Irish Hearts: Irish Thoroughbred\Irish Rose

From 1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nora Robertscomes a pair of beloved stories about seeking your destinyd finding love along the wayIRISH THOROUGHBREDIrish lass Adelia Cunnane has entered a fairy tale Working at the world renowned Royal Meadows stables is a dream come true She s determined to prove her worth, especially to the stables owner thFrom 1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nora Robertscomes a pair of beloved stories about seeking your destinyd finding love along the wayIRISH THOROUGHBREDIrish lass Adelia Cunnane has entered a fairy tale Working at the world renowned Royal Meadows stables is a dream come true She s determined to prove her worth, especially to the stables owner the very opinionated and ruggedly handsome Travis Grant Princesses aren t the only ones who can have a happily ever after IRISH ROSE Erin McKinnon follows her cousin Adelia to America and is immediately captivated by the charm of Royal Meadows But she is not nearly as impressed with Burke Logan, owner of the neighboring property A womanizing, cigar smoking gambler, he s exactly the type of man her mind tells her to stay away from But her heart isn t nearly so practical
Irish Hearts Irish Thoroughbred Irish Rose From New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nora Robertscomes a pair of beloved stories about seeking your destinyd finding love along the wayIRISH THOROUGHBREDIrish lass Adelia Cunnane has

  • Title: Irish Hearts: Irish Thoroughbred\Irish Rose
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373281916
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Please people, don't think irish people are like this. The "heroine" came across as being from the back end of beyond not having a clue about anything. Don't mind her being a virgin - we all were at some stage and me, being Irish, was probably one a lot longer than most, especially as I am Catholic along with that. I never read another Nora Roberts after this. Nobody in Ireland says "aye" or calls someone Mistress Bowers or whoever it was read the first story and could not finish it. Pains me t [...]

    2. Nora Roberts know how to write engaging characters. One of my all time favorites is Three Fates and Irish Hearts definitely has the same feel to it.In Irish Thoroughbred, Adelia aka Dee can't fight her attraction for Travis Grant any more than she can fight her need to find a home and belong. She was a great MC, her personality, her emotion, and her vitality was sweet, I loved that she was so unique in action and thoughts. Travis was your typical brooding alpha, a bit domineering and stubborn, b [...]

    3. Nope. BEYOND awful. Ditched it 50 pages in. I got this at a used book sale and was fooled by the 2011 date on it. That's the REPUBLISHED date. These are actually from 1981/88 and ridiculously dated. Take your grown-ass woman who is written like a 12 year old of low intelligence and the boorish man who bruises her with 'love' and boot them right back to the 80's, thanks.

    4. I really liked the first book. The second didnt book didnt really catch my attention till almost half way through it.

    5. I really enjoy Nora Roberts' stories connected to Ireland. This book contains her first novel, Irish Thoroughbred, and its sequel, Irish Rose.Irish Thoroughbred – Adelia Cunnane leaves Ireland for America to work on a horse farm with her uncle Paddy. She becomes a groom for the stable’s owner, Travis Grant. Uncle Paddy becomes ill and while ailing in the hospital he confesses that he wants to see them get together. Travis convinces Adelia that they should be married immediately to ‘help un [...]

    6. I love a story with a happy ending, and I have a friend who loves Nora Roberts. Well, actually, it seems like half the world must love Nora Roberts. I have heard that her character development is rich and that her stories are exciting. There are two complete books in this volume, and I'll just deal with the first one in this review. The character development went something like, "She's a spirited Irish lass who came from nothing. He's a rugged loner who grew up a poor little rich boy." Done. My [...]

    7. Irish Thoroughbred: 3.5 stars Irish Rose : 3 starsI just don't feel the romances were realistic in both novels, but especially in Irish Rose. Both marriages were rushed, and both men not admitting that they loved their wives until the end was annoying.

    8. I haven't read very many of Nora Roberts' romance novels, but I really liked this. Irish Hearts is a re-release of her very first book, Irish Thoroughbred, and its sequel, Irish Rose. They were both very good; I liked the first one better, though.

    9. I'm not usually into this type of romance but I'm on an "Irish kick" right now, so this intrigued me. Typical Norah Roberts romance with sexual overtones. Two stories about two Irish girls who both come to American and get involved in the American racetrack world. Very interesting.

    10. included Nora Roberts 1st book. enjoyed both books. each was really almost a novella, only about 180 pages long. both were centered around thoroughbred horse farms and included a trip to the Kentucky Derby. good, fun stories.

    11. There were some off-putting comparisons between Adelia and a child. She is a grown woman even if she is small in stature.

    12. I normally love Nora Roberts but this was definitely not a favorite. I couldn't stand Irish Thoroughbred at all. She was way too "innocent and virginal" and Irish Rose was better but still I couldn't get behind these heroines and I didn't fall in love with either man the way I usually do.

    13. Very early Nora Roberts, and it definitely shows -- I don't know that I would really recommend these books at all, but at the same time, it's interesting to read them and see her style begin to emerge.

    14. First time i try this author. I loved her first published novel. The heroine was funny and the relationship with the hero well -developed.

    15. I enjoyed the first book in the duo more than the second, but not enough that I'll read it again. Both were pretty rapey, with the first including an actual attempted rape. I had to really push myself to finish the book. It was full of comments like "I take what I want" and physical domination (not the "we're doing this because we both want to and have consented to it like adults" kind). The men are rich and domineering and the women are wholesome helpless virgins. There are infinitely better No [...]

    16. Nora Roberts is probably the one romance writer who doesn't make me feel horribly guilty to be reading romance novels when I have yet to read so many of the classics. Her novels are always well-researched, and I never feel like my brain is turning to mush when I'm reading. I was ecstatic when my sister handed me Irish Hearts, a compilation of two Roberts novels: her very first book Irish Thoroughbred, and a sequel to it, Irish Rose.::: Two Irish Lasses :::Nora Roberts has always gravitated towar [...]

    17. Irish Hearts, by Nora Roberts. Adelia Cunnane is a young adult whose parents had died at a very young age, causing her to move from her home in Ireland, to her uncle's ranch in America. Adelia has always admired horses, she had what people might call a gift, with them. When she was living in Ireland, she had a job with a local vet working with horses and many other animals. Adelia knew that her uncle had a lot of horses, but what she didn’t know was that there was one who needed her help. All [...]

    18. Irish Thoroughbred and Irish RoseNora Roberts has always gravitated toward the Emerald Isle for both characters and settings, and chose a displaced Irishwoman as the heroine of her very first novel, Irish Hearts. Adelia "Dee" Cunnane was orphaned in Ireland at a young age. Her aunt came to take care of her and help work the family farm, but after the aunt has a stroke, Dee takes on all the work herself. When the aunt finally dies, Dee must resign herself to the fact that there is no way she can [...]

    19. I know that romance novels are all, to a point, formulaic. I know that the plot isn't the reason why one reads such books, but instead the books are read because they are character driven and the reader sees something of herself in the female protagonist. I generally enjoy books by Nora Roberts because she puts a lot of extra effort in to developing good, solid characters and a well described environment that teaches me something while at the same time remaining entertaining, but this compendium [...]

    20. I am kind of on the fence with these books. The stories can be incredibly slow at parts, and some of the character's actions are questionable, but overall these are two good books. Some spoilers ahead!Irish Thoroughbred: Travis and Adelia have an interesting start to their relationship that I don't quite agree with. Adelia is usually very quick to lash out at him, which Travis just finds funny. He also is very forward at the beginning of the book and Adelia does not return his interest, straight [...]

    21. This is actually Roberts’ first two novels published together: IRISH THOROUGHBRED and IRISH ROSE are here in full. I don’t think that either novel is as full as later Roberts novels, but they are full of Irish charm. In both stories there is a strong young woman who has grown up in poor circumstances -accepting her position and working hard without regret – but yearning for better things. When she gets the chance to change her life she takes it – but without loosing the values and belie [...]

    22. Si exceptuamos Fuego irlandés que es la novela que más me ha gustado y que comenté en su edición individual, Corazones irlandeses no me ha gustado tanto como esperaba.Sí que me ha gustado la ambientación, las carreras, las cuadras, todo lo relacionado con los caballos y cómo describe la tensión y la preparación para las carreras, pero voy por orden.Rosa irlandesa. Esta novela me podría haber gustado muchísimo más si no hubiera pintado a la protagonista tan inocente que en algunos mom [...]

    23. This book is two different stories. The first, Irish Thoroughbred was a story of Adelia. Dee came to America after the death of her aunt to stay with her uncle. Within days of her coming, she had the position of exercise boy for the horse Majesty. She worked hard, and didn’t think much of it. She ran into her employer under not so professional circumstances. His shock at the fact the pint-sized woman was an exercise boy, was entertaining. His attraction was also entertaining, along with his ma [...]

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