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  1. I've been intrigued by the Lowell-Hardwick-Blackwood mythos since a couple winters ago, when I first read Hardwick's Sleepless Nights and Blackwood's Never Breathe a Word. Strangely, although Lowell is the glue that links the other two, he has always been the member of the love triangle who interested me the least, perhaps because in my youth I internalized the not-quite-true idea that Lowell was just some stodgy Boston brahmin, the antithesis of my long-time hero, the spontaneous New York sprit [...]

  2. Maybe that’s the thing with classics. You know you’ll get back to them in a different phase of life, and with a different perspective.

  3. THE DOLPHIN is a collection of 14-line "love poems" by Robert Lowell published in 1973. At the time Lowell was writing these poems, a great storm was going on in his personal life, as he had left his wife Elizabeth Hardwick and their teenager daughter Harriet behind in New York and gone to London to live with Lady Caroline Blackwood. His relationship with these three forms the subject matter of the poems in THE DOLPHIN.I don't particularly like Robert Lowell's poetry in general here. The man was [...]

  4. I liked this collection of poems better than Life Studies. The poems were looser because although they were sonnets, they weren't the formal types that he wrote earlier in his poetry. They were more friendly, although I feel like all Lowell's poems have a stuffiness to them.Adrienne Rich called this book “one of the most vindictive and mean-spirited acts in the history of poetry.” Lowell used direct quotes from his ex-wife Elizabeth Hardwick's private letters to him. It is pretty selfish of [...]

  5. Picked this up randomly from the library after reading bits of Lowell's Life Studies. It's a pretty obscure collection, I enjoyed it despite not being much of a poetry person. While it's different from Life Studies, this collection further builds upon Lowell's tradition as a confessional poet.

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