Cell 2455, Death Row: A Condemned Man's Own Story

Cell Death Row A Condemned Man s Own Story None

  • Title: Cell 2455, Death Row: A Condemned Man's Own Story
  • Author: Caryl Chessman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 406
  • Format: None
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    1 thought on “Cell 2455, Death Row: A Condemned Man's Own Story”

    1. Caryl Chessman was a career criminal, condemned to death row for kidnap, and rape. Raised by the state of California, Chessman grew up in juvenile halls, and the California Youth Authority prison system for juvenile offenders. From the beginning it appears Chessman never had a chance. He was condemned years before he was actually sentenced to die in the gas chamber at San Quentin. Disadvantaged, poor, rebellious, and angry at the injustice of the world: his mother paralyzed, his father’s ailin [...]

    2. Un libro commovente per la precisa, sincera ricostruzione di una vita di odio e di crimini. Chessman non vuole la pena del lettore, né tantomeno giustificarsi per la serie di crimini da lui commessi nella sua vita: incise sulle pagine come col fuoco, le sue parole sottolineano allo sfinimento come la colpa delle sue scelte è solo sua, sua la responsabilità, sua la vita che si è scelto. Allo stesso tempo, condanna il sistema giudiziario, e non solo, l'organo dipsciplinare di un paese che non [...]

    3. In 1948, Caryl (pronounced like Christmas carol!) Chessman was convicted of kidnapping and sexual assault, which at the time was a death penalty offense under the Lindburg law. He spent 12 years on death row and was executed in 1960 after several appeals had been exhausted. What makes his story interesting is that he grew up mostly in the prison system, yet was so intelligent and well educated that he was able to represent himself at his trial. (He was also a total piece of shit who most likely [...]

    4. This is the real-life story of a man who was condemned to death for being the Red Light Bandit.While on death row for 12 years, he became a lawyer; and an author of two best selling books.It is excellent.

    5. Thought-provoking and sharply written, a darkly beautiful societal critique written by a man who fought against society when both free of and condemned to life behind bars. Definitely found myself feeling quite emotional at the end. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the sheer length of the middle section of the book, detailing petty crimes and nighttime chases that were a bit hard to picture and thus difficult to follow but, pushing through to the last 100 pages proved so worth it!

    6. Un libro imprescindible para entender el eterno debate sobre la pena de muerte en el mundo.El autor, sentenciado a la pena capital en 1948 (a sus 27 años de edad) es transportado a la penitenciaría de San Quintín y recluído al "Pabellón de la muerte".Allí, con una frialdad impresionante, se forma en Derecho Penal y Latín, escribe tres libros autobiográficos y una novela.Desde el primer día, asume su auto-defensa y busca la luz en los recovecos legales, encontrando amparo en sucesivas ap [...]

    7. I'd heard of Chessman but didn't know what he was known for. After reading the book, I can see why it has such an anti-capital punishment theme and Chessman's a bit preachy but with good reason. The man was innocent of the death penalty crimes for which he was charged (The Red Light Bandit) but those crimes weren't made very clear. I'm reading parts of the book, "When You Read This, They will Have Killed Me" by Alan Bisbort which explains these crimes much clearer. Bisbort also shows how the tim [...]

    8. If you are interested in what goes on inside the mind of a psychopathic criminal, as I am, then you will enjoy this book. Caryl Chessman writes well as he tells you the story of his life, and brings you into his mind. His book is obviously self-serving, as he tells you his version of the truth, or hides the things he doesn't want you to know about, trying to gain your sympathy for his cause (he didn't want to die in the gas chamber, though he eventually did). But he speaks eloquently and intelli [...]

    9. Good read. As the book progressed you could tell Chessman was an intelligent, articulate, when he wanted to be, psychopath. The last few pages seemed to go on and on, trying desperately to impress. I feel sorry for his life situations, but still believe you don't have to follow a path of destruction just because you feel society dealt you the wrong hand. Could he have changed? Only those who truly knew him would know.

    10. I haven't read it yet but I can't believe how easy it is to get a copy now must be back in print I searched book shops for years back in the late 80s after I heard Caryl Chessmans story, an finally got it when the internet started up an were selling second hand books online. I will read it soon.

    11. We relive Caryl Chessman's life as he awaits the end of his life on death row. This has surely made me reconsider crime and punishment, the death penalty and the ideas of why people turn to crime. I still don't have all the answers but a gripping read !!

    12. A wonderfully well written story. It is interesting how Chessman cannot see his own shortcomings, but eloquent nonetheless.

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