9 1/2 Narrow: My Life in Shoes

A funny, poignant coming of age memoir told through the shoes that she wore From baby booties to orthopedic brogues and all the high and low heels in between shoes mark important rites of passage, reminding us of both the good and bad times the road not taken, the prince that got away, the missed opportunities, the traveling, the fun Most of all, they bring to mind thA funny, poignant coming of age memoir told through the shoes that she wore From baby booties to orthopedic brogues and all the high and low heels in between shoes mark important rites of passage, reminding us of both the good and bad times the road not taken, the prince that got away, the missed opportunities, the traveling, the fun Most of all, they bring to mind the people we ve loved and sometimes lost along the way.Combining tidbits of cultural history, Morrisroe chronicles her life as a bullied Catholic schoolgirl in Moby Dick brogues a besotted college student in granny boots an aspiring journalist in Annie Hall oxfords a skeptical bride in her first Manolos a reluctant fashionista in towering peep toe pumps and a concerned daughter, whose elderly mother hoped that her New Balance sneakers would help her regain her old balance With wit and compassion, she introduces us to an unforgettable cast of characters, from her grandfather, who treated the family to legendary foot rubs, to her husband, whose vast collection of vintage Puma sneakers threatened to overwhelm their apartment and derail their marriage.Morrisroe s coming of age is, at its heart, the story of a generation of women who ve enjoyed a world of freedom and opportunity that was unthinkable to their mothers Spanning five decades and countless footwear trends, 9 Narrow is, like Love, Loss and What I Wore, about how we remember important events through a coat, or a dress, or in this case, a Beatle boot or Confirmation wedgie With her charming sense of humor and irresistible voice, Morrisroe not only recounts her own story but also everywoman s Funny, candid and unexpectedly poignant, 9 Narrow is about how we grow up, grow older, and finally grow into our own shoes.
Narrow My Life in Shoes A funny poignant coming of age memoir told through the shoes that she wore From baby booties to orthopedic brogues and all the high and low heels in between shoes mark important rites of passage rem

  • Title: 9 1/2 Narrow: My Life in Shoes
  • Author: Patricia Morrisroe
  • ISBN: 9781592409242
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. No doubt this book caught my attention, yes the shoe factor pulled at me. I had to read this memoir to see for myself how Morrisroe incorporated shoes into revealing her life story. Let me say Morrisroe did a wonderful job with both. I’m a shoe diva so her clever blending of shoes in tandem with stages of her life from girlhood to the present was greatly appreciated.Humorous, touching the authoress provides a sincere glimpse into her life. Through the pains of childhood, adolescence, first lov [...]

    2. As I read the chapters in this book I couldn't help but reminisce on my own escapades. Morrisroe certainly provided plenty of moments for me to step back in time as I read of her experiences. Parochial school days, wearing Stride Rites to my own beloved pair of patent leather Maryjanes in black, my first love, yes I smiled and laughed as I journey along with Morrisroe.Morrisroe cleverly addresses the issue of shoe marketing pertaining to the high-end designer brands. Lots of tidbits on shoes in [...]

    3. I am no Carrie Bradshaw. If fact, I've never even seen an entire episode of Sex and the City. Nor am I a shoe fanatic. That's not to say I dislike shoes or don't enjoy a new pair, rather that I am not usually one to notice what is on other people's feet. (Unless it is flip-flops and your toes are unsightly and then, shudder, I will silently beg you to cover your feet the next time you are in public.) However, I am well aware, for a lot of women shoes are a very BIG thing. I may not fit this cate [...]

    4. Surprisingly funny and entertaining! It is delightful that the story is able to be told through a child's eyes without grown up self editing. You will enjoy many laugh out loud growing up stories that are relatable and family treasures. Mother daughter moments are especially poignant.

    5. I am not a shoe person. I don't really like to shop for shoes, and I usually wear the new ones I buy for many years. In fact, I still have a pair of Nikes from high school (and that's been about thirteen years). I'm not particularly active, so I don't wear shoes out quickly. All of that being said, I wasn't sure that I would like a non-fiction book about shoes, but as I read through the first few chapters, I realized Patricia's story isn't necessarily about shoes or buying shoes but the stories [...]

    6. Upon receipt of “9 ½ Narrow” by Patricia Morrisroe, I made a mental note to take greater care when clicking my way through and Library Thing’s Early Reviewers. Everything from the cover to the synopsis made me want to pretend I never received this. As a middle-aged man with a strong dislike for exposed feet and a shoe collection that includes exactly two pair of New Balance running shoes, I could not imagine making much progress with this thing. Wow, was I wrong! I couldn’t put this bo [...]

    7. A good book can solicit laughter, tears, wonder and reflection and Patricia Morrisroe accomplishes this in "9 1/2 Narrow: My Life in Shoes." In this story a woman's coming of age is told in rich detail both personal and in shoes. Each chapter centers around a specific shoe and how that shoe is symbolic of her life. The early chapters move quickly and I found myself smirking and laughing out loud at Patricia as she struggles with Catholic education, Only-Child-Syndrome, adolescence and puberty an [...]

    8. 9 1/2 Narrow: My Life in Shoes by Patricia Morrisroe is figuratively a walk in someone else's shoes. Ms. Morrisroe, an experienced journalist and author, has written a light-hearted, fun memoir and sprinkled it with a healthy dose of shoe trivia. Ms. Morrisroe walks us through recent history as well as her own. We travel in time with her wearing a different style of shoe in each chapter. Events and even the style of shoe will bring back memories for some of us.The interjection of shoe history an [...]

    9. Touching, funny and uplifting. The author tells the story of her life in terms of shoes she wore at each incident, and it's fascinating to realize just how symbolic a choice of footwear can be. I especially love the section when she wore a pair of fashion forward shoes at a new school to be cool only to discover that the popular girls were all wearing a completely different style -- the incident turns into the type of "mean girl" misunderstanding that must have been much more painful than the au [...]

    10. Anyone who grew up in the 1950's and '50's will relate to Patricia's charming memoir of her life lived through shoes. From her white Mary Janes to Bass Weejuns to Manolo Blahnik stilettos we follow her through the familiar passages of life.While I didn't grow up to write fro New York Magazine of Vanity Fair, I did recognize the scary Catholic school nuns, the mean girls in middle school, the longed for Villager skirt & sweater sets in high school and finally the sad duty of caring for aging [...]

    11. A charming, delightful read. I would not consider myself a shoe whore, but I will admit I had some thought provoking moments while reading this book. I too realized that I could remember particular shoes and or clothing that chronicled particular time periods, or events in my lifeI am close in age to this author, so much of what she writes about I can relate to.Patricia Morrisroe's 9 1/2 narrow My Life in Shoes was well written.I particularly enjoyed her research about shoes in our history. Than [...]

    12. Patricia Morrisroe's memoir, 9 1/2 Narrow: My Life in Shoes, is a delightful, entertaining read. We learn about Patricia's life through the shoes she has worn. A clever concept that I would think most women could relate to. The writing is quick and at times humorous as you see Patricia grow up from a young girl in love with white Mary Janes to a mature woman suffering from foot related issues such as plantar fasciitis and mourning the passing of a parent. Loves come and go in her life but of all [...]

    13. I enjoyed this memoir written by journalist Patricia Morrisroe. As a fellow shoe lover, and being close in age, using her memorable shoes as a device was appealing and fixed the memoir in time. Morrisroe takes us through grade school (Beatle boots!), junior high and high school (Weejuns and ghillies), and on through her college years and adult life. Along the way we meet her parents, grandfather, sisters, friends, boyfriends and husband. Morrisroe rose from an "average" life in Andover, MA to be [...]

    14. I am loving this book. Patricia Morrisroe is a superb writer, effortlessly transporting me to her childhood, getting to know her family and her schoolmates, and yes, making me feel like I'm there to see the shoes myself, as if they're right in front of me and a part of my history. Her storytelling is easy, and so far I'm having a great time reading it. Thank you, you've already lifted my mood every time I've picked this up.Maybe I haven't come to it yet, but I'd love to see pictures from these s [...]

    15. Most of the time when I read a memoir or autobiography I am struck by the overblown ego of the author. This is not the case here. This book really is a look at Ms. Morrisroe's life through the shoes she has worn and observed on others over the years and her experiences in them. It is not that she has led a particularly eventful life. She has not. Yet, I found the book both charming and for a fellow baby boomer a look back at similar shared observations and feelings right up to the present when t [...]

    16. Has something ever nudged a memory in you - a song, a smell, a pair of shoes? Well this is Patricia's romp through her life starting with her first love - a pair of white Mary Janes at age 7. Each stage of her life was accompanied by unique footwear. Whether struggling with bullies at Catholic school, deciding which high school to attend, boys, travel,jobs - they were all marked with shoes that were in style. Comfort vs fashion, trend setting vs who cares. The author will having you laughing and [...]

    17. Patricia Morrisroe weaves an interesting and engaging tale of her life from the viewpoint of her shoes in this funny, thought-provoking novel. While I am not all that into shoes myself, I felt drawn to 9 1/2 Narrow: My Life in Shoes because it presented something different than most other "coming of age" stories, and I like different. Being a visual person, I wish that the author would have included pictures of her shoes because that helps carry the imagery described in her story to a new (even [...]

    18. A fun romp through a life of shoes, Patricia Morrisroe's memoir details her life, examining first loves, career challenges, and unexpected moments of heartache and loss. I laughed in some places and cried in others. Although I couldn't relate to her on a personal level when it came to her love of shoes (I didn't fall in love with shoes until my 30's), many of her stories did bring back memories. Morrisroe also inserted cultural histories of some of the shoes she fell in love with, yet her mini h [...]

    19. Loved this book! Each chapter talked about a pair of shoes that represented a time in the author's life. The author's voice was genuine, funny, somber, and inquisitive (probably the journalist side coming out) at times. She didn't shy away from the hard things she faced, but also shared hilarious anecdotes too. In fact, I laughed out loud many times while reading this, which was many times more than I did reading Mindy Kaling's book. Neat approach to a memoir.

    20. Patricia Morrisroe has made a clever choice with this memoir: she uses the shoes she was wearing at the time of different life events as signposts/markers, and opportunities to talk about what was happening at the time. From her fondness for white patent Mary Janes in grammar school to confirmation wedge heels and beyond, Morrisroe talks about her life events in a way that brings readers right into the family.This is an entertaining memoir about life and love and style. I enjoyed it.

    21. It is rare for me to read at book that literally has me laughing out loud until I had tears in my eyes but this one did. At the same time it tugged at my heartstrings. This book resonated with me on many levels. Maybe it is because I think Patricia Morrisroe and I are around the same age, maybe it is because we both were raised Catholic and went to Catholic schools, or maybe because our family situations were somewhat similar. What a talented author and a wonderful read!

    22. This book is delightful! A memoir, the author traces events in her life extending from her childhood in the fifties and the tumultuous sixties to the present time. The title refers to her shoe size, as she intersperses her stories between stories of the culture of shoes. This creative approach is fascinating but the book is far more comprehensive than a discussion of shoe fashion. It is "laugh-out-loud" funny in some places, and tender and poignant in others.

    23. I really enjoyed this book. I took it with me to read while waiting for various appointments and it always prompted conversation among women. Every woman remembers special shoes and the story around them. Also, I connected especially since we are basically the same age and I also grew up on the east coast.It was all around a good read! I wish I had thought of it!

    24. This is a good read for anyone that loves shoes and life stories. Patricia's story is funny, adventurous, and heartbreaking at times. The only thing I didn't enjoy about it was some parts seemed to drag out a little. Otherwise, I thought it was a great story and I learned a lot about the history of different types of shoes.

    25. I received this book as a First Reads book. I thoroughly enjoyed 9 1/2 Narrow!!! Patricia is a fantastic writer. I feel that anyone of any age can relate to this book. We all have something special that brings back memories and I LOVE that her something special is shoes! This is definitely an author I will be adding to my list!

    26. This started out a little rough, but really opened up as the author began to talk more about her family and how shoes fit into that dynamic. Good read - now I want to go back and read her book on insomnia.

    27. Cute book. Who doesn't love shoes? The author is funny, a good storyteller, and has great facts to throw in about shoes, the history of shoes, etc. It's fun and we can all relate, at some level. This would be a good beach read when you're looking for something other than your typical beach read.

    28. This book was great. I love how the author mixed in humor and facts with her memories growing up. Even though I was not around during the Beatles era I can still relate to shoes stirring up childhood memories. I think we all can relate. This is a super quick read and very enjoyable.

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