A Bottle in the Gaza Sea

I m full of fear and full of hope writing to you like this I ve never written to someone I didn t know It feels strange I don t know if what I m doing is good or bad, crazy or just eccentric, useful or pointless.When Israeli teenager Tal Levine decides to throw a bottle with a letter into the Gaza Sea, she has little idea what to expect Against all odds, Tal longs to sI m full of fear and full of hope writing to you like this I ve never written to someone I didn t know It feels strange I don t know if what I m doing is good or bad, crazy or just eccentric, useful or pointless.When Israeli teenager Tal Levine decides to throw a bottle with a letter into the Gaza Sea, she has little idea what to expect Against all odds, Tal longs to strike up a correspondence with someone on the other side to forge something positive out of the turbulent and troubled times in which Israelis and Palestinians live But what kind of response might a Palestinian give to an Israeli girl Tal is not expecting Gazaman, the boy who retrieves her bottle on a Gaza beach Gazaman, a thorny, sarcastic young man with a reluctance to reveal anything about his true identity Gazaman, who at first mocks Tal, only to be gradually drawn in by her A remarkable e mail exchange begins, which shakes the beliefs of both to the core and confounds all their expectations.
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea I m full of fear and full of hope writing to you like this I ve never written to someone I didn t know It feels strange I don t know if what I m doing is good or bad crazy or just eccentric useful o

  • Title: A Bottle in the Gaza Sea
  • Author: Valérie Zenatti
  • ISBN: 9781599902005
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This was such a quick and also lovely read. Also a bit sad. I kinda wish it was a bit longer but I still enjoyed it!

    2. 3.5/5The author is an Israeli and I personally thought it showed. Her portrayal of "Gazaman" felt incomplete. I might be being too hasty but I was annoyed that "Gazaman" was so down on his faith and all aspects of Muslim culture. He had nothing positive to say about Palestine which I thought took away from the supposedly neutral tone of the book. He mocks his culture in addition to Tal and since I have a lot of respect for the Muslim culture, this grated on me. In addition I have mixed feelings [...]

    3. *I watched the movie based on this book, so the review below is in relation to the movie not the book.Tal is a seventeen-year-old girl who has moved to Jerusalem with her family. One day there is a suicide bomber that attacks a cafe near her home & she starts to wonder if there really has to be so much hate between Palestinians & Israelis. She writes a letter, places it in a bottle, and gives hit to her brother to throw it into the Gaza Sea. A group of Palestinian boys find and one of th [...]

    4. "Je voudrais ne plus être moi, pour quelque temps. Me reposer de ma mémoire." I think we all should pick this up.We need to be reminded that we are all human and we hurt the sameI will definitely read everything that Valérie Zenatti wrote.

    5. A Bottle in the Gaza Sea By: Valerie Zenatti Tal, an Israeli teenage girl, writes a letter promoting peace with Palestine. She puts this letter in a bottle and asks her brother to throw it in the Gaza Sea. To her surprise a Palestinian young man answers, and they begin an email relationship. Both Tal and Naim realize that the other sides are not as they had perceived. They grow to depend on each other and the support that their emails and instant messages provide. Over time Tal and Naim fall in [...]

    6. I'm giving this book five stars, not merely because of the level of writing (which is quite good) but more because of the depth of the issues that Zenatti has tackled and the grace with which she tackled it.A 17 year old Israeli girl has arranged for a bottle with a note - a grasp at peace - to be dropped into the Gaza Sea, hoping a Palestinian will find it and they can begin some sort of communication. A Palestinian does find it, and their emails to each other are scattered throughout the book. [...]

    7. In the midst of a tumultuous situation in Palestine, a young Israeli teenage girl searches out for peace in difficult times. Not expecting anyone to reply, the girl, Tal asks her brother to place a letter she had written crying out for peace into the Gaza Sea. Much to her surprise, a young Palestinian man answers and they begin to email back and forth. Although the two come from different backgrounds, they begin to see that their ideals are not as different as they had once thought. The two begi [...]

    8. Este libro se trata de una adolescente de 17 años llamada Tal, que después de escuchar que hubo un atentado cerca de su casa y que murió una chica que una hora después se iba a casar, decidió escribir una carta para una o un palestino(a), y que la tiraran al mar de gaza, para hací poder saber mas profundamente porque ellos los israelitas y los palestinos están peleados y poder tener una esperanza de que entre esos dos países pudiera haber paz y no guerra. Lo que mas me llamo la atención [...]

    9. Este libro trata acerca de una niña Israelita de 17 años, la cual luego de unos atentados cerca de donde vive, decide enviar una carta a través de una botella por el mar de Gaza, con destino un palestino(a), para así poder poder saber más acerca de el problema entre Palestina e Israel y de como los Palestinos toman esta situación o que hacen para remediarla y poder demostrar que no son tan diferentes.Creo que lo que más me llamo la atención, es el desacuerdo y el conflicto que hay entre [...]

    10. This was a wonderful book. The author did such a great job of painting pictures in my mind and vividly describing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ***Before reading this book, I would do some research on the war that is currently going on Israel, and also learn some more about Islam and Judaism*** There was some profanity/swearing in the book, but nothing too offensive. The author also did a great job of developing the characters and making you care for them. Although, the ending was not what I [...]

    11. I wanted to read this after seeing the movie. the basic story is the same - the details are quite different. An Israeli teenager writes a letter after a cafe bombing in Jerusalem which she puts into a bottle and has her soldier brother throw it into the Gaza Sea. A 20 year old Palestinian guy finds it and the two begin a secret correspondence which allows each to begin to understand the other. This is a very good intro for teens and young adults to begin to understand the Israeli-Palestinian con [...]

    12. A veces, como adultos, es la literatura juvenil la que deberíamos leer. Nos recuerda al adolescente que una vez fuimos. Si la historia es tan buena como esta y tan actual (tristemente) a pesar de haber sido escrita hace casi 10 años, nos da una sacudida que nos deja sin aliento. Ello, sin tener que complicarnos la vida con un lenguaje o una narrativa compleja o poética. Me encanta este libro. Me deja triste porque quisiera que la situación que hoy vivimos en Israel y Gaza, fuera más bien la [...]

    13. una botella al mar de gaza: me pareció muy interesante pero un poco fome ya que no es mi tipo de libro porque no tenia mucha acción y era muy romántico lo cual era malo, no me gusto el final ya que era muy inesperado y malo el final.el tema me impacto ya que los niños mostraban como vivían y como encontraban la forma de buscar paz.

    14. Ils ne se connaissent pas et vont s'échanger des mails pour raconter leur quotidien. Ils sont tout d'abord méfiant mais se rendent compte peu à peu qu'ils ne sont pas si différents. Un livre plein d'espoir qui raconte la guerre Israelo-Palestinienne vue par une jeune Israelienne et un habitant de la bande de Gaza.

    15. This book was so beautiful , real and eye-opening. I've always wanted to know and learn more about the israeli-palestinian conflict and now that I've read this book I'm so interested in getting into books that can give me some kind of information and perspective on it.

    16. I enjoyed the unusual setting of this book-- one character in Israel, one character in the Gaza Strip. As each tries to understand the other, they grow and change. I wish the book had been longer, however, more fleshed out. Nevertheless, recommended!

    17. Was assigned this book to read for Social Studies and I really liked it! The style of writing helps to learn more than I think any other way would have.

    18. “Una bottiglia nel mare di Gaza” di Valérie Zenatti edito da Giunti.Trama:La storia inizia a Gerusalemme. Durante una giornata qualsiasi, la terra trema, silenzio e paura invadono le strade: un kamikaze si è fatto esplodere in un caffè. Lì vicino abita una giovane ragazza Tal, 17enne ebrea israeliana che da grande sogna di diventare regista. Tal rimane scioccata dall’accaduto e decide così di scrivere un messaggio in bottiglia che possa arrivare al di là della striscia di Gaza. Chide [...]

    19. I picked up this book for the PopSugar 2017 reading challenge - a book of letters. It's a bit of a stretch, the book is told in *mostly* emails, but it counts for me. :)Israeli Tal lives through a horrible scare when a cafe near her home is demolished by a bomb. As a way to reach out into the abyss, she puts a letter in a bottle, asks her brother (who is reporting for duty across the sea in Gaza) to throw it into the sea, and then waits. She gets a response back, by email, from a boy who calls h [...]

    20. This Romeo & Juliet-type story takes place “’where all happened and this is where everything still will happen.’” Jerusalem is seen as the “center of the universe” and the Israelis and Palestinians are people who are “damaging the thing they claim to love.” The 17-year old daughter of a Jerusalem tour guide, Tal, lives in fear of terrorists, their bombs, and violence. She explains to the reader the 1993 peace treaty signed by Rabin and Arafat, along with Bill Clinton (who acc [...]

    21. Leest gemakkelijk. Leuke afwisseling tussen mails, msn-chats en verhaal. Niet heel diepgaand en dat is wel jammer. Je bent wel nieuwsgierig naar het slot. Dat is redelijk verrassend. Open einde.

    22. pretty eye opening and i learned a lot about the arab-israeli conflict. kind of cheesy tho because of course they fall in love and its stupid and shes naive

    23. Nachdem ganz in Tals Nähe eine Bombe explodiert ist, beginnt sie zu schreiben, um das Erlebte zu verarbeiten. Eines Tages kommt ihr dabei die Idee einen Brief - besser gesagt eine Flaschenpost - zu schreiben, mit der sie Kontakt zu einem gleichaltrigen Mädchen aus dem Gazastreifen aufnehmen möchte. Tatsächlich bekommt sie irgendwan eine eMail. Allerdings stammt diese vom 20-jährigen Naim, welcher den Israelies weder besonders feindsehlig noch wohlgesonnen gegenübersteht und sich auch gegen [...]

    24. Una historia bonita que nos acerca al triste conflicto entre Israel y Palestina. Los personajes, creíbles, no dejan de preguntarse la causa del problema, entendiendo los acontecimientos históricos, pero no comprendiendo tanto dolor. Una historia que nos devuelve un poco la esperanza en el ser humano, de que el amor, la amistad es posible entre todos los pueblos de la tierra, si dejamos aparcado el odio.Me gustó mucho el final, porque el lector puede imaginar una cosa u otra,

    25. I purchased and watched the film, "A Bottle In The Gaza Sea" only recently and thought it was fantastic. I am a huge lover of Middle Eastern films and books, especially ones dealing with the conflict between Israel and Palestine. When I read that the film was based on the book Une Bouteille dans la Mer de Gaza, published in France in 2005, I HAD to find it, and hope to God that there was an English translation. Thankfully, there was(!) and I bought it right away. I only just finished reading it [...]

    26. The existence of this book - 5 stars. The quality of the writing and story - 4 stars. Who should read it? Everyone. Honest and compelling and so, very human.

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