With Vlad and Konrad defeated, now is the time for the most dangerous vampire count of them all to take centre stage Strong, cunning and resourceful, Mannfred von Carstein assembles his undead army and prepares to strike at the heart of the Empire The men of the Empire and their allies the dwarfs have one last chance to stop their undead foe Hel Fenn.
Retribution With Vlad and Konrad defeated now is the time for the most dangerous vampire count of them all to take centre stage Strong cunning and resourceful Mannfred von Carstein assembles his undead army an

  • Title: Retribution
  • Author: Steven Savile
  • ISBN: 9781844162932
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Mass Market
  • 1 thought on “Retribution”

    1. Oh man, I don't really know where to start!I think this was quite possibly the best and worst novel of the series. The best in that Mr. Savile felt the most familiar with the Old World in this novel. I think he captured it perfectly, from the vicious "civil war" battlefields between Stirland and Averland to the slums of Nuln and our favourite fallen Witch Hunter, the world just felt like it had the 'right' amount of grittyness that made the Old World a fan favourite for so long. The portions of [...]

    2. So this ends the saga of the the Von Carstein Vampire Counts. I think Mannfred was probably the most dangerous of the lot and if it hadn't been for the experiences that the Empire had already had with both Vlad and Konrad he might have been able to overwhelm and destroy the Empire because he really was much more strategic minded than either Vlad or KonradThe stories of characters that had started in the first and second book were wrapped up very well here I thought and I did like the darkly trag [...]

    3. -La más “franquiciada” de las novelas de la trilogía.-Género. Narrativa fantástica.Lo que nos cuenta. En el libro Venganza (publicación original: Retribución, 2007), Manfred von Carstein regresa a Sylvania para que el imperio de los muertos vuelva a surgir mientras el Imperio afronta varias amenazas y otra estirpe de vampiros distinta está oculta entre sus habitantes. Tercer y último volumen de la Trilogía de von Carstein: La guerra de los vampiros.¿Quiere saber más de este libro, [...]

    4. Well, I am reviewing this book despite that alread 3 years have passed. I still remember most of the plot and I add some things written here about these two booksThey are the second and the third of a trilogy about a family of vampires. It was a good trilogy and it's very unfortunate that Steven Savile is no longer a writer for Black Library. He could do so much Oh well, life doesn't not always turns out as we wantedThe review of the first book Inheritance can be found HERE.In this book we are i [...]

    5. Sin entrar en demasiados detalles, me ha parecido un tanto redundante en el vocabulario, ilógica con algunos sucesos del argumento (y con algunos personajes) y previsible en ciertas partes de la trama. Tras haberme leído los dos primeros volúmenes de la trilogía no sabría decir si el autor ha decaído en esta última entrega o si las otras dos eran iguales y no lo recuerdo. A pesar de todo, generalizando globalmente, el argumento no es malo y le daría el 5 raspado en honor a Warhammer por [...]

    6. Yikes. I read about a third of this, all excited because finally I'd reached the book focusing on Mannfred von Carstein, who not only made it to the End Times, but is kickin' it in the Age of Sigmar now, too. What's his deal?Well, who knows. This book was so brutally dull I felt like Savile might have been angry toward his readers by this point. It seems like most Warhammer writers change over their first few books - whether for better or worse depends on how well they take working in the world, [...]

    7. This was an interesting story, but like all Warhammer novels, it lacked substance. It was entertaining and it kept me reading to find out what happened next so it was high in entertainment value, and I liked the characters well enough, of course I'm also writing this review almost 6 months after having finished the book so my recollection may be a bit fuzzy.Overall, I did like the book and I think it's a worthwhile read if you want to explore a bit more of the world that was, but nothing that I [...]

    8. Yeah so i finished the trilogy. Pretty cool at first, i thought the author did an amazing job setting up the final chapter of this story. However, It seemed like he was doing an amazing job setting up and building up to a plot that was poorly executed. It all just started falling apart and concluding very quickly. Important characters start dissapearing without too much explanation or detail. I love the way this trilogy was written and enjoyed the book and finding what the conclusion to the tale [...]

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