1 thought on “Trader Vic's Book Of Food & Drink”

  1. There's a category of restaurants that doesn't get enough play in most food columns: silly restaurants. Or, I should say, silly but loveable. It's not a category in which most restaurants ever want to see themselves, food being as important as it is. But here and there, for a variety of reasons, you run across a restaurant that both works as a business proposition (at least for a while) and is silly at the same time. In my own category of beloved silly restaurants Trader Vic's will always remain [...]

  2. I picked up this 1946 vintage book and decided to read it and try a few recipes. I loved the book it is so different from today's cooking type books. There is a gossipy quality to much of the text. in the chapter under "a word about parties" the hostess is advised "hell with the conventional, the right fork, the right goblet, the fashionable flower arrangement, You can have more fun with a flower behind your ear and a sparerib in your hand." The books introduction was written by Lucius Beebee, t [...]

  3. Classic 1940’s Polynesian kitsch. We will be enjoying the Scorpion Bowl and other punches for years to come. Rum tum tiddly.

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