Dead in Vineyard Sand

2006 Scribner hardcover ISBN 9780743270441 Philip R Craig Vineyard Chill A Martha s Vineyard Mystery Death, deceit, lies, treachery, cycling and golf make this mystery for J.W Jackson a less than memorable vacation.
Dead in Vineyard Sand Scribner hardcover ISBN Philip R Craig Vineyard Chill A Martha s Vineyard Mystery Death deceit lies treachery cycling and golf make this mystery for J W Jackson a less than memo

  • Title: Dead in Vineyard Sand
  • Author: Philip R. Craig
  • ISBN: 9780743270441
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I love this series. It is so good and the characters are great. I only have two more books left to read in it, and will be very sad when I am finished, because it just feels I know the characters so well and will continue to want to know how they are doing and what is going on with them! I know - I am a true book addict!

    2. JW Jackson is accosted by an irate bicyclist in the local fish market. There is currently a "war" between cyclists and SUV owners on the island. When the man who accosted him is found murdered in the sand trap at the local golf course, where JW was playing, he is the first suspect on the police department's list. He is adamant that he was not guilty but, when the man's wife is shot as she is making funeral arrangements, it seems that evidence is pointing to JW. This was an excellent installment [...]

    3. This book is about a guy named J.W who lives on Marthas Vineyard. One day well at the store J.W gets into a fight with a guy named Henry Highsmith. A few days later while playing golf with some friends JW discovers Henrys body buried in a sand trap. The police suspect J.W as the murderer because he was the first one to find the body. A fews days after finding the body somebody ran Henry's wife Abigail off the road. J.W was suspected of that to because the same car that ran her off the road looks [...]

    4. #17 in the Martha's Vineyard Mystery series. J.W. Jackson is an ex-Boston cop, retired after being wounded. He now lives a semi-subsistence living on the Vineyard in a home that belonged to his father. He acts as caretaker for seasonal dwellers, fishes, clams, and solves the occasional murder.Martha's Vineyard Mystery series - J. W. Jackson has an altercation with environmentalist Henry Highsmith in a shop and the next time he sees him is when a member of his golf foursome finds his body in a sa [...]

    5. A Martha's Vineyard mystery featuring J.W. Jackson, retired Boston cop. J.W. is involved in another murder investigation in which he is a suspect when he has a scuffle with the victim a few days before the body is discovered in a golf course sand trap by the foursome J.W. is a part of.Story is more light than heavy with a good deal of humor provided by J.W. There's a fun subplot involving an old Tarzan movie and J.W.'s children's tree house. Story line has more than the usual twists, but one is [...]

    6. This is a good yarn. J. W. has an altercation with Henry Highsmith who thinks J.W. parked too close to his bike at the fish market, and then J. W. is present when Highsmith is found dead in a sandtrap on the golf course. For awhile, he is the prime suspect, but he begins his own sleuthing. Highsmith's wife is run off the road on her bicycle by a car which looks like his, and she claims she fell on her own even though the witness saw the car swing off the road to hit her. Then J. W. gets evidence [...]

    7. I like this series less as it goes on. The characters are becoming more and more unrealistic. (Who has two small kids that they can leave for hours in a car or the library whil they are out investigating and asking questions??? Who is married to a beautiful woman who can eat anything and never gains a pound, is an Olympic caliber shooter and doesn't mind working full time while her husband putters around??)

    8. The problem with reading the umpteenth book in a series first is that it's hard to warm up to the characters. Thee main character and narrator doesn't introduce himself until after twenty pages of talking about himself and where he lives. Before he names himself he is set upon by an irate obviously unhinged biker and voila he becomes a suspect in the biker's murder. Aggravatingly rumor and innuendo count more than do facts. Real life is aggravating enough so the book had to go.

    9. I found a Martha's Vineyard mystery by Philip R. Craig that I hadn't read! Guess I enjoyed it as I had it read in one day. I sure miss J.W Zee and the kids, their balcony; Dom and Olive; John Skye, his wife and twin girls; Manny Fonseca (the Portuguese Pistoleer!); the fishing. Rest in peace Mr. Craig you are missed!

    10. I love Philip R. Craig's books. I love the characters, the plots, the way he creates such a real-world sense of the story. The plots are always plausible, well-crafted, interesting, always gets my pulse racing at some point Very fun. I've never been to the Vineyard, but I have to Nantucket, and reading Craig always brings back that magic.

    11. While enjoyable, this mystery falls in that group of mysteries that strain credulity that so many murders could happen in such a small town or area (in this case Martha's Vineyard) and that the local cops would allow this former cop to be so involved in them. The characters are fairly one-dimensional as well.

    12. This is a fun mystery series. I've never been to Martha's Vineyard, but reading this author makes me want to go there. I can smell the sea air, and taste the clams and bluefish. Oh yeah, and having a murder to solve enhances the setting.

    13. There weren't as many island details in this installment of the Martha's Vineyard series, and I missed them. An easy read, and well-written, but I solved the case very early in the story which isn't as much fun.

    14. Lighthearted, easy reading but fun. This is 17th in a series. A man is found dead and buried in a sand trap on Martha's Vineyard. Then his wife is shot. J.W. Jackson is a suspect so decides to investigate the murder. One story leads to another where a teenager\ girl died on the beach.

    15. This book was very easy to read and had many exciting and unexpected twists and turns. I would recommend this book to anyone and plan on reading the rest of the series.

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