Dogs, Cats, and Other Magical Creatures

Three tales of such fantastical and magical creatures as dogs, cats and cats Plus, there s some humans, too.
Dogs Cats and Other Magical Creatures Three tales of such fantastical and magical creatures as dogs cats and cats Plus there s some humans too

  • Title: Dogs, Cats, and Other Magical Creatures
  • Author: Jim Heskett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 490
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Three very different and unique stories that portray deep emotion and surprise you with the outcomes.Even though these reads are quick, I felt a connection with the characters. Looking forward to more from Mr. Heskett!

    2. This is a really great short story collection from a promising new author. The second story was, by and large, my favorite. I did not see that twist coming! Looking forward to more from this author.

    3. Abandoned by Jim Heskett comprises three short stories, all revolving around an addiction of some sort, if it isn’t drink it is drugs or gambling. The first story is about a man trying to build a helicopter out of Lego pieces while he is being distracted by his flirtatious girl friend. The author describes the confusion rife is the mind of a man high on heroin. The second story is about a man obsessing about a hair stylist, what is his relationship to her and why does she not want to know him? [...]

    4. This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.For this review, I thought it best to do my thoughts on each story before giving my final thoughts.To Build a HelicopterFor me, “To Build a Helicopter” had more to do with symbolism than the actual end game. I don’t think the man being dumped by his girlfriend was lost more like the square peg attempting to fit in the round hole and discovering that he cannot. Still being stung by her loss, the dumped soul wants to find [...]

    5. I received a copy of the audiobook in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Mr. Heskett for this opportunity.This was my first foray into audiobooks. I have been a little skeptical about audiobook in the past because I believe in the power of seeing the story and converting it into a movie in my head. For me, if a story comes alive in my head, then it is a wonderful ride.Abandoned was a story that intrigued me. Three short stories in one book. The fact that it was an audiobook was definite [...]

    6. When I bought this book, I really had no idea what to expect. I wanted something a little different, and I really got exactly that!The stories are dark, with a nostalgic twist [especially on the second one!] and a bit of a expectation of something more at the last one. I hate giving plots away - but I will say this: The book is a typical look into the 'lad's lad' world, with the seedy and yet emotional afflictions expected in situations the every day 'white collar' won't quite understand. There [...]

    7. I enjoyed every story in this book. Each short tale has a different flavor and they are all satisfying on their own. They aroused my curiosity and I hate that they ended too soon! But if you think about it, the length of the tale was just right. They delivered the intended message. What I love about short stories is that they leave you thinking, imagining what could have happened to the characters since you were only with them a short time. I highly recommend Abandoned. The writing is crisp, it [...]

    8. Three stories of loss. Three stories of individuals finding their way, be it through construction, drugs, or being nice in an industry that is considered evil. Jim provides a kaleidoscope of loss and resolution in the black and white yet colorful "Abandonded; Three Short Stories." The protagonists Jim's stories aren't perfect and, frankly, can be unlikable for some. Yet, you feel for these individuals as they travel through some tough seas. All three tales offer endings which are open for interp [...]

    9. Three short reads in one book is great. I loved the author's writing style. I did like the stories, I think my favorite was the second story. It told a complete story. The other stories did not seem to have an ending. I would recommend this book to fans of shorts I am keeping this author on my list because I really loved his writing style. The flow of each story was so smooth with out a lot of grammatical errors.

    10. I received an intense feeling sadness from reading all three stories. They all cover some heavy issues mostly pertaining to drug use and addiction. It can be easy to cast aside the stories and think that they are about losers making mistakes but one has to remember that there are real people with real emotions often locked behind the wall of depression and addiction.

    11. I found the stories to be lighthearted and a little funny. It's a very short read but it will make you think about how we all receive lessons in life from all sorts of situations.

    12. These short stories pack a wallop! Each one is well-written with a tight story and well-developed characters! Quite a feat! I highly recommend this collection!

    13. 3-3.5 STARSThe author was offering this audiobook filled with 3 short stories in exchange for honest reviews. I was immediately interested in listening to it after reading the synopsis which describes the book as containing stories about Legos, cocaine and strippers! I contacted the author who kindly provided me with a copy of the audiobook. I had been expecting the stories to be odd and they certainly were yet each story left me disappointed once I got to the very end. Although I immediately be [...]

    14. From Musings of a Starving Author:Even a week of vacation won’t stop me from starving, so it’s time to dig into the pantry for a meal that won’t take too much time to gobble down but will hopefully hit the spot all the same! Today, I’m cracking ABANDONED, a collection of three short stories, tied together by a central theme of the lost finding their way. Will Mr. Heskett’s three-piece bite-sized literary drama settle my hunger or will it make me wish I had just stayed out of the pantry [...]

    15. I really like this collection of short stories: Abandoned. All three stories tie in together in various forms of abandonment. I thought the author showed soulfulness in his writing, especially in "To Build a Helicopter". That was a powerful story and I love the way he built the helicopter."The Meanings of Words" was awesome as well. I liked the poetic tone of this one. And finally, "Shots and Strippers". This one was equally good and I loved the ending. Quite nice.Jim Heskett: Great writing with [...]

    16. I got this free with no obligations. It's 3 short short stories, none of which did anything for me. While written well, they didn't go anywhere. They didn't even really start anywhere. There just was no point to it. I kept wanting something to happen, especially in the last story but it just ended in the middle if nothing.Honestly, they all looked like someone started the story but couldn't be bothered to finish it. The potential was left hanging like base runner on first after the 3rd strikeout [...]

    17. Jim Heskett is a master with short stories, each one telling a discrete story that perfectly captures a part of the human spirit - or cat spirit. The author writes in the first person, assuming roles from ordinary guy, to cat, to senior citizen, to teenager, and each one feels authentic. In each of these stories, the narrator reaches some kind of epiphany, whether he realizes it or not, which gives you hope for the character and his life that will continue beyond the short story.

    18. Good short readThree great short stories. But they leave you like wanting more. They could have been developed some more. They have twist, intrigue and suspense but way to short.

    19. Interesting stories. While the third one is pretty complete, the first two leave a lot for the reader to fill in.

    20. Not my typeToo deep for me, maybe my mind is too simple because I didn't understand nothing I read. However, the stories were interesting.

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