Five Minutes Late

Can an always tardy garlic mogul and a punctual Silicon Valley librarian fall in love The world needs garlic and somebody s got to sell that garlic Cedric Johnson is that man But even though he s got just about everything he can wish for, Cedric is still missing one thing in his life someone special Fate may be on his side, but he encounters a few distractions along thCan an always tardy garlic mogul and a punctual Silicon Valley librarian fall in love The world needs garlic and somebody s got to sell that garlic Cedric Johnson is that man But even though he s got just about everything he can wish for, Cedric is still missing one thing in his life someone special Fate may be on his side, but he encounters a few distractions along the way like almost being killed by a UPS truck Oh, and a little case of blackmail.Ellie Fontaine is a walking with clear professional goals, but when it comes to landing Mr Right, she doesn t know jack squat She even gives online dating a shot and ends up with an unappetizing buffet of unibrows and losers What s a girl to do After Ellie saves Cedric s life, serendipity takes over as they continue to run into each other Their connection grows stronger with each meeting, even though he embodies her number one pet peeve he s always late But even if they can get past their issues and misunderstandings, Ellie s ex boyfriend, an unscrupulous cop, will do anything to keep them apart.Five Minutes Late is a hilarious fast paced romantic comedy, full of snappy dialogue and fun, quirky characters, guaranteed to warm your heart.
Five Minutes Late Can an always tardy garlic mogul and a punctual Silicon Valley librarian fall in love The world needs garlic and somebody s got to sell that garlic Cedric Johnson is that man But even though he s got

  • Title: Five Minutes Late
  • Author: Rich Amooi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I received a complimentary copy of Five Minutes Late in exchange for an honestn review.Pickles! Five Minutes Late is one of the most entertaining books I've read this year. I've finished reading the book a few hours ago and I'm still smiling while typing this review. This book just made my day!The author sure knows how to write a perfect romantic comedy. Five Minutes Late is a perfect blend of humor, romance, and a good story. Be sure to read this when you're alone or in private. Otherwise, peop [...]

    2. This book had me in stitches from start to finish. It has light hearted, fun, and plain adorable. Cedric and Ellie were disasters but perfect for each other. Cedric was so cute and just all around a nice guy. One we all want. He was kind, generous,thoughtful and funny. Him and his dog tofu were my faves. Tofu was awesome I mean that dog was comic relief to the funny show that was happening around him. Cedric as always was running late when Ellie saved him from being hit by a UPS truck. This sear [...]

    3. This was a wonderfully written, charming story.The author had me engaged from start to finish, and the characters were witty, honest, intelligent, and real.I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel, and look forward to reading more work from this author.

    4. *Possible spoiler alert*Wow.I agree with an earlier reviewer who stated that the main characters were very immature, and that they couldn't stand either of them.Now I don't necessarily need to love the characters to enjoy the book; I hated both Nick and Amy Dunne in Gone Girl - but I still could not put that book down. That I hated both of them was part of the magic of the story - that even though I hated them, I still wanted to see how their story played out.This book was incredibly immature. T [...]

    5. Such a fun romantic comedy from beginning to end, with a little bit of suspense, stalker like behavior thrown in! Ellie Fontaine saved a man from getting hit by a UPS truck and the web of events to follow is nothing short of crazy. Ellie is a spunky librarian with lots of useless knowledge of just about anything really and she is looking for Mr. Perfect. She even has a list to prove it. You will get to enjoy each of her dates with her and I will admit that they may put you off of dating for a wh [...]

    6. This was a fun, heart-felt story with plenty of laughs. The characters were enjoyable, although I found Ellie to be a little too rigid with her rules. Cedric was five minutes late meeting her at the restaurant and, even though he called, she was going to leave. Her excuse was that she didn't have her phone with her. It wasn't his fault she didn't get the message. While I understood why she had her rules, she didn't have to follow them so strictly. Cedric was more than patient with her, and I fel [...]

    7. A truly fantastic read. I stayed up until well after Midnight to finish this book. I started it after dinner and was able to finish it in one night. It was so funny that at one point I woke my husband up laughing and choking and crying. Then took a few minutes before I could stop long enough to read to him the passage that had me in stitches.The author has a fabulous book here. I could see my old stomping grounds in his descriptions and vivid details. And I could completely relate to Ellie. I di [...]

    8. I can't believe a MAN wrote this!!Five Minutes Late was one of the funniest, sweetest and most romantic stories I've read all year! And it was written by a DUDE! Not a woman, but a man. A penis with arms and legs wrote this fantastically funny BOOK! I can't get over that. If I thought that men can't write romance and actually make it believable before, I was proven wrong here. The only experience I've had with a male romance author is Nicholas Sparks and all his stories seem to follow the same e [...]

    9. You can never have enough garlic. With enough garlic, you can eat The New York Times. - Morley Safer“Fear paralyzes you. You can’t dream or even make small changes with fear in the way. Fear will kill your heart and your mind. - Grandpa Frank – Five Minutes Late22924329Since the last romance I read was a Debbie Downer, I thought I would pull out something that sounded like fun. Bookbasset to the rescue again! Five Minutes Late by Rich Amooi sounded like just the thing. Yes, I have literall [...]

    10. Series: N/ACategory /Genre: Romantic ComedyRecommended for: 16+ due to sexual tensionGrammar/editing: A – near perfectReceived from: Rich Amooi (in exchange for an honest review)This is a stand-alone novel of romance and comedy.Can an always-tardy garlic mogul and a punctual Silicon Valley librarian fall in love?I love Cedric and Ellie. They are both intelligent, witty, altruistic, and nervous about the concept of love. Ellie has one pet peeve – punctuality. I understand that. I am a stickle [...]

    11. Nope, can't do t anymore, DNF at 62%!!This book was not funny at all, I didn't laugh once!! so disappointing, I really wanted to laugh. I felt like I was reading about 12 year old's so immature and I just didn't like either of them. Also something happened at about the 50% mark and I just didn't feel it at all, there was no emotion, and it was rushed and glossed over and just poorly executed. I found myself skim reading a lot and skipping bits, but I just don't care enough to see if these two di [...]

    12. OMG! Mr Rich Amooi! What do I say. This book is one of the best I've read in a long time. Fresh characters and backgrounds, a romantic "naughty but nice" clean and fun storyline. I couldn't put it down and I didn't want it to end. I got many a weird looks from my daughter because I kept laughing out loud. If this was your debut book, I wanna get my hands on your next one. ENCORE ENCORE!Free copy gifted in exchange for an honest review.

    13. Interesting story. Several unneeded f-bombs. Kissing scenes, with added raunch.etely uncalled for. I would have given 3stars if it was just cleaned up a bit. It was like the author added the bad stuff just because he could. Not even needed. There wasn't much dept, and the barriers the main characters had were so ridiculous I couldn't believe it. Hellocate already.

    14. I had bought this book for Kindle, but when I had the chance to review the audio, I jumped at it. We have a contemporary romance with kind-hearted and perpetually late business owner Cedric and librarian Allie who is working on getting a promotion while trying to at least get a second date, though her dating pool is filled with a bunch of duds.The characters meet each other and almost date. They get wires crossed and have misunderstandings. Misunderstandings are typical in romances, but I am ver [...]

    15. 3½ Fun and Entertaining StarsI always enjoy a romance which includes witty bantering and joking and after having read the synopsis, it sounded as though that was exactly what I was going to getting here. Rich Amooi’s Five Minutes Late is a worthy effort by this new author and was a fun and entertaining read. I must admit, however, there were moments when I wanted to throw my iPad from frustration of the characters seemingly to always find something that gets in their way of coming together wh [...]

    16. 4 StarsI was given this book for my honest reviewGet out the screaming towel you will need it for this Pickle of a book. Cedric-scared, shy and timid, hottie Ellie-Librarian, cute outspokenCedric is the type of man that is shy, cute and funny. But what he is NOT is actively seeking for is any type of relationship. He is scared but not of the past but of losing himself if and when he finds the right woman to complete him. But are not most guys that way today? He longs to keep a promise made to so [...]

    17. You never know what can happen when you’re running five minutes late!Ellie wants to meet a man that meets her mile-long list of requirements and has decided to give internet dating a chance. But she can’t manage to find someone she’d even contemplate going on a second date with, though you don’t need to know her ‘three strikes and you’re out’ rule to know that she’s picky. She’s so over dating losers like her last boyfriend Vlad, a cop with a chip on his shoulder the size of Te [...]

    18. Book provided in exchange for honest review.I found this to be a refreshing and entertaining romance, with a few laugh out loud moments made even better because it's written by a man, who manages to make the story romantic without going all flowery and mushy.Both Cedric and Ellie have issues in their past that have unconsciously manifested themselves into their present behaviors: Cedric hasn't been in a relationship in over 2 years, and Ellie is obsessed with punctuality. After Ellie saves Cedri [...]

    19. I absolutely love this romantic comedyI have a new favorite author!!! Never read a book by this author before & reading reviews from other people I realize that it's his first book so let me just say Congratulations and well done you've written an awesome book!!! Cedric, Tony and Ellie are a hoot when they're interacting with each other you'll be laughing and giggling all the way through the book. It's a great romantic comedy. All the other characters in this book were good as well. The auth [...]

    20. This was a sweet and funny debut novel. I found myself laughing at nearly every page. Tony was a riot and I would totally be his friend. I did find Ellie to be a bit too focused on her list and at times she seemed a bit too frigid. However, once you know her full story it all makes a little bit more sense. The guys she met through the Internet dating site were hilarious and I can't help but wonder if this is what Internet dating is really like. I absolutely loved Cedric!! He was sweet, polite an [...]

    21. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This book is a very entertaining read that is hard to put down. What drew me to the book was that it was about an attractive garlic farmer. This had me chuckling and I was hoping the book would be as light humored and interesting as the description. I was definitely not disappointed. I loved the story. It was cute, funny, with a little bit of suspense. It made me smile, made me chuckle, and made me cry. I loved the attraction between a libra [...]

    22. This review was originally posted on karaneleniWARNING: Listen to (or read) this book when you're able to laugh hysterically. NOT when you're at work. I listened over the course of a few days and found myself covering my mouth and silently laughing several times.This story is absolutely amazing. You will need to be able to stomach some witty and "creative" language with no holds barred conversation between the characters. Personally, I loved it. But I'm twisted and immature, and this is right up [...]

    23. Finally a love story so real we can truly wish it for ourselves! There was so much to love about this book: A good love story with great characters, great dialogue, and parts that made me laugh out loud. Typically, a love story starts off with the female lead and all about her life, then we get introduced to her male lead and learn just enough about him to understand why they should be together. Not in this book! We start off with the male lead, Cedric, and get an idea of who he is right away. T [...]

    24. 3.5 stars I liked the story but it seemed a little drawn out to me. This story is about Ellie, a librarian and Cedric, a garlic entrepreneur(no lie). Honestly I had no idea garlic was such a thriving business but I am all for it! Ellie and Cedric are both rather socially awkward and I found that very endearing. Ellie and her constant 'pickles' was adorable. Cedric and his loyal Tofu were also very sweet. This book didn't have a lot of angst which was refreshing, even though there was Vlad drama. [...]

    25. This book was really different from my regular reads. But cute and amazing none the less. Ellie and Cedric have so many things in common. 1) they both are great at their careers. 2) both are so dang stubborn. 3) both are truly outstanding people3) both were very close to the only family they have left.Cedric was a very rich man. But, refreshingly, he wasn't an alpha male or arrogant. He was sweet as can be in all sensed. He showed emotion and even got nervous! ( I know right! REFRESHING)Ellie, s [...]

    26. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. ‘Five Minutes Late’ by Rich Amooi is a romantic comedy. Cedric is not looking for any type of relationship. Ellie is looking to find a guy that she can go out on a second date with. The two meet on a street corner and it is awkward. Every time they meet after this is uncomfortable, but they still have the “hots” for each other. The best friends of the two main characters are extremely likeable and I often laughed out loud at the dial [...]

    27. Well, I am so glad I was able to download this one on my Kindle for free, because I'd be pissed as hell at myself if I'd actually paid for this. Empty characters, shallow storyline, ridiculous dialogue. There was no whimsy, no romance, and no connection between the lead characters, or between them and myself. And I'm not someone who is opposed to chick-lit. The problem with this isn't that it's chick-lit; it's that it is just plain bad. I only made it 31%, and that was my really trying to get in [...]

    28. 4/5This book was awesome. Ellie reminds me so much of me. I loved her and Cedric. The whole time reading this book I was laughing. Not the best thing to do when you have sleeping children around you lol.Fate throws them together time and again until they realize they should be together. But her ex does not want them togther.I defiantly think you should read this book. It is a hilarious romantic comedy!

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