Blue War

Over a decade ago Earth s Colonial Forces battled in a bloody war against the blue skinned Ha Jiin people Now, the hard won peace is about to crumble as the work of an Earth owned biotech corporation goes disastrously wrong It s up to Jeremy Stake to uncover the truth behind mysterious events, and prevent a new war from beginning
Blue War Over a decade ago Earth s Colonial Forces battled in a bloody war against the blue skinned Ha Jiin people Now the hard won peace is about to crumble as the work of an Earth owned biotech corporation

  • Title: Blue War
  • Author: Jeffrey Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781844165322
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. In this loose sequel to Thomas's Deadstock, Punktown private investigator Jeremy Stake returns to the extra dimensional world of Sinan, where his people previously fought a war against the dominant Ha Jiin nation, a race of blue-skinned humanoids, to uncover the secrets behind a strange replica of his home city, which is consuming the expansive blue forest. Blue War explores numerous fascinating concepts including cutting edge biotech, interdimensional travel, and an alien culture that seems bot [...]

    2. It can be pretty gross at times, but it also has a beautiful setting.Not a story for everyone, but if you're okay with a dose of the disturbing this book has a lot of very intriguing locales and situations. As I recall the plot occasionally felt like a stereotypical private detective story, but the most obvious of these moments tended to be overshadowed by the alien methods through which they were conveyed, be it through the futuristic technology or otherwise.This is the only Punktown novel I've [...]

    3. This is one of the more underrated science fiction novels, managing to embed an interesting discussion on the meaning of identity in a framework blending SF with horror.opionator.wordpress/2009/0

    4. Blue War was an OK book, but not great. It's very cliched, with a hokum plot about interdimensional travel and aliens who strangely similar to humans. Entertaining enough, but not a book that will change your life. One to borrow or get from the library rather than buy.

    5. My first read of a (sort of) Punktown novel. A great mix of military SF, and transdimensional Lovecraftian weirdness.

    6. Great book! All the Punktown books/stories are great. I want more.Isn't it curious how the film Avatar was released AFTER this book was printed?

    7. This was a good book, but nothing special. The writing was solid and the characters were believable. I hadn't read anything set in Punktown before this so I wasn't familiar with that setting or the characters but it didn't seem to matter. The book is about a private detective who goes back to a planet where he fought a war several years earlier in order to find out what is causing a runaway nanotech replica of his home city to appear (the nanotech was supposed to build a local village). The whol [...]

    8. If you love Jeffrey Thomas's Punktown, like me, you will love this book. If you have never read any of Jeffrey Thomas's Punktown stories, this is a great place to start and get hooked. And if you have never read any Jeffrey Thomas you have NO idea what you're missing, and I say get to it! This is a great one to start with. Punktown is a metropolis where humans and beings from other worlds and dimensions all reside together. It is a place full of darkness and mystery, with frequent shades of myth [...]

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