Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto, Vol. 1

First year high school student Sakamoto isn t just cool, he s the coolest Almost immediately after starting school, he began attracting everyone s attention The girls love him, and most of the boys resent him There s even a boy in the class who works as a model, but who is constantly upstaged by Sakamoto No matter what tricks the other boys try to play on him, SakamotoFirst year high school student Sakamoto isn t just cool, he s the coolest Almost immediately after starting school, he began attracting everyone s attention The girls love him, and most of the boys resent him There s even a boy in the class who works as a model, but who is constantly upstaged by Sakamoto No matter what tricks the other boys try to play on him, Sakamoto always manages to foil them with ease and grace Though Sakamoto may seem cool and aloof, he helps others when asked, such as in the case of the boy in his class who was being constantly bullied No matter what difficulties Sakamoto encounters, he moves through his high school life with confidence and class
Haven t You Heard I m Sakamoto Vol First year high school student Sakamoto isn t just cool he s the coolest Almost immediately after starting school he began attracting everyone s attention The girls love him and most of the boys re

  • Title: Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto, Vol. 1
  • Author: Nami Sano
  • ISBN: 9781626921962
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This is a series about aGARY STU. A perfect high school student: smart in school subjects, great at sports, streetwise, attractive, and proficient in anything.But unlike most of Gary Stu stories, in this story, you can see the author's intention for a non-serious humor stories of the main character. There is no character development for Sakamoto himself, but that's intentional. Excitingly, there are character development for antagonists or for Sakamoto's friends.There is no one correct way to te [...]

    2. So this is a manga about a Gary Stu taken to 11 and played for laughs. Everyone is trying to one-up Sakamoto, the sexiest, smartest, strongest, and generally most perfect guy in school. Needless to say, he's so perfect that all attempts to bring him down do not result in Sakamoto being knocked down a peg but with the "opponent" becoming yet another fanboy/fangirl.This was funny for the first chapter or two, but then the concept just wore on me after a while. It's one thing if it's an ongoing gag [...]

    3. --- I'm Sakamoto, You Know? 1-? ---Plot: Interconnected Episodic (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Penokohan: Sakamoto is love, Sakamoto is life. Yes, he's an ALIEN! “ψ(`∇´)ψ //bukan //lhe.Gambar: Ok.Sakamoto itu tidak hanya keren, tapi SANGAT - K E R E N ! ✧・゚: *✧・゚Ia menyelesaikan berbagai masalah dan tekanan dari murid-murid lain dengan cara yang TIDAK KALAH KEREN! Dengan penampilan yang memabukkan dan jurus-jurusnya yang tak terbantahkan indahnya, Sakamoto siap menyelesaikan kasus tidak [...]

    4. I saw an article on ANN about this manga, and that people apparently wanted an anime adaptation of it.I can honestly say, I have no clue what I just read. It was confusing, odd, weird and the art was also pretty strange at times. I had times I laughed, and there were times that I enjoyed the story, but all in all, I don't think I will be reading more of this one, or watching it should it ever get an anime adaptation.The main problem is just the weird story line, the apparent superhero that is Sa [...]

    5. More like 2.5. MaybeRead till chapter 12.I still don't know what to make of this manga. It is funny, but like, creepily funny. It is like Sakamoto is some kind of demon, more specifically, like a mix between Sebastian and William from Kuroshitsuji. He is extremely good looking (looks very much like William) and does all these awesome things, not to show off, but because he is interested in them. Pretty much like Sebastian. Like in this chapter where he is the gofer of a bully, and not because Sa [...]

    6. This is "what the hell is this" kind of joke. I expected some Nozaki-kun silly joke and I got the weirdest joke one high school boy could come up. Plus Sakamoto is like Hyosoka (HxH) what with all his strange poses, CREEPY level 100, less killing intentions ofc xD

    7. كأني كبرت على المانغا كنت استمتع بها في السابق مع اني اريد ان اعرف ماذا سيحدث لساكوموتو واعجبتني شخصيته ساكمل المتابعة علمت لكل سن ذائقة قراءة معينة مع انا المانغا للكبار والصغار

    8. With no introduction, and a style more commonly used for "serious" stories, it is not immediately obvious that Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto is a comedy. Once you recognize its straightfaced humour though, the oddness can be accepted. Sakamoto has near godlike abilities, beauty, and generosity, he is perfect in about every single way. Some rely on him, others try to take him down, but in all instances, he deftly solves problems, and outwits his would-be opponents. So far, the episodic content [...]

    9. Sakamoto is the new kid in school. And he's Mary Poppins and Batman combined -- practically perfect in every way with skills that border on supernatural but are most likely things he has trained himself to do. All the girls adore him; all the guys hate him. They band together to destroy him but, of course, Sakamoto outwits them at every turn. He even manages to recruit a sidekick - Kubotakun. He's a "fat boy" that the bullies have been tormenting - Sakamoto teaches him how to take care of himsel [...]

    10. ~~~ Review reread 8 Oktober 2015 ~~~Sakamoto ini cowok yang nyaris sempurna ya. Divolume 1 inti ceritanya hanya tentang kesempurnaan Sakamoto, karena dia bisa menanggulangi semua masalah dengan cara yang (ppffttt) itu dia jadi cowok yang istimewa tapi kepribadiannya jadi membosankan. Karena masih volume 1, jadi belum muncul konflik yang berarti.¤ ekspresi cewek2nya waktu berteriak terasa berlebihan¤ aneh juga teman sekelasnya tidak tahu nama kecil Sakamoto, biasanya dikertas absen kan ada¤ te [...]

    11. Sakamoto is too good to be true.Ini pasti alien yang sedang belajar di dunia manusia #teorisotoy

    12. This is another manga where I watched the entire anime first. I received this volume as a Christmas gift from a close friend and I’m very happy to have it! I can tell you that the anime so far is an almost exact adaptation of the manga. As far as volume 1 goes, there’s not much at all that is different. The jokes are the same and just as funny, the weirdness, the characters, you’ll recognize it all if you watched the anime first. You’ll probably also be spoiled by the anime like I was. T [...]

    13. Not gonna lieI was a little nervous when I saw the art style for this series. The anime is one of my all-time favorites--certainly the funniest series I've seen this year--but the art was completely different between the anime and manga, and I worried that some of the "character" of the series would be lost between the two. I needn't have worried--this was comedy gold!If you liked the anime, you should definitely check this out. And the same goes the other way. If you enjoyed this book, go check [...]

    14. Well. It starts out funny but the joke just wears thin too quickly. Having a Gary Stu as your protagonist can work, but Maybe it worked better serialized rather than bound into one volume.(Also I don't dig the art style, personal quibble.)

    15. SakamotoVarias historias escolares donde Sakamoto logra sobresalir o vencer los contratiempos mostrándose siempre por encima de la situación y en extrema calma. Algunas divertidas otras no tanto, lectura ligera de ocasión.3 stars

    16. Básicamente un chico un tanto misántropo, intelectual y fuerte contra las dificultades que se presentan en la escuela, buen dibujo y diálogos jocosos, contiene muchas referencias de lo que está a la vanguardia en Japón, pero no ha sido de mis favoritos, aun así leería más volúmenes de ser posible.

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