim, so I also knew Ray, John and Robby. This book is typical Ray Manzarek still lost on a trip trying to protect the name of a drunken self destructive burnt out genius, who also was his dearest friend. Which is admirable and touching, however in doing so once again Ray shows his own psychological flaws, by using words and references the typical Doors fan doesn't understand. Rays constant need to show the world his education and his intellectual superiority comes through in the writing [...]

    8. "And Jim is always with us. In the air, in the ether, in the electricity. In the sounds and rhythms of Door's music. In the images of his poetry. In the joys and anguish of his soul, which he so publicly bared to us. . . And in each new generation's discovery of The Doors and Jim's plea of: "Please, please, listen to me, children. You are the ones who will rule the world." In each new generation's quest for its own freedom, Jim is there. The Doors are there."

    9. Me & Jim (& John)Ray Manzarek's "Light My Fire" is (of course) a very interesting read for all Doors fans. The book doesn't uncover much new information about it's main topic, Jim Morrison, but it certainly says a lot about Manzarek's psyche and how he wants to appear before the reader.Everybody knows Manzarek as the cool, storytelling dude with the sixties slang, that talks like he's reading from a script, and it is also how this book is written - sort of, because the "beat generation s [...]

    10. Raymond Daniel Manzarek picks you up and drops you off right in his living room as a child as he shares his introduction into music , classical , jazz and most importantly the blues. he then takes us to Venice Beach and UCLA where he meets Jim and forms the Legendary rock band The Doors. He shares things about Jim and their relationship that are honest and at time brutally honest and does it in a fashion only Manzarek can, as he has a natural gift for story telling and setting the scene and feel [...]

    11. Ray Manzarek is such a charming and enthusiastic narrator that he manages to convey the excitement of being young, literate and in a bitchin band in the middle of that Sixties cultural revolution. He clearly still adores Jim, and that love really comes through in an almost parental way, which makes sense all these years later, and most of this book concentrates on those early years, when they were forming their friendship and discovering art and film and music. Evocative and wonderfully new-agey [...]

    12. Ray's book on his life in The Doors is a fun and quick read. He's as lighthearted and enthusiastic as John Densmore is serious and cerebral. The two memoirs stand as entertaining, revealing, and, as these things go, somewhat contradictory books.But we're here to talk about Ray's book, which I found to be an entertaining grab bag of stories about The Doors and, most interestingly, Ray's tremendous admiration and, you could even say, worship of his friend, Doors' singer Jim Morrison.The cool thing [...]

    13. I picked this up at a thrift store along with a copy of Densmore's Riders on the Storm. All paperbacks $1 day!Of the two reads I enjoyed this book more. Manzarek has his issues but he's more positive about his experience. His view resonates more with my memories than Densmore did. reading them one after the other was interesting. The writing is ok but was sometimes repetitious to me. It's an interesting flashback to the 60's or a visit for those of you who may not have been there. Both books app [...]

    14. a good companion piece to the (also good) densmore book. uncle ray, however, focuses much more on his formative days, and those of the band. anybody picking this one hoping for a documentary of "the rock star years" is going to be sorely disappointed. the sessions for "waiting for the sun" and "LA woman" are covered in probably a total of 5 pages or less.if you're interested, though, in the milieu that created the doors - the heady days of a youth filled with greasy blues and r&b, the sophis [...]

    15. I was never a big Doors fan, although I do recall precisely where I was when I first heard "Light My Fire" on the radio (in my family's kitchen, washing the dishes). This biography of the band, written by one of its members, gives details and insight that journalists reporting on the band from outside would never know. Unlike other accounts of the band, it presents Jim Morrison in a very sympathetic light, as the author cared deeply for him. I recommend this to anyone interested in one of the to [...]

    16. On the one hand, this book serves to demystify the legend of Jim Morrison. It was fascinating to read the accounts of The Doors' early days from someone who was there in the middle of it all. But Manzarek's frequent references to his charismatic lead singer in god-like terms make it sound like he was just as enamored of the Lizard King as the public was.

    17. It's the Doors by one of the band members. The only thing better would be Morrison's corpse writing an autobiography. Ray writes his version of the mysticism and legend that is now just remembered. He holds Jim Morrison on a totem pole, but does the book justice by teaching us join him in the Jim-worshipping. Great rock story!

    18. A good selection for those of us who can't get enough of Jim Morrison. A nice perspective from Manzerick, but if you're a shameless Doors fan, definitely check out "Dark Star", which features great photo spreads.

    19. This book had its pluses and minuses, but the chance to read Ray's memories in his own words (and they are very clearly his own words) is truly a gift in my opinion. Therefore, I enjoyed every second of this book and am sad that I've finished it.

    20. Loved this book. Ray Manzarek was a gifted writer. I was pleasantly surprised how well written this book wasd I got to tell him, too!

    21. Ray might be a bit biased in his perspective of Jim but it is his biography and i could really feel the love that Ray felt for Jim and particularly his awareness in his later years of what Jim might have been feeling or going through. The Jim Morrison that shines through this Biography is a very human and confused person which is not surprising considering the rapid raise to fame at an early age. Having read this book and watched the Live at the Hollywood bowl concert you can see the palpable re [...]

    22. Ray Manzarek was so much more than just a sideman to Jim Morrison. He was probably the most talented musician in The Doors and essentially their musical director. He was involved in all aspects of their songwriting. And his distinctive keyboard playing in Riders On The Storm and Touch Me elevated the songs from good to classic. His biography of the band was written some 25 years after the death of Morrison. It's a strong account of how he and his bandmates come together and rode a five-year tida [...]

    23. 1st Read: February 19, 2001 - February 20, 2001 (***** Rating) Back to the material that is the most gratifying for me to read and enjoy,.The Doors. I dove into this book, absorbing Ray's story in a relatively short time frame. Perhaps a total of ten hours had passed and I had finished it. He is such a great story teller! I could hear his voice as I read, deep and soothing, narrating each word and painting the bigger picture.Much of what I read in Ray's story has been said before in other books [...]

    24. I've heard a lot of things about this book so I thought I should read it myself. From the beginning of Mr. Ray Manzarek's Musical Introduction to Piano as a child and his teenage Blues, Jazz, and Rock N' Roll idols to the Last Concert he played with Jim Morrison in New Orleans, This book covers a lot of ground. Having just read Riders on the storm by John Densmore, This book opens doors to new outlooks on that time and place in history and Ray's version of Various rumors and events. He writes of [...]

    25. Primero que nada tengo que dejar claro que soy fanático de The Doors, Jim en particular fué mi mayor influencia en mi corta experiencia de alrededor de 4 años en los escenarios del Rock n' Roll como vocalista de una banda y que lamentablemente Ray tenía que morir para yo buscar estas memorias. Jim Morrison sentó muchos precedentes en la historia de la música; además de ser un consumado poeta y artista, fue de los primeros que logró hipnotizar a sus seguidores con su presencia escénica. [...]

    26. I read this book in late 1999 not long after it was released. I can recall I had it read before Thanksgiving that year but cannot recall the exact day so I estimated it as best I could.I really enjoyed this book when if first came out as I was living near Los Angeles at the time it sort of brought back of feeling of the L.A. scene at the Whiskey A-Go-Go before it became the icon it is today on the Strip. Even still the "Whiskey" characteristically has the look of the old days but the feel is som [...]

    27. Excellent account of the history and experiences of the Doors, written by fabulous keyboardist Ray Manzarek. He and Jim Morrison met at UCLA as film majors, and after graduating and dodging the draft to Vietnam, decided to make their band, The Doors. Jim Morrison was the classic Dionysus, I write about it on Hubpages, in the account under my own name, Jean Bakula, under Greek Myth, Dionysus. Ray Manzarek was the Apollo to Jim's Dionysus. Although Jim was so talented, he was angry that people lov [...]

    28. As a great Doors fan, I enjoyed this book. Ray Manzarek really tried to remain honest and true to the spirit of the group and relate to us the story of its creating,success and crisis. He offers a really witty,intelligent and profound image of their work and present very convincingly their goals and the joy of creating music together. of course,it is also a book about Jim Morrison. Manzarek makes a very intriguing analysis of Jim`s psyche. In the same time,we learn about Morrison only what Doors [...]

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