Bowie on Bowie: Interviews and Encounters with David Bowie

David Bowie has been one of pop music s greatest interviewees since January 1972, when he famously risked career death by asserting to Melody Maker that he was gay Although he wasn t yet a big star, it was a groundbreaking moment And over the years, Bowie has failed to give an uninteresting interview It might be said that he has habitually used the media for his own endDavid Bowie has been one of pop music s greatest interviewees since January 1972, when he famously risked career death by asserting to Melody Maker that he was gay Although he wasn t yet a big star, it was a groundbreaking moment And over the years, Bowie has failed to give an uninteresting interview It might be said that he has habitually used the media for his own ends, but he has paradoxically also been searingly honest, declining to ever be coy about his ambitions, his private life, and even his occasional ennui Bowie on Bowie presents some of the best interviews Bowie has granted in his near five decade career Each interview traces a new step in his unique journey, successively freezing him in time as young novelty hit maker, hairy hippie, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, the Thin White Duke, plastic soul man, fragile Germanic exile, godfather of the New Romantics, eighties sellout, Tin Machinist, and, finally, permanently, artistically reborn beloved elder statesman of challenging popular music In all of these iterations he is remarkably articulate He is also preternaturally polite almost every interviewer remarks upon his charm The features in this book come from outlets both prestigious Melody Maker, Mojo, New Musical Express, Q, Rolling Stone and less well known The Drummer, Guitar, Ikon, Mr Showbiz In all cases, Bowie enables the reader to approach the nerve center of his ferociously creative and prolific output.
Bowie on Bowie Interviews and Encounters with David Bowie David Bowie has been one of pop music s greatest interviewees since January when he famously risked career death by asserting to Melody Maker that he was gay Although he wasn t yet a big star i

  • Title: Bowie on Bowie: Interviews and Encounters with David Bowie
  • Author: Sean Egan
  • ISBN: 9781569769775
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I think there are some artists that refuse to be understood. And its almost a waste of time to try to delve into their psyche and discover what "makes them tick" because they themselves don't even know. And if they did, why should they spell it out to everyone?Bowie is an artist, first and foremost. He thinks like an artist, performs like an artist and is ever changing like an artist. While reading this biography, Vincent Van Gogh kept coming to mind. If you've ever read Van Gogh's letters to hi [...]

    2. This was a very good book, BUT the ARC was SUPER difficult to read because none of the interviews had end punctuation. I had to be a reading detective to determine where sentences began and ended. There was capitalization, but sometimes proper names or "I" is used in the middle of a sentence, which would throw me off. I was reading a different book while reading this one and I had to actually stop looking for the end of sentences in it, as the punctuation was provided in that book!Other than tha [...]

    3. Una raccolta di interviste tratte da varie riviste musicali che coprono il periodo della carriera di Bowie dagli inizi fino al 2003. Le interviste sono più o meno riuscite, ma le ho trovate apprezzabili in quanto trattano del processo creativo sia durante la scrittura che in sala di registrazione, dei pessimi rapporti che possono esserci tra musicista e case discografiche e delle interessanti e innumerevoli collaborazioni intrecciate nel corso dei decenni (soprattutto nel periodo migliore, i '7 [...]

    4. BOWIE ON BOWIE: Interviews and Encounters with David Bowie. (2015). Sean Egan. ***.From the front flap:“(This collection) presents some of the best interviews Bowie has granted in his near five-decade career. Each interview traces a new step in his unique journey, successfully freezes him in time as young novelty hit-maker, hairy hippie, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, The Thin White Duke, plastic soul man, fragile Germanic exile…and finally, permanently, artistically reborn beloved elder stat [...]

    5. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.To read these interviews from the mid-70s and onwards serves to remind us of this singular talent. Hearing in his own words about the evolution of his music and his creations Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane makes us appreciate this eccentric, gifted loner all over again. Not a performer to pander to any audience, he stays true to his creative motivations and keeps us entertained and appreciative. An encounter indeed!

    6. Read it in a single day-- I thought such a large collection of interviews might take me longer, because even with my love for Bowie, it's just not the sort of thing I normally binge-read, and I was sure I'd find myself itching to put it down and reach for some short fiction Not so! I devoured it over the course of the afternoon, and felt a brand new level of appreciation for some of the phases of his career. I laughed, I cried, it changed my life (or at least the amount of time I would go on to [...]

    7. Having not been very familiar with David Bowie prior to his death (of course I was aware of him and had heard a song or two, but I was unable to provide any real additional info), this book was a peek inside the mind of a purveyor of the odd. Some of the interviews did not really add any information to the man, but his conversational style was enjoyable nonetheless. David Bowie encouraged us to be weird and go against what social norms were expected of us. If you're an old fan or a new one, this [...]

    8. The interviews provided good insight into the mind(s) of Bowie. He presents as intelligent and articulate. He's something of a philosopher of life, art and culture; not at all like the glam rock/pop image that I had in my head prior to reading this collection. Not surprisingly, there is considerable repetition as interviewers cover similar ground.

    9. This review is a first for me. I am going to review two books, but I decided to review them together, at the suggestion of my wife, Stacy, who came up with the idea. I am blessed by that fact that she is not only my wife, but someone canny enough to see that putting these two books together gives me a rare opportunity; this review can not only inform you about these books, but can also tell you a bit about the artists who inspired them. So, here are two books, as different as night and day, abou [...]

    10. I won my copy of this book through a giveaway. I usually find collections of interviews a bit tedious, but despite the almost unavoidable repetitiveness in this book, it was surprisingly readable. Sure, every interviewer wants David Bowie to talk about the same parts of his life, so that you get his perspectives on his 1970's albums and shows when they are new, and in every few interviews for the rest of his life. After he had his bad drugs experience, that became one of the stories everyone ha [...]

    11. I love reading celebrity interviews. Not the tripe you find in the rag mags, the "close friend of" articles. I mean actual sit down interviews about projects. I used to subscribe to Interview magazine, where actors and artists were interviewed by friends or colleagues. The questions were interesting, intriguing, and never were the words "How's your sex life?" uttered. On top of that, I am a huge music buff. When I subscribed to Rolling Stone magazine, back in the day when I actually listened to [...]

    12. A few week's before Bowie passed away I was listening heavily to Space Oddity and Hunky Dory. A couple songs caught my ear and I began realizing how much I didn't really know about Bowie. I reserved this book at that time. A couple week's later Black Star was released and I was intrigued with several of the lyrics on the new release - in particular how they tied back to some of his early musings on vinyl. The Saturday of the weekend Bowie died I picked up this book. And then upon the news I dove [...]

    13. I originally received this book from the publisher via Netgalley over a year ago, and unfortunately put off reading it for far too long. It wasn’t until David Bowie passed away at the beginning of the year that I picked it up, and I’ve been reading these interviews off and on ever since.Each interview provides readers with a look into who David Bowie was as both an artist and a person, and the articles span several decades–from 1969 to 2003 to be exact. Most of Bowie’s most famous interv [...]

    14. I've got this book from my love for the last Christmas. At that time Bowie was alive and well (or so we thought). On the same day I found a great copy of Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) on vinyl. It is one of the records that stayed with me from the first moment I've heard it. It also has not one but two of the songs I could listen to on continuous repeat: Ashes To Ashes and Up the Hill Backwards! I had not started to read the book immediately as we were travelling and it is not exactly slim. [...]

    15. "I really think I should have done more for gnomes. I always felt a bit guilty that I just put my feet into the water, and never sort of dived into the deep end. I really could have produced a new sensibility for the garden gnome in Britain. Gnomes should have been explored more deeply."

    16. Given the fact that I have been a David Bowie fan for half my life, I am very sad to say that I could not stand this book. I anticipated a collection of published interviews that would help me learn more about a beloved musical icon. Instead, what I got was something that was so mentally grating that I ended up just skimming the majority of it, and after the first few chapters, began completely skipping the overly pretentious introductions. It's so poorly constructed as to make it nearly unreada [...]

    17. Bowie on Bowie by Sean Egan is a free NetGalley ebook that I began reading on Saturday in early March. Similar to the Candy Darling bio, I chose to request this book due to watching a documentary called 5 Years.Though this book covers a broader spanse of time than the documentary does, it alternates between published interviews and articles about Bowie and interpretations of said articles; a lot like how someone would create a scrapbook, but the author's interpretations contain no periods and ba [...]

    18. Bowie interviews from the 70's-00's.He truly made me lol several times. Sweet, endearing AF, and so interesting.I also didn't know how much of a tech Bowie was.Seriously, he had his own internet provider named Bowienet since the early 90's.I was still trolling on AOL oblivious to what truly mattered.He was also my height, which just makes my ego swell right up.

    19. A must-read for any Bowie-phile. 400+ pages and 32 print interviews spanning his career from the last 60s to the early 2000s. Best quote: "His mismatched eyes are indeed disconcertinge one that is permanently dilated says to your subconscience, 'You're fascinating, I want to sleep with you'; the other, contracted, signals, 'You bore me, worm.' "

    20. When David Bowie died, I couldn’t stop listening to his music on repeat. This collection of interviews provides the context for his work. It’s a pretty cool cover-to-cover read. You get a real feeling of, not only how much his music and image changed over time, but also a unique quality of consistency despite a constantly changing sound and aesthetic.

    21. These interviews were just as fantastic as you'd expect from Bowie, but I'm giving this 3 stars for the lack of background and odd distribution through time. I mean you get passed Tin Machine and still have half the book left! And it only goes to 2003!

    22. An entertaining and insightful selection of interviews with Bowie throughout his career up until about 2003. Great read!

    23. Fascinating as the man himself, this glimpse into the evolution of his art over the decades was a good read.

    24. A timely bookI started reading this about a month or two before Mr. Bowie's death. As I finished it today, it showed a true face of a true artist.

    25. Hard-core Bowie fans will love this though I felt some of the latter interviews went over familiar ground (the whole retrospective from Ziggy era).

    26. Very interesting. It's a collection of Bowie interviews from his Space Oddity days to the mid-aughts, and you get to see the ch-ch-changes he went through and what remained the same.

    27. I decide to read about David Bowie after hearing about him passing away. Since I have a lot of his CD's, I knew I needed to see if the library's have any books on David Bowie.

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