Nellie: A Cat on Her Own

Nellie, a cat marionette who loves to dance, learns about friendship and self reliance and the magic of moonshine.
Nellie A Cat on Her Own Nellie a cat marionette who loves to dance learns about friendship and self reliance and the magic of moonshine

  • Title: Nellie: A Cat on Her Own
  • Author: Natalie Babbitt
  • ISBN: 9780374355067
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “Nellie: A Cat on Her Own”

    1. Sweet story (although the old lady dies). The wooden cat leaves her safe home and finds there is a world out there and she can be a cat unto herself. Nice lesson for all of us--take chances and see what's out there. I would read it one-on-one, not sure if to a whole group.

    2. This being by Natalie Babbitt was my primary reason for picking it up in the first place, and it doesn't disappoint in that regard. This is exactly what you expect from the same writer that gave us Tuck Everlasting and The Eyes of the Amaryllis, highly entertaining fantasy writing with a the tone of a classic fairy tale. Nellie, the wooden cat, and Big Tom, the real cat that lives with her and befriends her, are both endearing. Nellie's story is one of discovery of the wider world. I wonder if t [...]

    3. Nellie is a marionette cat and she loves to dance. She's happy living with the old woman and the visits from Big Tom. She learns a lot about friendship, being on her own and how the moonshine is magical. I think Natalie Babbitt is a very good writer; even her picture books are great. It's a very nice story about a wooden cat called Nellie and I just felt it was a very hopeful story. Someone you love and care about may be gone, but you'll always have your memories of them. And just because they a [...]

    4. My kindergartner who is obsessed with cats (because we don't have a cat) picked this out from the school library and I was less then excited to read another cat book but this story was really unique and cute. The story is about adapting to change in the face of adversity and believing in one's self in order to do so. It's a five star for Liz and I for a handful of good reasons!

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