A Classic Christmas Crime

A great Christmas gift for mystery lovers, this book brings together a lethal collection of 13 original mysteries by P.D James, Simon Brett, Susan Moody and others A cozy collection of yule tidings gone wrong Publishers Weekly.
A Classic Christmas Crime A great Christmas gift for mystery lovers this book brings together a lethal collection of original mysteries by P D James Simon Brett Susan Moody and others A cozy collection of yule tidings go

  • Title: A Classic Christmas Crime
  • Author: Tim Heald Margaret Yorke Simon Brett Robert Barnard Catherine Aird David Williams Nicole Swengley Mike Seabrook
  • ISBN: 9780425171516
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “A Classic Christmas Crime”

    1. This is an excellent collection of classic Mistry tales, especially written to celebrate the Golden age of mystery. I love classic mysteries, and most of these tales were new to me. Reading it felt like opening a Christmas package of goodies sent by a favorite aunt and savoring every bite.

    2. A nice mix of crime stories from some of the big names in that genre. I always enjoy work by Catherine Aird & Robert Barnard but I particularly liked "Mugs" by Margaret Yorke & in Tim Heald's "Operation Christmas" I looked forward to seeing as to who & how the dastardly deed would be done to the obnoxious Alfredo White! Simon Brett's "Political Correctness" made me smile thinking about how many of the old fashioned whodunnits (Agatha Christie probably a prime candidate indeed as the [...]

    3. If you are a fan of mysteries, , you'll probably like this collection of thirteen Christmas tales with a classic feel to them. The selections are so varied that you probably won't enjoy them all, but the writing is excellent throughout. The collection contains stories from many top mystery writers including PD James, Robert Barnard, Simon Bret, and many others. Simon Brett's "Political Corrections," about an editor who finds fault with just about every word of a 1930's manuscript, was probably m [...]

    4. Completed 1/2/2009:PD James' "The Mistletoe Murder" [***:] and Catherine Aird's "Gold, Frankincense and Murder" [***:]; look forward to picking it up again next Christmas.Completed 12/12/2009:Simon Brett's "Political Corrections" [*****:] satirically, satisfyingly funny w/one heck of an ending.Currently Reading:TO BE READ:Mugs by Margaret YorkeAnd Broke His Crown by David WilliamsBearing Gifts by Nicole SwengleySeason of Goodwill by Mike SeabrookMore than Flesh & Blood by Susan MoodyThe Proo [...]

    5. "From 'a lovely P. D. James story with a body in the library and footsteps in the snow' (London Times) to 'David Williams's straight-faced clerical whodunit to Robert Barnard's Waspish theatrical anecdote to Susan Moody's chilling hunt among a doomed family's skeletons; and Simon Brett's archly inventive tale of publishing fraud, which like all the best parodies, builds on the tradition it skewers the range of atmospheres is impressive.' (Kirkus Reviews)"~~back coverI couldn't have said it bet [...]

    6. A collection of 13 tales of murder and intrigue. Some better than others but on the whole the perfect read for December as each story is only about 20 pages long and so does not take a lot of concentration and brilliant for dipping into whilst busy with preparations.

    7. I don't usually read short stories but this seemed appropriate for the time of year. It's a mixed bag with some stories very good while others make you wonder why they were even included. All in all a good way to pass the time/

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