Choosing Charleston

Fleeing a lousy husband and chaotic northern life, Carly Stone needs to get out of town Craving a major dose of her mamma s famous cooking and her daddy s upbeat life lessons, she heads to historic Charleston, South Carolina While she s welcomed home with wide open arms, Carly is shocked to find that things are much different than when she left a year ago For starters,Fleeing a lousy husband and chaotic northern life, Carly Stone needs to get out of town Craving a major dose of her mamma s famous cooking and her daddy s upbeat life lessons, she heads to historic Charleston, South Carolina While she s welcomed home with wide open arms, Carly is shocked to find that things are much different than when she left a year ago For starters, a land developer is erecting a building supply superstore that will surely put her family s small business out of business Her wacky grandmother has moved in and keeps confusing her with her famous twin sister, Jenny And to complicate matters, Carly is outrageously attracted to a construction worker when she should be figuring out how to save her marriage A must read for anyone who enjoys mystery, laughter and a good love story SC Woman magazine
Choosing Charleston Fleeing a lousy husband and chaotic northern life Carly Stone needs to get out of town Craving a major dose of her mamma s famous cooking and her daddy s upbeat life lessons she heads to historic Ch

  • Title: Choosing Charleston
  • Author: T. Lynn Ocean
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Ok story, but the editing on this Kindle book was terrible. Grammar and wrong word problems, but the biggest irritation was when they were drinking iced tea and suddenly, in the same scene, it became wine and then back to tea! Ugh!

    2. What a unexpected delightful read set in one of my favorite southern towns. Charleston is a unique town – Not that it was depicted as well as I liked it to be, I absolutely loved the characters in this read – especially the Stone family. The Grandma was a bit over the top, but she was amusing nonetheless. The story revolves around Carly Stone, a thirty something young lawyer who specializes in mediation - and who finally decides to return to her hometown of Charleston after discovering her n [...]

    3. Love me some Charleston!Southern writers are among my favorites and T.Lynn Ocean has been added to my favorite list.I read this in the winter and wished I was reading it as a beach read. I want more Carly and Trent!

    4. Choosing Charleston is a rollicking read by T.Lynn Ocean. It is a really good read that traps you in the story until you finish. The characters are very realistic and the plot is definitely one that occurs in real life. Granny is hilarious and is the comic relief in the story. Carly Stone’s flight was cancelled and she booked for the next morning. On the way home, she thought of how she would surprise Roger, her husband of less than a year. As it turns out, she was the one surprised when she w [...]

    5. I've read the Mayhem in Myrtle Beach by T. Lynne Ocean, and then I decided to try another one. This books is soooo reminiscent of something that Mary Kay Andrews would write! Catching your husband in the act with a neighbor, returning home to find family crises--one with an aging parent and one with the family business, and meeting the potential love interest that could create the downfall of the family business.The protagonist is gutsy, yet TLO got pretty gritty with her final encounter on the [...]

    6. Loved it. It will keep you wondering. It was just plain good , clean reading. Loved the whole story line . The ending is the for another book to follow with them getting married and having babies. Thanks for a great story that kept me wanting to get to the end. Hope to read more of these books. This was a really great book. Loved the story and can't wait to read more of these kinds of books. It really kept me wanting to finish it quickly.

    7. I could use one word to sum up my feelings and thoughts for this book: meh. The story & plot line was too fluffy, predictable & a bit mediocre. There were grammar and continuation errors everywhere, but the biggest WTF moment was in one sentence she's drinking tea, then wine, then it's tea again. Probably a 2 star read at best, but gave this an extra star for being set in one of my favorite cities.

    8. I enjoyed reading about Charleston and the wonderful food prepared by the main character's mother. To me they were the stars of a story that could be seen as "women sees truth about bad husband and finds herself" if only she didn't find someone to replace her husband so fast.

    9. Not quite my cup of teaThis was not a horrible book. I felt the author tried too hard for the comedy and it fell flat. Some subjects, Granny's dementia, I just couldn't find the humor in that. Some typos and the plot was somewhat predictable.

    10. 2.5 starsI generally enjoy a 'chick lit' novel every now and again, however, this one had a lot of problems. My main issue with this book was that, unfortunately, I just didn't like the main character. I couldn't get behind that she apparently had no choice but to quit her mediation job without any notice and without even contacting her employer directly - super unprofessional. I also found her extremely pig headed when it came to the issues with the development across the road from her father's [...]

    11. Haha, I literally could not stop laughing! This was a deliciously witty book that reminded me of good ole southern hospitality. Carly is a strong lead and completely brings the story to life. And Granny, oh my! I would love to read about her younger days. This book is for anyone who is in for a hilarious read with a well-developed plot and strong, memorable characters.

    12. This was a predictable, formulaic, amateurish story. I made myself finish it trying to find something I could commend in it, but from half way through the book I could see the end of it and then had to endure the embarrassing development of a predictable relationship between the antagonists. I can't believe nearly 3,000 people gave this book a nearly 4 star rating. Wow.

    13. Great Southern ReadVery good bookCould see the wheels turning in Carly's headd her family was a hootFrom The Beautiful Grandmawho told it like it waswn to her spoiled twin sister and her nasty poodle

    14. blah. easy mindless read. but i wouldnt choose this again. nothing about the great citythat i love. one dimensionalcharacters.

    15. Funny!This book was fun, funny and enjoyable! Easy read, slightly predictable but still fun! I will look for more by t Lynn ocean

    16. Fun read It was a fun, light read. Good for anyone who likes romance mixed with mystery and family dynamics. The characters were very likable.

    17. A fair enough story. Predictable mystery, the good way too good, the baddy a real mean thing. The editing I felt it need was in the conversations where the same thing was repeated several times.

    18. Somewhat typical romance novel set in Charleston.I was hoping for an enjoyable summer escape with this book. It was an easy read, but a bit predictable.

    19. Good readI really enjoyed the character development. Good storyline. Kind of knew what was going to happen but there were some twists along the way

    20. Entertaining BookThis book was a fun read. Interesting story line and several twists and turns. Would definitely recommend this book for anyone that likes intrigue and romance.

    21. Great summer read.I was truly engaged with the story and characters. It gave me great view of the fine life in Charleston.

    22. Cute read.Not a bad book. Loved Granny. It was free so definitely got my money's worth. I liked the characters. Worth a read.

    23. Good ReadThis book had me from the beginning! I live a good quick read. The storyline kept me reading. I have recommended this to family

    24. Carly Stone walks in to her house to find her husband and next door neighbor doing the horizontal mambo. This leads quickly to a series of events in which Carly decides to move back home with her parents in Charleston to regroup and lick her wounds. While at home, she discovers that some construction company is building a new shopping plaza right across their family's home improvement store, which is sure to put them out of business. Not going to take things sitting down, Carly sets out to find [...]

    25. In T. Lynn Ocean’s Choosing Charleston, Carly Stone discovers her husband in bed with a neighbor, flees to her mamma and daddy’s house in Charleston, and immediately meets a handsome, hunky construction worker. This is the stuff of a Hallmark Channel or Lifetime TV movie, a breezy, romantic comedy just waiting for the latest beautiful young star fresh from her cancelled sitcom. And therein lies the problem for the first half of this novel: written well with charming characters, we see the ne [...]

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