The King's Men

Neil Josten is out of time He knew when he came to PSU he wouldn t survive the year, but with his death right around the corner he s got reasons than ever to live Befriending the Foxes was inadvisable Kissing one is unthinkable Neil should know better than to get involved with anyone this close to the end, but Andrew s never been the easiest person to walk away frNeil Josten is out of time He knew when he came to PSU he wouldn t survive the year, but with his death right around the corner he s got reasons than ever to live Befriending the Foxes was inadvisable Kissing one is unthinkable Neil should know better than to get involved with anyone this close to the end, but Andrew s never been the easiest person to walk away from If they both say it doesn t mean anything, maybe Neil won t regret losing it, but the one person Neil can t lie to is himself He s got promises to keep and a team to get to championships if he can just outrun Riko a little longer, but Riko s not the only monster in Neil s life The truth might get them all killed or be Neil s one shot at getting out of this alive.
The King s Men Neil Josten is out of time He knew when he came to PSU he wouldn t survive the year but with his death right around the corner he s got reasons than ever to live Befriending the Foxes was inadvisable

  • Title: The King's Men
  • Author: Nora Sakavic
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. SO PROUD. SO PROUD OF MY PRECIOUS SONS.GO NEIL! GO KEVIN! GO ANDREW! GO FOXES! Ahhh, with Kevin I feel like singing Ham's part in Dear Theodosia: "Look at my son! Pride is not the word I'm looking for!" (also with Neil tbh, words can't describe how proud I am of him).I feel like a proud mom, is that weird? And I know I've said "proud" x1000 times in this short review, but I can't help it, THAT'S HOW I FEEL ABOUT MY FOXES. It is rare when an author makes me care so much about a whole bunch of fic [...]

    2. “Fight because you don't know how to die quietly. Win because you don't know how to lose. This king's ruled long enough—it's time to tear his castle down.”The King's Men is one of the best books I've read all year, and maybe the best conclusion to a series ever - apart from Harry Potter. Nothing beats Harry Potter.Honestly though, there are so many amazing series out there. However, only a few of them have an ending that's as amazing, or even more so, as the other books in a series. Loose [...]

    3. whAT A GOOD DAY TO THINK ABOUT ANDREIL AND HOW THEY ARE THE GREATEST THING TO HAPPEN EVER IN LITERARY HISTORYANOTHER EDIT: You know how I'm always talking about how Andrew is my favourite character ever but I can never decently explain whyI found this on tumblr and it puts words down okayDo you ever just hurt when you think about all the times Andrew must’ve taken beatings from his mother in Aaron’s stead? And how he almost killed a bunch of guys for being homophobic towards his cousin? How [...]

    4. Well hi I caN'T BREATHE JUST GIVE ME A MOMENT. I think my heart might explode but IT'S FINE, EVERYTHING IS FINE. (Just kidding it's not fine ajdfkasld it's bloody brilliant.) Look, I like this series. I adore it. It's full of messy broken characters who find people to hold onto and that's just the kind of story that I love every. single. time.(I mean, it's even about sport?!? And I'm as sporty as an upsidedown turtle, BUT YET. Here I am.)** Also full warning but I'm going to name the ship, and i [...]

    5. My mind is blown away.There is a special kind of rush you get when you are having final book in series in your hands. It gets even more special when that closure comes after 2 years of waiting. But this kind of emotional satisfaction I am feeling right now you get only when book is everything you hoped to be and a thousand things more. The King's Men was definitely worth the wait.Last sentence of The Raven King gave us pretty much a big hint where will the plot of this book go: Neil and his team [...]

    6. More pain ahead with my support group ♡♡ Our Very Own Wymack (Em), Renee's Imposter (Sil), and The Kid Who Thinks She's Andrew (Pragg) ♡♡ How do you write a review for a book that so thoroughly ruined you? Don’t know? Me neither. Huh, we’ll just have to see where this goes. Throughout the entire series, I’ve been wondering how I’m going to manage to live when I finish the last book. Well here I am now, crying with a serious book hangover and a black void swirling in my heart. I m [...]

    7. first reread in 2018 lmaothis is still so good so damn goooooooood and so damn gaaaaaay and pls remind me who i was before i read this series bc i dont remember it in the slightestanyway andrew and neil are the softest boyfriends and it's just facts~~~psa: this is the best andreil fic there is and if you haven't read it yet BLESS YOURSELVES11/8: apparently it was my 7th read im not sure if it's pathetic or inspiring *looks at the camera like in the office*ANYWAYthis is still the best thing that [...]

    8. "Is your learning curve a horizontal line?"Nora Sakavic is officially one of my favourite authors ever. That's literally all I can say about this series.

    9. There could be 500 more pages of all of them doing literally nothing, and I would gladly read it.This book will forever be my favourite thing in the world. [1st read 20/06/2017][2nd read 24/07/2017][3rd read 26/01/2018] umm— nooo, I’m not obsessed *sneaks out to get a fox tattoo on forehead* ***Wow. I just found Nora Sakavic's tumblr how have I not looked for it sooner, idk I have all the answers I needed. I can die in peace now 🙏🏻

    10. Beautiful.Heart wrenchingly, agonizingly beautiful. You won't know what it means to be happy and alive until you've read this series. Honest to god it's so fucking amazing. Andrew freaking MinyardIL fucking JOSTEN.Leave me be. Don't mind me while I go and tattoo their names on my face. JK. But really tho. (cries for days)

    11. There are no spoilers in this review, for anyone wondering.--I just spent all of Sunday rereading the first two books in the series so I could read the third, that I only recently realized had come out. I always get a little worried going into the end of a series, because sometimes the whole previous story gets ruined by choices made in the last book or episode or movie or whatever.Well. Not the case here. I don't even know why I worried. The second book left off on a really intense point, and t [...]

    12. Rereading these books made me appreciate them even more. Especially this last one. These characters are so complex that spending more time with them can only make me love them more. I could rant for pages about The Foxes and what Nora Sakavic did with these books. On of the things I appreciate most is how she was brave enough to take the triggers and topics that make people squeamish and address them head on. It's not for effect or to add some angst in. She shows how people live the best they ca [...]

    13. 5/5 StarsThis series destroyed me in the best way possible.I just love these characters so much and their character development. I could read hundreds of pages of them doing literally nothing. I just found Nora Sakavic's Tumblr with all the answers I needed. I can die in peace now. FINALLY THE ROMANCE I WAS WAITING FOR! And it was so worth the wait, it was just beautiful.(view spoiler)[I just adored Neil and Andrew relationship (if you would call that?) it was so much more than just romantic att [...]

    14. Re-read 8/5/17ill just as freaking awesome !!!Re-read 4/10/17WowI don't even know what to say after finishing this series. I have started these books because Susan told me to, and by now we all knowwhen Susan tells me to do something I listen :PShe was right though, as usual. These books blew me away !! I can't thank her enough for this wonderful rec !! You are the best ;) I don't really want to go into the storyline, because there are so many awesome reviews for these books already. I will tell [...]

    15. 5 StarsAccording to GR, over 11,000 people have read this book. More than 8,000 of those readers rated the story 5 stars.I was only about 7% in when I decided it was going to be full stars from me, too.The ratings don’t lie.This story was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! Read it.

    16. Ahh! I'm having withdrawal after finishing this amazing book and series. The final book completed this series so perfectly. And each character was so well written that we got to see them develop throughout each book.

    17. Read my series review on the blog :)_____Foxhole Court playlist____Mini-playlist for the main couple in this book:-"David", by Noah Gundersen -"4 AM Forever", by lostprophets-"Flaws", by Bastille_____05/02/2017Re-read with my little vixens Em ♡ May ♡ Pragya ♡ even though I was slower than all of them and they finished ages ago but oh wellI'm just so grateful for having found this series. It has helped me in more ways that I can write here because I'd get too personal. Its fandom is one of [...]

    18. Reread 2017: yep this was as good as I remember and as addicting as I remember. Aaron is a fucking asshole though, always will be. I finally filmed and posted my youtube review if anyone wants to watch!: youtube/watch?v=FWC_bOk before I start, I am known for putting spoilers in my reviews. THAT WILL NOT BE THE CASE IN THIS REVIEW. I want people to read this series so bad. Therefore, I want people to read this review and get excited and not get spoiled. ANY spoilers posted will be hidden.When I s [...]

    19. "I didn't say anything then because I knew I'd look out for only me when the world went to hell. I don't want to be that person anymore. I want to go back for you." GUYSYZZZZZ.There's this, like, weird ache happening in my chest? And my eyes are like. dripping and wet? AND HELP SOMEONE HELP I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGGGGSSS!! NORA SAKAVIC WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME, YOU MONSTER?!I just sent my brain to her room for not making me read this sooner. I know I didn't seem too ecstatic in my review for book [...]

    20. Re-read for the 3rd time - still as good as ever.-----------------------------------WOW! What an amazing series. There is so much emotion in these books, but in such a subtle way that it packed even more of a punch.Neil is still playing Exy with his team. But the team is pretty messed up at the moment. Secrets are revealed and almost no one seems to get along. Neil makes it his task to change this.But Neil also still has a big target on his back. People want to kill him and he has to find a way [...]

    21. The Foxhole Court - 4 starsThe Raven King - 4.25 starsThe King's Men - 4.5 starsHonestly, I thought the first two books of this series were lovable trash. They're not particularly well-written and the entire plot concept is kind of absurd. But this one somehow managed to get me to literally actually cry. I'm STILL kind of shocked that this made me cry. The character work here has stepped up its game. Every side character feels so real and developed, even with very little pagetime. These characte [...]

    22. 4.5 Stars!Redemption. Vindication. Triumph.This was quite the impressive culmination of many a complicated thing. What starts out as young athletes in college barely being civil teammates, each with their own personal demons and struggles, slowly morph into being a cohesive unit, a family who is extremely tough, crazy brave, and loyal to end.Always focusing on our damaged antihero Neil, he goes from a loner out of necessity to a leader which is no surprise to anyone but him. It was amazing to se [...]

    23. Just Finished the book: IM NOT OKAY!! I DONT THINK ILL BE ABLE TO WRITE A REVIEW NOW AS IM SOBBING BECAUSE IM GONNA MISS MY SONS SO MUCH WHY IS THIS SO HARD!!!After a nicely executed sobbing session and a cup of a tea with cardamom:Writing this review doesn't mean I'm not crying still, I'm writing with a brain full of bad thoughts that I'm never going to find a book as WONDERFUL FANTASTIC MAGNIFICENT AND BEAUTIFUL as this. So I'll leave my condition to your imagination.Headsup: This review -or a [...]

    24. 📢 pas: do not finish this series and then immediately after watch The Book of Henry because you will be in S H A M B L E Sank you. i will never be okay after reading this. who was this unenlightened potato before this series? i don't know her anymore.what i do know is that this book has put me into this weird book funk where you're just like pls, world, don't do me like this and let me be a lonely bitch for a while thanks. BECAUSE IT'S OVER. and i'll probably have to rewrite this entire thing [...]

    25. This one was the cherry on top. Get it? heheSeriously, I know I sound like a broken record but I am EXCITED!!! Because this book was everything I needed! I am not going to lie, when Mare forced me to read this series (yes, she did) I wasn't sure because hello! They took forever to get there but bloody hell when they did my life stopped. I could not think about anything else apart from them. All I wanted was to be Neil so I could be with Andrew one minute of my life. I know, sounds like I am a li [...]

    26. It's's finished**picks up first book and starts reading again.**// Second time reading //It just gets better and better and better with each read. The sun is risingBut my heart is warm and happy.

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