Go to Sleep, Jessie!

If only Jessie would lie down If only she would go to sleep But nothing will settle her except maybe a little sisterly know how.
Go to Sleep Jessie If only Jessie would lie down If only she would go to sleep But nothing will settle her except maybe a little sisterly know how

  • Title: Go to Sleep, Jessie!
  • Author: Libby Gleeson Freya Blackwood
  • ISBN: 9781742977805
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Baby sister won't sleep. Screaming and screaming. Big sister goes downstairs to tell mum. Then dad. This happened more than once. Big sister was cranky and thought baby should move out of their shared bedroom. Mum and dad said that would make her sad. Dad even drove her around the block a lot of times to put her to sleep. She still screamed. Big sister climbed into the cot and lots of sleep was had. All's well that ends well.

    2. Jessie has been moved into the same bedroom as her big sister and she’s not particularly happy about it. In fact, she’s crying – a lot – and keeping her big sister awake.This is a really sweet story which might be familiar to those of us who are older siblings who had to share rooms. Although my younger sister was only as bad as Jessie on one occasion (and we were sharing a hospital room, so it’s kind of understandable), I totally sympathised with the older sister and her attempts to c [...]

    3. I can imagine this book being included in a dress up corner, with children role playing Jessie, the older sibling and the parents. Libby Gleeson's text and Freya Blackwood's illustrations provide a chance for kids to learn about problem solving, role play, sense of identity and many other valuable areas of the Early Years Learning Framework.For a full Educational Review head to my website.abcjenny/2015/06/06/go-to-I wish both Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood good luck in the 2015 CBCA Book Awar [...]

    4. Baby Jessie is screaming and her big sister would really like her to stop. Written from the point of view of the sister over one evening, Gleeson and Blackwood offer a family snapshot that most of us can relate to. And they do it so beautifully! Go to Sleep Jessie! captures the essence of families, siblings and babies – frustration and love. The text is sparse and rich while the gentle illustrations are brimming with detail and emotion. This book is truly exquisite.Read a longer review here: p [...]

    5. Once again, I can't get past Freya's gorgeous and clever illustrations I don't think the storyline is brilliant, but the pictures lift it, and it is a story that many children (and parents) would relate to.

    6. Masterful Gleeson and Blackwood. I was totally engaged. It rang completely true. Colours lovely and zingy but mellow as well. I loved the little square vignettes showing a series of actions. Most subtle and effective.

    7. A little girl has to share her bedroom with her younger sister - a child who doesn't like to sleep. Gentle story about a very real situation. Freya Blackwood's illustrations are outstanding

    8. Een redelijk schattig boek. Ik vond het einde leuk en ik zat echt awww te gaan. :D Illustraties zijn best OK.

    9. A sweet story about not being able to go to sleep as there is a baby in your room making noise.

    10. An accessible and relatable story for many children with siblings, especially anyone who has had to share a bedroom. A heart-warming family read-aloud.

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