Kissing Frogs

Popular party girl and high school senior Jessica Scott has a secret she used to be a nerd a big one a goody two shoes, grade skipping, all state spelling bee champ But she lost the braces, put on some contacts, and applied all her academic genius to studying and imitating the social elite Now she rules the school from the upper echelon of the high school realm WithPopular party girl and high school senior Jessica Scott has a secret she used to be a nerd a big one a goody two shoes, grade skipping, all state spelling bee champ But she lost the braces, put on some contacts, and applied all her academic genius to studying and imitating the social elite Now she rules the school from the upper echelon of the high school realm With her cool new friends and hottest guy in school boyfriend, life s a beach and that s where she s headed for Spring Break That is, until her teacher breaks the bad news that she s failing Biology and her only chance to make up the grade is to throw away the culminating trip of her hard earned popularity and join the Conservation Club in Panama to save the Golden Frog.Unable to let go of her faded college dreams, Jess finds herself in a foreign country with a new social crew, and one handsome face that stands out as a blast from the past, threatening to ruin her queen bee reputation Travis Henley may have grown up, but he still likes to play childish games and as payment for retrieving Jess lost ring from the bottom of a jungle pool, he wants three dates While Jess does battle with spiders, snakes, wildfires and smart mean girls, she desperately tries to hang on to the last vestiges of her popular existence like the Golden Frog from its webbed toe But as she starts to care about something than tanning and texting a species on the verge of disappearing forever she may realize the worth of her inner nerd, and the one frog in particular that could be her prince in disguise.Set in the lush and tropical El Valle de Anton, this modern fairytale re imagining of The Frog Prince is toe curling contemporary romance with an environmentalist heartbeat, in the tradition of Stephanie Perkins.
Kissing Frogs Popular party girl and high school senior Jessica Scott has a secret she used to be a nerd a big one a goody two shoes grade skipping all state spelling bee champ But she lost the braces put on som

  • Title: Kissing Frogs
  • Author: Alisha Sevigny
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: None
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    1. Four and a half stars.I'll let you all in on a little secret: I was suckered in by the cover. I mean, just look at it. Look at how cute it is! I want a physical copy for my shelves, because it is absolutely darling. And I'm very happy to announce, that the story inside is just as lovely. This book is charming, well-written, and will hook you in from the start.At first I didn't like the main character, Jessica. I really, really dislike girls who pretend to be stupid for popularity reasons. I knew [...]

    2. A free copy of this book was provided by Month9Books and Swoon Romance in exchange for an honest review.Kissing Frogs is like a pina colada on a hot summer day – light, fun, and refreshing. It’s the story of Jess Scott, a nerd-turned-member-of-the-high-school-elite who finds herself sentenced to a Spring Break field trip saving frogs in a foreign country. While all of her friends are getting drunk and tan on a beach in Florida, Jess is spending her time cleaning out aquariums, taking nature [...]

    3. Full Review at: What's Beyond Forks?Kissing Frogs by Alisha Sevigny was a cute story about finding yourself (or rather re-finding yourself) and friendship. Jessica had been teased by Travis and others in her younger dorkier days, and she's carried it with her, and pretty much let it rule who she is. Now, she's the popular girl and she's thrown back with Travis again. Relationships and friendships weren't the only issues in this book though. So, many animals are at risk of extinction. This book b [...]

    4. 2.5 starsI have a habit of reading the same type of books over and over. There's something a bit comforting for me in the predictability, in knowing that everything is going to end nicely and happily. I read the same type of books because I know what I like. And despite knowing how everything will end, I still enjoy the journeys immensely. This time, that didn't happen. There was something missing in this book. I didn't connect with any of the characters. The story arc was not very exciting (or [...]

    5. ~ Kissing Frogs by Alisha Sevigny (*I won this in a Giveaway Hosted by Swoon Romance and got Contacted by the Author!!!)!!!MIGHT BE SOME SPOILERS!!!! I'll warn ahead of time. ^^-So this book (Ebook) is about a girl who used to be Unpopular,Nerdy and Geeky. She decided to change her image in Freshman year of High School and uses her smarts to be part of the "Cool Crowd". She's in and has a lot Friends (or so she thinks) and is excited to go to Miami w/ her boyfriend for her last senior vacation. [...]

    6. Review Kissing Frogs is a fun read that had me hooked.I love secret nerdy girls. I hate that they feel the need to keep it a secret, though. Jess was a great student and let her nerdy side out until she was picked on, and decided she needed a new persona for her new school. She tries so hard to impress the popular people, and be someone she isn't. I liked her progression while in Panama. It's a short span of time but she learns more about her true self than she would have on that spring break tr [...]

    7. I chose to read this book attracted by the cover and the title, I love frogs. It 's a quick read but sweet romantic and fun, a reworking of the tale of the Frog Prince.Jessica is a very popular girl in her school and is engaged to Miles, the guy that everyone wants. She worked hard on itself: it is a very intelligent girl but had to hide that her dowry to be truly appreciated. She is about to reach her highest level of popularity going with Miles and their friends to celebrate her seventeenth bi [...]

    8. I did not like this book, which saddens me to no end because I was really excited for it. I don't think there is enough contemporary retellings of fairy-tales and myths, so the synopsis telling me that it was a "modern re-imagining of 'The Frog Prince'" caught my attention. But, sadly, Kissing Frogs just annoyed me more than anything. This book felt like it was more geared toward young pre-teens. It was all just too high school for me. In the way the characters acted, in how they talked, and in [...]

    9. Jess's boyfriend just dumped her and last minute she decides to join the Conservation Club to travel to Panama to help with an organization the Golden Frog, but it's not her first choice. She's stuck traveling with people who don't like her and an old friend who teased her as a kid. Travis says he's simply trying to redeem himself, but she doesn't know and agrees to three non-dates to allow him to prove himself.Each and every one of the three non-dates is a disaster, but it somehow isn't awful. [...]

    10. Psychocat Reads Review of KISSING FROGS by Alisha Sevigny.(I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)Today we're bringing you a review of a recent Swoon Romance release for all the YA Romance lovers. This one is straight up contemporary YA. No fantasy. No sci-fi. No shifters. Just straight up human characters. Let's see if Alisha Sevigny managed to write a YA Romance that can withstand the Psychocat's claws.The Characters: I'll be honest, Jess was not a very likable c [...]

    11. Thank you to YA Bound Book Tours and author Alisha Sevigny for providing me with a copy of this in exchange for an honest review!Find this review and more on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten!Kissing Frogs by Alisha Sevigny is an incredibly fun and adorable debut novel that is perfect for fans of Stephanie Perkins, Kelly Oram and Morgan Matson! Fresh, flirty and addictive from the beginning, Kissing Frogs is a great contemporary twist on the frog prince that will have you jumping for joy.Follo [...]

    12. 4.5 StarsOh how I love a good YA romance!! This one is especially good because it's sort of a second chance romance and it's about NERDS. Yay nerds! I love reading YA because it takes me back to a time that I didn't really love and helps me to pretend that things were actually better than they were. If I have to re-create that time, I'd much rather pretend it was just like in this book. Also, I love a book that I can recommend to my 14 year-old daughter, and I will definitely be recommending thi [...]

    13. This was a great book. With what could have easily been cliché, this story was realistic, environmentalist (without being preachy) and fun. There have been too many young adult books I’ve read recently that are “dumbed down” or exclusively about the paranormal. Don’t get me wrong, I love my fair share of paranormal, but it’s nice to have something to switch it up. And it’s also nice to have seniors in high school that sound like they do deserve to make it into college. What is parti [...]

    14. This was such a fun read, but also somewhat serious (though not preachy) in its message about conservation and extinction. There's humor, some great writing (lines like "bubble-wrapped in indifference) but it's the characters that drive this book for me. Even the "supporting players" are real and unique, like Harp and Juan, and Travis makes a very appealing love interest. He's smart, thoughtful, funny, and just a little brooding, enough to be a YA hero :) Even better is Jess. While I don't alway [...]

    15. I've gotta admit I did not really care for Jess in the beginning but she grew on me as the book progressed. A lot of the book was about how she matures (thank goodness). Now Travis--loved him- he was so awesome and sweet and kind. Just the kind of boyfriend you would want for your daughter.The best part of this book was the fabulous setting. I felt like I was there. I went straight to the computer and looked up a lot of the places mentioned in the book. The romance was a bit cheesy but it was sw [...]

    16. This was such a charming, cheesy book. I saw what was coming at times but i still really liked the book. Not too long after Travis was introduced I saw what the general idea was going on. I did not like Enrique very much, probably due to I was completely on Travis' side. The story was cute and I'm happy to meet the author who introduced me to her book along with her signature to me and a frog charm. Having a real world problem about the golden frogs was so nice to see a book have. Although, twic [...]

    17. Very cute story about a girl who starts out as someone who is pretending to be a shallow, unintelligent person to fit in with the popular crowd and to escape her geeky past. When she's forced to take a trip to Panama with the conservation club to have a chance to pass biology and get into the college of her dreams, it may just be the best thing to ever happen to her. Interesting incorporation of mythology and environmental consequences of Panama's Golden Frog and its extinction.

    18. I enjoyed reading this book. I have a real soft spot for nerd girls, even ones who try to keep their nerdiness a secret (being a nerd or a geek is not something to be ashamed of, but embraced, in my opinion). This story is about finding yourself against the backdrop of Panama and the extinction of the Panama golden frog. I think it's worth picking up if one is interested.*won on GoodReads First Reads*

    19. This is a sweet story and while I don't usually gravitate towards romance, I found this a nice combination of scene-setting and descriptive writing that any parent would be happy to hand to their kids - which is what I recommend. Buy this book for the child in your life - especially those (who like all of us) struggle to figure out their place in high school society. Find your tribe!

    20. A modern fairytale twist.I hated the main character at first, I'm gonna be honest, but the more I read the more I understood her conflicted ways. I fell in love with this story, not just the romantic parts but all of the important knowledge about endangered frogs and other animals! I highly recommend this book!

    21. I love frogs, and I love conservation. I also read a lot of YA, so this was a must-read for me. I'm so glad I picked it up! Sweet, clean, with a touch of humor and great characters that I either loved--or hated. Very well done, and I couldn't put it down once I started.

    22. Kissing Frogs was a page turner. I couldn't put it down! I loved the character development and the focus on environmental issues. I can't wait to read Alisha Sevigny's next novel!

    23. **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs** Kissing Frogs is a modern day re imagining of the Frog Prince. I will admit that I have never read the frog prince, and that I didn't even know it was a re-imagining until after I was done reading and I saw the final summary. I know the basic idea, but I am not familiar with the details of the story. I just thought that Kissing Frogs sounded like  a cute book. So I can't tell you how close this rendition of the tale was, but [...]

    24. Are you a fan of fairytale retellings, mythology, and animals? Then, you might enjoy Alisha Sevigny’s Kissing Frogs as much as I did.It’s a new take on the fairytale “The Frog Prince.” The story revolves around ex-nerd Jessica who went from an A student and spelling bee champ to someone more concerned with popularity and status. She plans to head to the beach with her friends during spring break until her biology teacher unfortunately tells her she’s failing his class. The only way she [...]

    25. This review and others can be found on Cozy Up With A Good ReadThis is a cute little book. It's a very quick read being such a short book and I definitely flew through it. Jessica is someone who spent a lot of time remaking herself to become popular in high school, she grew up being a nerd and she wanted to hide that part of herself. As spring break comes up, Jessica is forced to change her plans from going to the beach to spending a week in Panama with the conservation club.Jessica has worked s [...]

    26. "Kissing Frogs is a fish-out-of-water story. Jessica is the outsider with this group, though she's smart enough to be one of them. With this crowd, she becomes the victim of science mean girls, mean girls who had been victims of members of Jessica's posse back at school. That's a neat little twist. There is a bit of a torn-between-two-lovers thing going on, something I always dislike. In this case, though, one of our potential lovers is clearly a player, and Jessica knows ite, remember, she's sm [...]

    27. YA fiction is not normally a genre I read. My experience in this genre has been limited to the Harry Potter series which I read and enjoyed alongside the growing children of my friends. I also checked out the first book of the Twilight series, which I thought sucked. (No pun intended.) So why did I read Kissing Frogs you ask? I read it for the best reason in the world, that being it was written by a family member! I was so pleased to see how well Alisha writes! I have read other first efforts by [...]

    28. As a summer read, this book provided an easy, yet thoughtful escape. Though a few cliched or pat elements appear, there are also some surprises in character development and plot. It's always nice to encounter a protagonist who eventually, if reluctantly, appreciates her comeuppance and becomes not only more self-aware, but more conscientious all around. This book would be a great choice for a reluctant teen reader, likely female. The author clearly has an ear to the ground for witty teen dialogu [...]

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