Green Bay Packers

Presents the history, accomplishments and key personalities of the Green Bay Packers football team Includes timelines, quotes, maps, glossary and websites.
Green Bay Packers Presents the history accomplishments and key personalities of the Green Bay Packers football team Includes timelines quotes maps glossary and websites

  • Title: Green Bay Packers
  • Author: Mark Stewart
  • ISBN: 9781599531311
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Personal response: I read the book ¨Green Bay Packers¨ by Mark Stewert. I liked this book because it talked about the history and the traditions of the Packers. Overall, I enjoied this book. Plot: The main part of this book is talking about the packers road to success. In the beginning, it talked about how the Packers got their name. Someone from a packing company, put $500 into the franchise for equipment and supplies. After that, the Packers were off, they started going around and playing ga [...]

    2. ""Green Bay Packers"" is a great book if you like books about football.The author did a great job of telling me about the Packers timeline. The Packers have both a interesting story and a boring story because in their early time, they won quite a bit, so it was kind of predictable.It was more interesting when they lost because they seemed to never lose.The book got fun to read when the author started talking about the present because then I actually knew what he was talking about.I think the pre [...]

    3. I like the Green Bay Packers book by Mark Stewart because, they tell really good information about them. I like all sports books from baseball, basketball and football. Soccer books are not my genre. The Green Bay Packers are my favorite football team. I can compare Arron Rogers to me and my little brother, Bradley. Arron Rogers is kind, helps poor, good sport if he looses or wins and he always shakes the coaches hand. My little brother and I, never throw fits after we loose in any kind of sport [...]

    4. After reading the G10 pages reen Bay packers by mark Stewart . I choose to read cause I. Love the packer I didn't do it for my project cause I already had one I was doing. Another reason I read the Green Bay packers is cause I love Green Bay and know a lot of players names. Lastly I thought the book was amazing. I gave this book 5 stars cause it made me love them even more.

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