The Art of Crash Landing

From a bright new talent comes this debut novel about a young woman who travels for the first time to her mother s hometown, and gets sucked into the mystery that changed her family forever.Mattie Wallace has really screwed up this time Broke and knocked up, she s got all her worldly possessions crammed into six giant trash bags, and nowhere to go Try as she might, MattiFrom a bright new talent comes this debut novel about a young woman who travels for the first time to her mother s hometown, and gets sucked into the mystery that changed her family forever.Mattie Wallace has really screwed up this time Broke and knocked up, she s got all her worldly possessions crammed into six giant trash bags, and nowhere to go Try as she might, Mattie can no longer deny that she really is turning into her mother, a broken alcoholic who never met a bad choice she didn t make When Mattie gets news of a possible inheritance left by a grandmother she s never met, she jumps at this one last chance to turn things around Leaving the Florida Panhandle, she drives eight hundred miles to her mother s birthplace the tiny town of Gandy, Oklahoma There, she soon learns that her mother remains a local mystery a happy, talented teenager who inexplicably skipped town thirty five years ago with nothing but the clothes on her back But the girl they describe bears little resemblance to the damaged woman Mattie knew, and before long it becomes clear that something terrible happened to her mother, and it happened here The harder Mattie digs for answers, the obstacles she encounters Giving up, however, isn t an option Uncovering what started her mother s downward spiral might be the only way to stop her own.Hilarious, gripping, and unexpectedly wise, The Art of Crash Landing is a poignant novel from an assured new voice.
The Art of Crash Landing From a bright new talent comes this debut novel about a young woman who travels for the first time to her mother s hometown and gets sucked into the mystery that changed her family forever Mattie Wal

  • Title: The Art of Crash Landing
  • Author: Melissa DeCarlo
  • ISBN: 9780062390547
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/3.5 Stars“We’re all more than the worst thing we’ve done.”Dear Mattie Wallace,I mean to tell you, this girl has zero of her s*&^ together. She’s broke, jobless, homeless, and she just discovered that if you forget to refill your birth control prescription and fail to take the first six pills of the month, something kinda turrrrrrible might be the outcome . . . When Mattie gets word that a grandmother she’s never known crossed over to the b [...]

    2. Mattie Wallace is perfectly imperfect. She's a pregnant, homeless, and emotionally immature 30-year old living in Florida. "The Art of Crash Landing" by Melissa DeCarlo (her debut novel) has some really funny and heartwarming moments, as well as awkward and icky moments. I thought the writing was solid, and I liked Mattie's ex-step-dad, Herman, whom she affectionately refers to as, "Queeg". (such a sweet and gentle soul). As for Mattie, I really liked her in the beginning, but halfway through, y [...]

    3. The Art of Crash Landing is a standalone, women's fiction novel written by Melissa DeCarlo. Let me tell you point blank: I hated the main character Mattie Wallace. She has a family history of crash landing big time and she succeeds in continuing the cycle. Mattie is your stereotypical moocher - a selfish, white-trash loser. Is that harsh? Yes. You know why? Because the characteristics we tend to hate in others are usually some of the same one's we are in denial about within ourselves. Is this al [...]

    4. October 6, 2015“I have ninja skills when it comes to screwing things up. It’s like a superpower only lamer.”That’s according to Mattie Wallace, our narrator and main character in Melissa DeCarlo’s debut novel The Art of Crash Landing. Mattie is pregnant and penniless, with her whole life crammed into six giant trash bags, so when she unexpectedly receives a call informing her of her inheritance from a grandmother she’s never met, Mattie risks driving her beat-up 1978 Chevy Malibu fro [...]

    5. Full disclosure: I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review. Many thanks to HarperCollins Publishers for making it available!"Most people would probably have a hard time totally f--king up their life in under an hour. But then again, I'm not most people. I'm amazing. I'm like some kind of f--kup savant."This may be it. This may be the point at which Mattie Wallace hits rock bottom. Fleeing her boyfriend (whom she affectionately refers to as Nick [...]

    6. In this gem of a novel, we meet Mattie, short for Matilda, a young woman who is running away from her boyfriend who just got her pregnant. She travels to the town where her deceased mother was born and decides to look into the woman who she thought she knew. The book is filled with wonderful written and memorable characters, such as Tawny, Fritter and the many others. One major thing I enjoyed about this book was the fact that there weren't too many characters. In this type of novel, especially [...]

    7. "When you're ass deep in lemons, you start looking for a shovel, not a pitcher and a cup of sugar."Thirty year old Mattie Wallace is homeless, jobless and pregnant, so an inheritance from the grandmother she never met is an unexpected life line. With her worldly belongings crammed into six plastic trash bags, Mattie drives from the Florida panhandle where she grew up with her alcoholic single mother, to small town Gandy, Oklahoma. Stranded in town when her 1978 Chevy Malibu gives out, Mattie set [...]

    8. I received this book from Goodread's First Reads. All I have to say is.A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! IT WAS SO GOOD! I loved the humor and I was endlessly turning the pages trying to figure out the big secret. (which only took me 2 days because I refused to put the book down) I WAS HONESTLY SO SHOCKED! I literally screamed and started freaking out. (I will not share the secret, you must read it to find out) I really felt connected with Mattie, not in the pregnant, homeless way, but her sense of humor and reac [...]

    9. An easy and likable read. I love an unstable protagonist bringing on her own trouble especially when she's smart and smart mouthed. My disappointment came in the story itself which was unnecessarily convoluted. The early promise of this debut novel wasn't quite fulfilled, but I'd watch for more from this author.

    10. (I received an ARC of The Art of Crash Landing via a giveaway. The book is scheduled for release in September 2015.)The Art of Crashing is a mixture of drama, comedy, romance, personal struggle, hope and understanding. My favorite line from the book sums it up best:"I'm thinking about how fluid the border is between crazy and interesting, and how hard it is to decide who belongs where." (p. 136)Definitely worth the read. :)

    11. Three and a half stars: A funny and sage tale about a woman, whose life is a mess, who seeks the truth about her mother's past. Matty jumps the fence and lands on her feet. That is cool, right? One positive thing for her since she threw everything she owns into six garbage bags after another fight with her boyfriend. Now she is seeking refuge with her stepfather. Queeg graciously takes her in, again, but Matty soon realizes that she has worn out her welcome. At thirty, Matty's life is a train wr [...]

    12. I gotta say I struggled with this book, I couldn't stand Mattie at all, could not relate to her in any way, I found myself shaking my head in utter frustration. DeCarlo spins a yarn most will find appealing but Mattie's self loathing attitude and reckless choices left a bad taste in my mouth. She's got to be the most immature thirty year old woman I have encountered in a long time.I understand Mattie's behavior stems from her childhood and her lukewarm relationship with her deceased mother. I'm [...]

    13. Mattie is a mess. Pregnant, broke, only-sort-of employed, and pretty much alone in the world except for her ex-stepdad, she's also her own worst enemy, the kind of woman who makes poor decisions impulsively and then seems somewhat surprised when nothing works out. So when she finds out there's an inheritance waiting for her in Oklahoma from the grandmother she never met, in the town her mother escaped years ago, well, of course she decides to drive there immediately from Florida in her broke-dow [...]

    14. Favorite Quotes:“Queeg has a simple classification system when it comes to the men I date. They’re all idiots. I like to think it has something to do with them not being good enough for me, but I suspect it has more to do with them being stupid enough to date me.”“One is a little larger than the other, but overall the Winstons look alike – tan fur, short legs, stubby bodies, bat like ears. They snort and trot around like little pigs, and already there has been significant fartage… JJ [...]

    15. Debuts like this make me wonderwhat has Melissa DeCarlo been doing her whole life? Well apparently she was a computer science major who has worked in tech, grant writing and graphic design - but she was obviously made for this. The Art of Crash Landing is probably my favorite book so far this year. The protagonist is a hot mess, the dialogue is impeccable (and hilarious), and the pacing is perfect. It was one of those stories you can hardly put down, but you really don't want to finishe when you [...]

    16. With so much out there competing for our ever-dwindling attention span, a great first sentence is the key to grabbing the reader's eye. Melissa DeCarlo's debut novel The Art of Crash Landing has a doozy:"Twenty-seven minutes is, if anyone ever asks, exactly how long it takes to cram everything I own into six giant trash bags."I ask you, how can you not want to read the rest of this book?Mattie Wallace is thirty years old, pregnant, underemployed, drinks too much and now she is moving out of her [...]

    17. Oh, do you ever get that delicious little frisson of excitement when you read the first few chapters of a book and realize you've stumbled across what is going to be a really, really good read? Melissa DeCarlo's debut novel, The Art of Crash Landing is one of those books - I absolutely loved it!Mattie Wallace is 30 years old. And pregnant. And homeless. And broke. Screwing up her life is nothing new for Mattie. She's a bit (well maybe a bit more than a bit) of a train wreck. When she finds out t [...]

    18. The Art of Crash Landingis a strong debut novel from Melissa DeCarlo, with interesting characters, and a compelling plot. We follow our protagonist, Mattie (short for Mathilda) Wallace, as she ditches her loser musician boyfriend, broke and pregnant, as she seeks the path of least resistance - avoiding at all costs gainful employment or acts of responsibility on this journey. She isn’t the most likeable protagonist, as I found it hard to relate to her rampant immaturity as a 30 year old woman [...]

    19. This is great!!!"As far as I'm concerned, there are two types of people in this world: people like Queeg who, when life gives them lemons make lemonade, and everybody else. And although those smug, cheerful lemonade-makers think the rest of us just sit around all day bitching about not getting oranges, they're wrong. It's all about volume. When you're ass-deep in lemons, you start looking for a shovel, not a pitcher and a cup of sugar."

    20. The mystery was actually a mystery! One that had me flipping furiously through the last 100 pages, and one that was satisfyingly solved. (I read a lot of mysteries. This doesn't always happen. I congratulate Melissa DeCarlo and her brilliant, savvy editor.)

    21. I was immediately intrigued by this book because the synopsis included some things that get me going right away: family, small towns, mysteries, and family secrets. So basically, I was in from the get-go. The story starts off with a bang:Twenty-seven minutes is, if anyone ever asks, exactly how long it takes to cram everything I own into six giant trash bags.Maddie Wallace is quite the character. She’s incredibly sassy, and has gotten herself into a pile of trouble. She’s pregnant, broke, an [...]

    22. This book has an interesting premise, but it was almost too hard to care enough about the protagonist to want to finish. Mattie is a grown woman. Her gift seems to be making poor choices and she does it over and over. She is pregnant and penniless. She knows that her live-in boy friend Nick does not want children, but she has not been responsible enough to keep up with the birth control. She goes to her stepfather Queeg in desperation when her car is breaking down and she has no money to pay her [...]

    23. Fantastic cover and title. Promising premise: 30-year-old Mattie Wallace fears that since she’s broke and pregnant she may become just like her alcoholic mother. Her only possessions she keeps in several garbage bags. When her grandmother dies, Mattie travels from Florida to a small town in Oklahoma to retrieve her inheritance. The introduction to Mattie: “I fire up the Malibu, put in a Black Keys CD, and light a cigarette with shaking hands. Three drags later I remember why I quit smoking. [...]

    24. I loved this book. The recipe for this book:1) White trash, alcoholic, emotionally unavailable woman inherits from her unknown grandmother after her alcoholic, fiscally and sexually irresponsible mother dies of cancer,2) said woman abandons the one man (ex-alcoholic) who ever made a contribution to her life,3) sets off in a unreliable heap on a cross country trek to solve the mystery of her mother's life,4) meets a) an attractive (alcoholic) Episcopalian priest whom she decides to "seduce;" cras [...]

    25. snazzybooksThis is Melissa DeCarlo’s debut novel and I felt her writing was really humorous, packed with subtle jokes and dry humour which I loved.Narrator Mattie was the main source of amusement, and some of her thoughts and quick-witted comments were very entertaining- though a lot of her decisions were rather questionable! To start with I wasn’t sure whether Mattie was a man or woman (I had purposely not read a lot about the book so as to leave my opinions unformed before I began reading [...]

    26. It's not often that I agree with a synopsis when it says a book is hilarious. Well, it's maybe not "hilarious" but it is pretty funny and a very enjoyable read this past weekend! This book reminded me a lot of Liza Palmer's Nowhere But Home and that was such a good book. I'll be homing these two books next to each other on my shelf for sure. But we have the story of Mattie, who had an interesting childhood with a mother who didn't give her the best example in the world. Mattie finds herself comp [...]

    27. The Art of Crash Landing by Melissa DeCarlo is a contemporary adult family fiction which is full of humor and wit, pain and struggle, and hope and redemption. The book is perceptive, and beautifully captures the angst of a woman who is broken, homeless and alone. Melissa painted such a convincing portrait of the main character that you can only empathize with her, feel her loneliness and desperately wants her situation to turn around. This is one amazing and wonderful book, with the characters a [...]

    28. 3.5 stars. It was okay. I couldn't get a read on the main characters personality. She was in an emotional hole with all kinds of things going wrong such as being pregnant when she's not sure she wants a kid and having a dirt bag as the father who also doesn't know or want kids. And she's broke. And her mother died and she's pretty much alone except for her step father who she believes is dying of cancer.This is a good storyline, one that i'm interested in. But I kept lagging. The reading was kin [...]

    29. This book just wasn't for me. I find that the wholeunlikeable character who makes one bad decision after the next, snowballing into a shit storm of disaster too exasperating for me. It's one thing if you can see a sliver of yourself in the stumbling character, but here, Mattie was just self centered and obnoxious. I waited it out for her transformation and to uncover the mystery, but I'm not sure it was worth it. But, I did enjoy this relatable nugget:"I'm thinking about how fluid the border is [...]

    30. 3.5 stars - this had a lot of foul language and some steamy scenes. The language was more noticeable in the first part of the book. Mattie is a hard character to like - she's made some bad choices and isn't really trying to redeem herself; she ends up in her mother's hometown after her grandma dies. She goes on a whim and then begins to try to unravel the mystery of why her mother left town never to return. That part is at least believable and somewhat interesting. There is a big cast of quirky [...]

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