Keep a Quiet Heart

Peace and quiet to many of us they re just words Somehow we have allowed the frenetic pace of life to rob us of the quiet, restful moments with God we so desperately need Keep a Quiet Heart features the rich devotional musings of one of America s favorite authors and points the way to a deep experience with God, away from the unsettling distractions of day to day livingPeace and quiet to many of us they re just words Somehow we have allowed the frenetic pace of life to rob us of the quiet, restful moments with God we so desperately need Keep a Quiet Heart features the rich devotional musings of one of America s favorite authors and points the way to a deep experience with God, away from the unsettling distractions of day to day living.
Keep a Quiet Heart Peace and quiet to many of us they re just words Somehow we have allowed the frenetic pace of life to rob us of the quiet restful moments with God we so desperately need Keep a Quiet Heart features t

  • Title: Keep a Quiet Heart
  • Author: Elisabeth Elliot
  • ISBN: 9780892839063
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. In Keep a Quiet Heart, Elisabeth Elliot shares articles from her newsletters. It's a collection that encourages you to know God better. You can find Him best when your heart is quieted, and that is what we as Christians should strive for."A quiet heart is content with what God gives. It is enough.""A Quiet Heart", Keep a Quiet HeartThere are countless lessons to be heard in this volume, if you're looking for them. As Elliot prescribes, stillness of mind, quietness of heart, can lead you to God. [...]

    2. We all need to be exposed to the influence of godly women like Elisabeth Elliot in our lives. (2017) I am so grateful for the many books E.Elliot left for us to read. She has been -without a doubt- a great influence in my life.

    3. This is one of those books I go back to several times a year for wisdom. It has been a life changing book for me. A quiet heart is something I still long for and pray for.If you also long for one you need to read this book.

    4. I feel honored to have spent a month or two with Elisabeth Elliot. This book was timely because we faced a severe grief this summer that made space for the mysterious, quiet heart of which she speaks (or better yet, the need of it). Keep a Quiet Heart is a collection of her articles featured in her newsletter, which is printed six times a year. Reading this book is like coming to her kitchen each morning for a cup of coffee and a lesson in faith. Its central message is to know and love the Lord [...]

    5. There is scripture on keeping a quiet heart. "But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price" I Peter 3:4. Elisabeth Elliott takes many topics from faith, Why God, Suffering,work, prayer, marriage, abortion, children, and with a story and scripture, how our hearts can be quiet and surrender to God's sovereignity in our lives. I loved her candor, the simplicity and the need for [...]

    6. This was so, so good, I never wanted it to end. It encouraged me, challenged me, and helped deepen m understanding of God.

    7. 4.5 star rating. I am so thankful for Elisabeth Elliot's refreshingly honest and often pithy viewpoints. She is among a dying breed of Christian women. When you read her work, you can tell that this is a woman who has put in years of time spent on her knees worshiping God and that she's known pain and difficulty. Her essays and thoughts have MUCH depth to them. I find it difficult to read many of the popular blogs of Christian women because they lack this sort of intellectual depth and experienc [...]

    8. I read this in conjunction with my morning quiet times, and I can't even express how blessed I was by it. Every morning I came away with a better understanding of my role in this world and, most importantly, God. I was refreshed, my heart was quieted, and my love for the Father grew. I highly recommend this for any woman at any stage of life, but particularly for married women and young mothers.

    9. How I located:This piece about an ant’s fortuitously retrieving a mountain climber’s lost contact lensis a charming enough parable about the concept that the Lord may sometimes call upon us to bear burdens for reasons we do not understand (but which ultimately prove beneficial to ourselves or to others), although its circulation on the internet has resulted in a widespread misattribution. Josh and Karen Zarandona are not the authors ot this item: they’re merely two people whose names becam [...]

    10. This book is a collection of articles by Elisabeth Elliot wrote over the years for her newsletter, and collected together and published in a book. The articles are a combination of encouragement and instruction for following the LORD and keeping a quiet heart in every circumstance; learning to give over every ounce of our own will and sense of self-preservation to the Almighty. She touches on bereavement, singleness, unfaithfulness in a spouse, and the struggle in the every day, among other thin [...]

    11. Elizabeth Elliot is a master at understanding Human Nature. Her insights in this book (which is a collection of short devotionals written over a period of several years) are amazing. She can tell just what you're thinking, and sometimes the application the day's reading has to the day's events are uncanny. It's like she's speaking just to you, for just this day, and just this problem.I read this book at kind of a difficult growing time (story of my life), and it really made an impression on me. [...]

    12. I first got this book from a friend in 1995 so the inscription in front reads. I pull it out every few years to read it. You can either read a story each morning for a devotional time, or read the stories through. Elisabeth Elliot is a dynamic writer, missionary, encourager. I strongly recommend this book that has stood the test of time if you want to feel connected to others in the body of Christ.

    13. I love this book so much and would recommend it to EVERY woman. I will be keeping it in my arsenal, next to my Bible.

    14. This book reminded me that above all, God can be trusted to be in charge of our lives as we commit them to him, faithfully doing what we need to do each step of the way. Some memorable (and spoilery) parts of the book: The original sin, pride, is behind my "poor self-image", for I felt that I deserved better than I got, which is exactly what Eve felt! So it was pride, not poor self-image, that had to go. If I'm so beautiful and lovable, what was Jesus doing up there, nailed to the cross and crow [...]

    15. Elisabeth Elliot writes a remarkable blend of old-fashioned Christianity--the deep, lasting sort made of faith that has been tested in the flame--with a firm understanding of the challenges facing Christian women today. An excellent devotional full of solid advice and spiritual truths, her individual essays are often only a few pages, making them the perfect dose of encouragement for a busy mother or student.Aside: I finished this book a few weeks after its author passed away. I felt, though I h [...]

    16. Perfect for including in your morning quiet time/devotions, this collection of short (most are 1-3 pages) articles from Elisabeth Elliot's newsletters touch on many, many subjects in the Christian's everyday life: marriage, true manhood/womanhood, devotional life, missionary work, church troubles, child-raising, worry, and so on. Every time I read this, I gain new insights; the Lord has deeply used this mature, thinking woman to shape my thoughts and heart.Highly recommended for any young adult/ [...]

    17. This by far has been the most influential book I have ever read. Elisabeth Elliot has such a beautiful way of describing things and sharing profound lessons that I know will stick with me the rest of my life. I wish I could buy everyone I know a copy of this book. I can guarantee I will be rereading this book very soon. It works as a great morning devotional and while her words are encouraging, they are also very challenging. I seriously recommend this book needing a revival or boost in their sp [...]

    18. I hadn't read EE in years and enjoyed this book, which is a collection of articles from her monthly newsletter. It is grouped by topic, but can still seem a bit choppy.There is a lot of great wisdom here. I particularly enjoyed the insights on joyful work as an example to our children, living a faithful "hidden" life (what is unseen by others and only by God), and the section on the Christian home. Some might find EE's advice a bit old-fashioned and out of date, but I was greatly encouraged and [...]

    19. I would recommend this book to any woman in any stage of life. Elisabeth Elliot speaks wisdom learned through experience and her own study of the Scriptures. Her words read in a conversational way, sometimes deeply spiritual, and sometimes very practical (for example, lessons in parenting). I took my time with this book and savored the little "nuggets" of wisdom given. Definitely looking forward to passing this one on.

    20. Such a beautiful, spiritually refreshing read! +It's a compilation of short essays and articles, all of which can be read and digested in 5-10 minutes, so if you tend to read in short bits of time it's perfect for you.It covers many different topics and there will be something for everything.Elizabeth Elliot's writing is beautiful, encouraging, and thought-provoking, yet easy to understand and very accessible. Highly recommended!

    21. I got some really good things out of this book! Don't get me wrong, but I also disagree with a lot in this book. I felt like some ideas were too extreme and I found the book to be packed with the Reformed theology which I do not agree with. Also, I found a lot of contradictory statements pertaining to Reformed theology vs. free will. As a Christian, I believe Elizabeth Elliot's heart was in the right place and she is a very godly woman. I enjoyed this book a lot!

    22. Elisabeth Elliot writes in a way that you will remember the precepts. She is anecdotal and self-deprecating, but most of all completely in love with her Lord and Savior. Run to the bookstore and get everything you can by her and then grab a cup of tea and sit back and immerse yourself in the company of this marvelous sister in Christ

    23. For many years Elizabeth Elliot has been one of my favorite authors. She consistently challenges me to deepen my relationship with God. This book consists of short essays on many subjects taken from a newsletter she used to write. I found it encouraging, convicting, and of course challenging. It is the kind of book I like to keep by my bedside to refer to again and again.

    24. I enjoyed this book! It is comprised of small chapters from Mrs. Elliot's newsletter. It would be a great read for a daily devotional. It covers a variety of issues we face in our daily walk with our Lord. My favorite chapters: Maybe This Year? p.49The Key to Supernatural Power p.106Waiting p.134The Childless Man or Woman p.172The World Must Be Shown p.191

    25. This book is a collection of different articles that Elisabeth Elliot has written. It is not a linear book so it is very nice to pick it up where I left off to read something edifying and encouraging. She comes from a solid biblical perspective and has so much wisdom; gleaned from the word of God. I love this book so far!

    26. A friend gifted this book to me and I'm so thankful she did. Elliot gave me much to think about, much to pray about, much to aspire to. She offers wisdom, encouragement, suggestions - and some of her writing was for me a gentle rebuke - all welcome; the kind of thing I didn't know I needed. This is a book I'll definitely return to, and plan to gift to many others!

    27. This book is a compillation of articles an is very encouraging. I tend to read it when I am overwhelmed or discouraged. It really helps to take the focus off of me and to see things in a much bigger view.

    28. Besides the Bible, my favorite book ever. Filled with wisdom and insight, Elisabeth shares truth in a way that makes the light bulb in my mind light up. I've read all her books, and even though I've never met her, feel like she is a spiritual mother/mentor to me.

    29. a God-centered book. teaching the reader to really keep a quiet heart and to trust in the Lord no matter what situation we're in. from spiritual to practical advises. a lot can be learned from the book and one will surely grow spiritually.

    30. "I walked in-I was shaking. I looked into her eyes, and I knew that she, too, had suffered. Then she gave me this beautiful smile. When I saw that huge space between her front teeth, I said to myself, 'it's OK--she's not perfect!'"

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