Letters from the Heart: A Pride and Prejudice Novella Variation

Resolved to forget Elizabeth Bennet during a winter in London, Fitzwilliam Darcy writes a letter in bitterness of spirit Frustrated by her growing obsession with the arrogant man, Elizabeth commits her thoughts to paper But angry people are not always wise, and secret thoughts do not always remain secret Compelled to face their selfishness and fears, their actions encouResolved to forget Elizabeth Bennet during a winter in London, Fitzwilliam Darcy writes a letter in bitterness of spirit Frustrated by her growing obsession with the arrogant man, Elizabeth commits her thoughts to paper But angry people are not always wise, and secret thoughts do not always remain secret Compelled to face their selfishness and fears, their actions encourage those dearest to them to change as well.
Letters from the Heart A Pride and Prejudice Novella Variation Resolved to forget Elizabeth Bennet during a winter in London Fitzwilliam Darcy writes a letter in bitterness of spirit Frustrated by her growing obsession with the arrogant man Elizabeth commits he

  • Title: Letters from the Heart: A Pride and Prejudice Novella Variation
  • Author: Rose Fairbanks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I thought this was a great variation of Pride & Prejudice. I'm definitely going to be looking into more books by Rose Fairbanks! (You can't really rely on me--I'm a sucker for Austen inspired novels!)

    2. What if Darcy, after spending two miserable weeks in London trying to forget Elizabeth Bennet, decides he needs a stern reminder of why he should not pursue Elizabeth and ask for her hand in marriage? What if Darcy wrote all his conflicting thoughts about Elizabeth Bennet down in a letter – expressing both his ardent love and his determined resolve that they can never be together?What if Elizabeth, troubled by many hours of disquiet and disappointment over Mr. Darcy, decided to work her feelin [...]

    3. What if Darcy and Elizabeth wrote each other a letter in which they both declared their deepest feelings for each other? What if despite their intentions not to send them, those letters found their way to each other’s houses all the same? Writing one’s own feelings in order to feel better is always a good thing. But writing a letter filled with words of love and hate for the woman one should not love and for the last man in the world whom one could ever be prevailed on to marry, without ensu [...]

    4. RefreshingBefore I read this book I had read pieces of it on one of the JAFF sites that Ms Fairbanks posts at. I was so intrigued and couldn't wait for the book release. I am grateful that this was a low angst story, I don't mind angst, but when everything you read has high angst it is draining. Lady C remains true to herself and so does Lydia, though at least Lydia eventually has a change of heart. I love Georgiana in this story, her spunk and how she owns the 'Darcy' attitude!! I really though [...]

    5. I read this novella about a week ago before taking a short vacation so just today skimmed through it again and read the longer reviews so as to have it fresh in my mind for this review.This short book has many letters in it and the two LETTERS OF CONSEQUENCE are written much like many of our modern day journals: a place in which to write down one's feelings, sometimes as a relief to such, sometimes to sort those out and sometimes as a memory of what was and what cannot be. Ironically in this tal [...]

    6. This was a sweet, heartwarming variation on the Pride and Prejudice story. It was based on the 'what if' Darcy put all his true thoughts into a letter that accidentally made its way to Lizzy and at the same time, she did the same? Oh yes, the changes that would bring. And that is just what did occur.It's a far-fetched piece and there was some added drama, but I found it engaging and satisfying for all that. I enjoyed the fact that the actual letters were put into the story and whew, these two le [...]

    7. This was a delightful read, funny, poignant, heart breaking at times and a quick read as it was a novella. I enjoyed this ‘what if’ on our favorite Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice characters. How many times have we poured out the longings of our heart and vented the vitriol emotions of our feelings on paper or in a letter and then tore it up, shredded it, or thrown it in the fire? What if, somehow, that writing or letter was mailed by accident? That is the premise of this novella. Both D [...]

    8. What if Elizabeth and Darcy both wrote letters to each other after he leaves Herfordshire, trying to air out their feelings, and those letters are accidentally sent out in the post. Both intended to burn the letter, but instead the recipient receives the harsh letter.What I liked: Not too much. This wasn't a bad book per se. I liked the idea of the book. What I didn't like: I didn't like how most of played out. I know that's not detailed - but I don't like how Mr. Bennet reads Elizabeth's letter [...]

    9. Darcy and Elizabeth both write love letters to each other, that are unintentionally sent, while Darcy is in London, chaos ensues.I loved the different pov's, the internal monologues suited each character and gave more of an insight into their characters. This is a fun, quick read with low angst. Price: freebie #COYER

    10. Wonderful!Mislaid letters, misapprehension, misunderstandings, all emerging from the fear of not being loved, of not being able to fulfill their dreams and achieve their heart's desire of being loved. Great story!

    11. This novel starts in London when Bingley and Darcy have both just left Hertfordshire after the Netherfield Ball. After one drunken stupor Darcy writes a letter to Elizabeth confessing his love but also his determination not to marry her. Her never intends to post the letter but when it does get posted Darcy realizes he must marry Elizabeth to protect her reputation. Elizabeth writes a letter to Darcy as a way of releasing her anger of his influence over Bingley when she sees her sisters distress [...]

    12. I am an avid fan of Jane Austen and I love her stories for their depth and old world charm. It is very brave for anyone to try to accomplish what she did. This book is a variation on the ending of the classic and I have to say I prefer the original in many ways although the idea of Elizabeth's family finding some sense rather remaining ridiculous does appeal.

    13. I really enjoyed this twist on Pride and Prejudice. It starts about halfway through the book and takes the story in a new direction. To me, honestly, it didn't feel at all plausible. However, I loved how each of the characters grew so much and how many were redeemed/reformed throughout the story.

    14. In this story Darcy, trying to forget his feelings for Elizabeth decides to put everything in a letter. In Hertfordshire, she does the same. Would you believe it?? Both letters get posted and it seems the whole world (or at least everyone in Meryton) knows of the exchange of letters so a marriage is expected. I quite liked the first half of the book. Darcy's letter mirrors his proposal, whilst Elizabeth's letter is remarkably similar to his. I also liked how we get to consider how Mr Bennet was [...]

    15. Letters from the Heart: A Pride and Prejudice Novella VariationLoved this variation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. It starts out the usual; his pride, her prejudice. Caroline has sent her hateful letter to Jane. Darcy and Charles' hearts are still at Netherfield and hanging around Longbourn, and the two oldest Bennet sisters. Neither can get their young lady out of their mind. Being gone only ten days, both bachelors immersed themselves in the Season attending every dance, soiree, and din [...]

    16. Very sweet. The period of misunderstanding is very brief. Things get clarified rather quickly. The relationship is what you would expect. This is a sweet short read of an unusual courtship.

    17. I received a complimentary copy of Letters from the Heart in exchange for an honest review. Anything you read here is solely my opinion based upon reading said book. This book is a Pride and Prejudice Novella. This story mainly focuses on Elizabeth and Darcy. It is about how the try to fight their true feelings for one another. We all have different ways to vent and lay out our emotions. Some of us write in journals or some of us have that one special person that we can confide in. In this book, [...]

    18. This was an enjoyable light read. I think the name of the book says it all. The thing that was a bit troublesome for me was the letters that came from everyone's heart. It was fun at first but after an understanding between D&E was known it was everyone reading a letter at the same time. It was just a bit much for me but the scene where aunt Catherine arrived to confront Lizzie was a fun approach. Darcy was fun and when him and Bingley drank together it was an interesting side of the two fri [...]

    19. In order to appreciate this book you need to allow for Darcy & Lizzy both feeling a uncontrollable urge to write the other and the staff of Darcy House in London and Longbourn being so efficient as to hastily deliver these letters.If you can accept this premise; then Darcy's letter is delivered and read by Mrs. Bennet while Darcy immediately communicates with Mr. Bennet that he needs a meeting. He also sends letters to his solicitor and family announcing his engagement. What follows is a com [...]

    20. This Pride and Prejudice variation had some intriguing ideas, and the writing was decent. I liked the idea of characters changing for the better, adding to the happy endings most of them received. However, many of the plot points seemed forced, leading to an overdone ending. The letters throughout the novella were a nice touch, and it was interesting to read several accounts and reactions of what was happening.

    21. What would happen if you were in such emotional state that you wrote a letter to the person, just to get the feelings out? Now imagine it accidentally was really mailed in a time when non married unrelated adults could not exchange mail. Elizabeth and Darcy find out in this book with a lot of misunderstandings and support from those that love them.

    22. Nice variationAt the start I had concerns that they were going to be too distant from their true character. Although the turn around of Fanny, Lydia and Caroline are suspect, I enjoyed reading it. It is light summer reading to be sure.

    23. unrealistic start, but had some good moments. I liked how the Bennett's talked through their issues and became better parents and a couple. I like how Caroline didn't become a jealous shrew. A little too leading and sappy at times.The book was ok.

    24. In this Pride and Prejudice variation what if after the Netherfield Ball, both Darcy and Elizabeth write their thoughts and feelings about each other in a letter which they know will never be sent, only to find the next day that both letters have been posted.

    25. I liked the concept, and I enjoyed the letters from Darcy and Elizabeth to each other, but I couldn't get past the idea that both letters were sent accidentally. If you were writing something to make yourself feel better, you certainly wouldn't take the time to address it!

    26. Ms. Fairbanks uses the "coincidence" of sent letters to bring Darcy and Elizabeth together. The snippets of the letters are well done.

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