Confessions of a Heretic: The Sacred and the Profane: Behemoth and Beyond

Rebellion is a part of youth Sometimes it s dangerous Instead of a sword, I hold a guitar in my hands I m in the same, rigid world but instead of Molotov cocktails, I ve got a computer It s a much powerful weapon Confessions Of A Heretic is the forthright and erudite memoir of the front man and driving force behind the Polish heavy metal group Behemoth, currentl Rebellion is a part of youth Sometimes it s dangerous Instead of a sword, I hold a guitar in my hands I m in the same, rigid world but instead of Molotov cocktails, I ve got a computer It s a much powerful weapon Confessions Of A Heretic is the forthright and erudite memoir of the front man and driving force behind the Polish heavy metal group Behemoth, currently at the top of their game following the release of their 2014 US Top 40 album The Satanist.Presented as a series of interrogations by friends and associates, the book reveals a complex man of great contrast a health conscious, highly personable intellectual known for his extreme views and even extreme music lifting the lid on everything from his clashes with the Polish Catholic church to appearing as a judge on the Polish edition of The Voice to his recent battle with leukemia.
Confessions of a Heretic The Sacred and the Profane Behemoth and Beyond Rebellion is a part of youth Sometimes it s dangerous Instead of a sword I hold a guitar in my hands I m in the same rigid world but instead of Molotov cocktails I ve got a computer It s a much pow

  • Title: Confessions of a Heretic: The Sacred and the Profane: Behemoth and Beyond
  • Author: Adam Nergal Darski Mark Eglinton D. Randall Blythe
  • ISBN: 9781908279750
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. First off, let me be honest: I don't like black metal, there's not one single black metal record I enjoy. You see, I'm an old-school metal-head, I like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Riot, Accept, Armored Saint, Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, Anthrax, Manowar, Dio, Ozzy, etc. that sort of stuff, y'know. But when it comes to the more extreme stuff, thrash metal is where I'll draw the line, meaning I won't go anywhere beyond Exodus, Death Angel, Overkill and Testament. Why? I like to sing along [...]

    2. Yesterday I was hanging out at The Best Dive BeerBar in town (I had an Ola Dubh) ;; and whose bartender there tends to be a HUGE Behemoth fan. She rec'd this bit by/about Nergal and so The Significant and I took a gander at it here on thanks to the advances in mobil=devices over the past two decades or so. And I heard myself utter unto The Significant ;; The reviews are in several different languages (because, you know, Nergal himself is Polish and the whole Metal Scene is so international that [...]

    3. i went to see behemoth when they came to athens, and i didn't know them basically at all. i spontaneously decided to go and was blown off my feet. the show was absolutely fantastic and this sparked a behemoth craze for me. i plunged into a music genre, that until now had been a bit too extreme for me, but i forced myself to listen now with a more open heart and DANG, i love it. fuck, i love behemoth. so i decided to read nergal's book as well and i must say it was just great. i cannot be objecti [...]

    4. Confessions of a Heretic is one of the most important additions to metal literature and a must read for anyone. Darski's philosophies on life, religion, metal and staring death in the face are refreshing, empowering and awe inspiring. A book full of true conviction, Nergal presents an array of experiences and thoughts embued with wisdom beyond his time. No quality has been lost between translations. Mark Eglinnton has done a phenomenal job at capturing the emotion and intent of Darski's every wo [...]

    5. Man, Behemoth was my first ever metal concert I went to and it was so raw! It was April 2005 in Tallinn, Estonia. The scene was fantastic.A colorful crowd had gathered. What really made the night was Behemoth. They were the epitome of harmony on stage, the definition of synchronicity in motion. I was in awe and couldn’t take my eyes off Nergal, or Orion (Orion became my own little crush- the icon of power and extremity in my eyes) the drummer had two people on either side waving long branches [...]

    6. Dobry wywiad. Czyta się jednym tchem i ciężko odejść do innej czynności. Niejako miałem wrażenie, że sam gawędzę z Adasiem przy kawie.W pierwszej chwili, gdy usłyszałem, że ta książka ma być wydana, podszedłem do pomysłu dość sceptycznie - czy po dobrej, dopiero co wydanej biografii coś takiego jest jeszcze potrzebne? Jak zwykle jednak zaufałem i nie zawiodłem się. Treść jest pełna i przemyślana. Rozmowa jest chaosem - to normalne, poukładano ją na tyle, na ile si [...]

    7. Uno de los libros que mas deseaba leer en lo que respecta a biografías o libros escritos por músicos es este trabajo editado originalmente en Polonia en el año 2012 y recién presentado en ingles por la Editorial Jaw Bone (los mismos que publicaron “My bloody roots – From Sepultura to Soulfly and beyond” de Max Cavalera), en esta oportunidad le toca a Adam Nergal Darski mente maestra de “Behemoth” banda de Black / Death Metal de Polonia, Nergal tiene mucho pero mucho que contar bien [...]

    8. я навіть трошки рада, що в росії зі шкандалями відмінили два їхні концерти, бо інакше до цієї книжки мені ще довго б не добратися. а так з'явився хороший привід дістати нарешті й прочитати – читається вона одним потоком; останні два дні це було перше, за що я бралася, прокинув [...]

    9. A view into the mind of this "madman", Adam Nergal Darski. It gives a good introduction to a man with clear and sometimes radical philosophies about life, death and everything in between. We get to know about his childhood in Poland, how he always despised religion, his introduction to music, his many girlfriends, his journey to the top of extreme metal, his unexpected venture into mainstream culture as a judge on The Voice of Poland, and his dealings with the paparrazi that followed it. We also [...]

    10. I was looking forward to reading this (and would have struggled my way through the Polish if there hadn't been an English version). All in all, it's a solid autobiography and a good look into the life/thoughts of somebody who has stirred up plenty of controversy. I'm not a huge Behemoth fan, but I've always felt that Darski came across as bright and interesting in his interviews (and in his lyrics). Why not 5 stars? First, the interview format is a little off-putting to me, as it means that ther [...]

    11. Czyżby ludzka twarz samego diabła? Sam nie wiem, ale z pewnością bardzo pozytywne zaskoczenie. Kupiłem ebooka w promocji, Behemota nawet nie słucham, a do samej lektury zbierałem się kilka miesięcy. Miałem wrażenie, że historia polskiej gwiazdy metalowej sceny, która w dzieciństwie chciała palić kościoły, będzie nudna jak flaki z olejem. Okazuje się jednak, że książkę czyta się naprawdę bardzo szybko. Napisana w formie dialogu, porusza bardzo dużo interesujących kwest [...]

    12. I'm not usually big on biographies unless they focus on musicians, actors, or other famous people whom I in some way admire, or whose interests I share. As such, any biographical work about a black metal musician would likely pique my interest, and while I wasn't familiar with Nergal (aka Adam Darski) beyond the fact that he fronted Behemoth, he was Polish, and he had battled leukemia, I was more than interested in hearing about his life and what he had to say."Confessions of a Heretic" did not [...]

    13. This book was very well written and easy to read because it was written as an interview. Very insightful and eye opening . Adam Nergal Darski is extremely smart and talented . This book gives you insight from many different aspects of his life . It even touches on the polish culture .

    14. I'm really glad I read this book. It was really inspiring to read from the perspective of someone who is simultaneously critical and passionate of the world and life around them. It is very rare for somebody to be aware of how brutally real the world can be, but still has a real love and drive for the life they have. The book itself worried me when I found it was entirely written in an interview narrative, as it seemed unfinished and fragmented. But halfway through I realized the intention, clea [...]

    15. The actual confessions of the heretic are unfortunately quite well buried under a pile of stale laundry uselessly aired in this interview-book, about what kind of coffee drinking habits Nergal has, his views on vegetarianism or what kind of girls he dates. Probably die-hard fan material, but quite boring for the regular nonbeliever drawn in by the whole apostasy and bible-burning Behemoth stuff.The interview format is quite annoying, especially since the questions are dumb and shallow, more ofte [...]

    16. This 300+ page interview tells the story of Black/Death Metal band Behemoth's front man, Nergal. Personally I didn't really get into Behemoth until I heard the story about Nergal's battle with Cancer. Fan of the genre or not, Nergal's story is one everyone should read if only to be inspired by the human spirit. Also it'll underline that most Metal fans are not scary and are in fact quite the opposite and are really awesome/caring and the most human to be around. Hell I even lent it to my mom to [...]

    17. This is one of those books you cannot put down so you read every chance you get and give up sleep as well. It was an intense read that really gives you a glimpse inside of Nergal's mind revealing an intelligent and insightful look at the world, his beliefs, and thoughts. This book also delves into his life to help us better understand who is now. From his Childhood, to his battle with cancer, Behemoth, and everything in between that Nergal has experienced, lived, and seen.

    18. The biography of Adam Nergal Darski, the frontman of renowned Polish black metal band Behemoth, is not so much your typical autobiography; it's constructed of series of interviews with Nergal's friends Krzysztof Azarewicz and Piotr Weltrowski, English translation was carried out by Mark Eglinton. And when I say the book is constructed of series of interviews, I mean that literally; the content is in interview format. There's a question delivered by the interviewers and Nergal gives his answer. S [...]

    19. During my times in high school and searching for things to identify with, I discovered extreme metal. One of the bands that just awed me with their musical prowess and lyricism was Behemoth. The band not only communicated with my most extreme emotions towards religion and society, but introduced me to other aspects of life that I never knew existed. It's because of this band, I know the few Latin meanings and learned more about European history before I even took collegiate level history classes [...]

    20. If we ever thought that Black Metal musicians were chaos only, Adam Nergal Darski shows us that even insanity on the artistic side has it's down-to-earth elements on the personal life of the artist. From the very first question Nergal's history and experiences captivate us to the point where we can somehow witness the moments as if we were standing next to Behemoth's vocalist. We are thrown into the author's childhood memories and furthermore his rebellious experiences during adolescence. Adam c [...]

    21. Don't read this book if you are a black metal or Behemoth fan. This literature is only for Nergal groupies imo. I had expected to learn more about the creative process behind Behemoth's songs and imagery, about the influence of the occult on their philosophy, about the history of the band and some behind-the-scenes stories.Unfortunately, I ended up reading about Nergal's love life, which coffee he likes to drink and his problems with paparazzi That was not really why I bought the book.The book d [...]

    22. Thouroughly enjoyable read. The biography of Nergal is done in an interview/ chat with a friend style which is the first time I've read a book this way. I'm not a huge Black Metal fan (though I don't mind Behemoth's music) but I've always found Nergal to be an interesting character on social media. He is a very intelligent man and the book delves into his philosophies, beliefs and general talks about his life. Whilst I don't agree with some of his beliefs, I love his convictions, outspokenness a [...]

    23. A collection of interviews with Adam, which sums up his views upon spirituality, politics and life in general.In my opionion, the book falls short of creating a well-rounded account of the protagonist's life. I was expecting a sort of autobiography, but Adam's past only seeps through the series of not cronological, seemingly disparate interviews. All in all the book is entertaining (the kindergarten event comes to mind), and it does offer a decent overview of Behemoth's history and the energies [...]

    24. I'm not quite sure what to think. It's entertaining to read and it's certainly well written as there's specific flow throughout the whole book. Altough my main concern is that it's not too deep, I was expecting to get to know more about his philosophical thoughts, not the history of break ups.

    25. If you don’t know Behemoth, stop reading this and go listen to “The Satanist,” “Evangelion” and “And the Forests Dream Eternally.” If this music does not speak to you, move along to other, less fascinating things.If you’re a Behemoth fan, or a fan of extreme metal in general, and know of Nergal’s work, this book is worth checking out. But outside of that context, I’m not sure the book has much cross-over appeal. It represents a niche within a niche, and those without much ref [...]

    26. “Spowiedź heretyka” to wywiad, a w sumie wiele wywiadów, jakie autorzy przeprowadzili z Adamem Darskim. Czyta się świetnie, bo facet potrafi mówić. A mówi o wielu sprawach, rzecz jasna stale zachowując siebie w centrum. Ale dowiedzieć można się naprawdę sporo ciekawych faktów z życia muzyka, co dla fanów Behemoth z pewnością jest istotne. Mowa jest zarówno o muzyce, zespole i drodze na szczyt, jak i o tych sprawach, z których Nergal znany jest szerszemu gronu niż tylko fa [...]

    27. Spowiedź heretyka jest wywiadem-rzeką z człowiekiem o którym można powiedzieć napewno to, że jest wielkim indywidualistą, a w moich oczach to niebywała zaleta i dlatego mimo wcześniejszych uprzedzeń przeczytałem ten wywiad z dużą przyjemnością. Z początku miałem wrażenie, że poznaję obraz człowieka dość mocno butnego, zapatrzonego w siebie egoistę, ale nic bardziej mylnego. Wprawdzie nie znam Nergala i moje odczucia są subiektywne i oparte głównie na treściach zawart [...]

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