The End of All Things Beautiful

To forgive is to forgetBut not reallyCampbell Forester has spent nine years trying to forget the tragic car accident that claimed the life of her friend, Sam When she and her friends left the scene, their lives quickly crumbled under the weight of the guilt they each carried Friendships were broken, relationships were destroyed and nothing would ever be the same againTo forgive is to forgetBut not reallyCampbell Forester has spent nine years trying to forget the tragic car accident that claimed the life of her friend, Sam When she and her friends left the scene, their lives quickly crumbled under the weight of the guilt they each carried Friendships were broken, relationships were destroyed and nothing would ever be the same again As Campbell struggles to move on, she builds a wall around herself in a desperate attempt to forget the past Shutting out everyone around her, she soon realizes the one thing she ll never be able to do is forgive herself That is until her past resurfaces in the form of a letter she never expected to receive Once again Campbell is forced to confront her past, and the one thing she can t avoid any longer is the one person she s never been able to forget Benji.Life is a tragedy and what is beautiful can always be lost But sometimes, if you re really lucky, it can be found again.
The End of All Things Beautiful To forgive is to forgetBut not reallyCampbell Forester has spent nine years trying to forget the tragic car accident that claimed the life of her friend Sam When she and her friends left the scene t

  • Title: The End of All Things Beautiful
  • Author: Nikki Young
  • ISBN: 9781508468011
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Great find! The struggle and guilt Campbell goes through in The End of All Things Beautifulwas emotional and deep. I'm pleased to say the book wasn’t all about tragedy and sadness. The author also included hot romance, second chance love, and cute moments in her novel. Hope to read more from this author and fellow teacher. Also, I am delighted it ended the way it did. (view spoiler)[ When Benji got in an accident, it scared the bejeezus out of me! My heart was thumping literally! I thought the [...]

    2. Whoa. I finished this book at 2 am this morning, and I'm still trying to process and cope. There's no plot rehash in here. Read the synopsis, and then read the book.I won't lie. This was HEAVY and raw. It made me ache, physically and emotionally, to read it. It was weighty with an open-wound type of grief and pain that literally upset my stomach. Nikki Young pulled no punches. She dove right into the deep, dark end of the water. I have never read a book where I could feel that dragging anchor of [...]

    3. 4.5 STARSImagine having done something you can’t speak about, and then walking away from the ONE person that that can actually understand. Imagine carrying around the burden of crippling guilt for 9 years, and then having the ONE resurface… Needless to say, this is NOTHING like My Winter. It’s an emotionally heartbreaking story about finding redemption, love, and learning to forgive yourself. The End of All Things Beautiful does not use the typical romance formula because this is not a typ [...]

    4. Sometimes out of tragedy comes something beautiful What a beautiful and emotionally gripping story. I read this book in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. I fell in love with the writing and how genuine and pure their love was for one another. I highly recommend this book if you're a lover of second chances !

    5. 4.5 Stars!!!This book is full of emotions. It is full of raw grief. The Journey that Campbell gives us through her eyes is one of pure raw emotions. It is heartbreaking to read. I literally felt every single emotion that Campbell went through in this story. I felt like I was right there beside her throughout the whole ordeal. This is a story of redemption, forgiving yourself, and learning how to move forward with your life. How does one moves forward after the choices they made changes everythin [...]

    6. This is one hell of an emotional read. The grief and despair are palpable and so raw, and seeing all of the events of this story through Campbell's eyes just breaks my heart. But, despite how heartbreakingly sad it is, it is also extremely beautiful. The writing, the emotions, the love (Benji, you make me melt), all of it just reaches into your chest and grabs hold of you, never letting you go until you reach the end. A fabulous story about love, second chances and finding where you're supposed [...]

    7. The End of All Things Beautiful is a raw read. There are no hearts and flowers here, yet it's a story about love and second chances Can love make it through the darkest of times? And if so, can love ever be enough? Young holds no punches in her writing. It is rare to read a book that is written with such raw honesty, in a story that is a quagmire of dishonesty A dishonesty that hides the worst of secrets. A secret that eats away at those who harbour it, resulting in only two survivors. A secret [...]

    8. It’s so very common nowadays for a romance novel to have certain key elements – angst, tension, betrayal, etc. What if an entire book was written about death? What if the story was written with tragedy, grief, guilt, and devastation at the core? Well that’s something else entirely and after finishing The End of All Things Beautiful, I think I’ll find myself looking at all future books differently. This one is very unique, but breathtakingly beautiful in every single way. There are few bo [...]

    9. During my read I had the same thoughtAfter I read the last word I had the same thoughtEven when I closed my Kindle, I had the same thought.WOWWow is for many reasons. For the story, for the characters, for that feeling, even for real life. This was a tragic story that you undoubtedly read with a heavy heart. You ache for these characters when you find out what ripped them apart. They were a VERY tight group that did everything together. Love, Live and sadly death. As for the romance part, it too [...]

    10. What a great story! From the very beginning I felt the pain of the characters. The characters were so well written I felt like I was there with them and felt for each of one of them, especially Campbell and Benji. In the story the friends make one decision and watching how that one decision unfolds and alters not only their life but the lives of many other was truly powerful. I had a hard time putting this book down. There was so much love that was wrapped in pain you could not help but root for [...]

    11. What can I say It was a raw and emotional story about the choices we make and having to overcome the past in order to move on with the future. five friends and one choice changes everything in the blink of an eye. Benji defiantly made his way into my heart. I could just feel the love he had for Campbell. And her for him. Didn't want this story to end This is the second book by Nikki Young that I have read and I will def be reading more of her books :) Thank you Nikki for giving me this opportuni [...]

    12. Where do I begin? This book really puts one's life into perspective with all of the "what ifs". Five lifelong friends are faced with a terrible tragedy one night. How they handle the situation, and how it haunts them for the rest of their lives will stay with the reader. If you are looking for a fluffy love story, this isn't it. This is a story full of raw, powerful, emotion; the choices we make in life; and how a person can truly overcome the past when surrounded by the right person; and what c [...]

    13. Talk about a book hangover! This is one of those books that will stick with you for a long time. Now, I do have to say, that when I started The End of All Things Beautiful, I almost quit reading – the beginning is a rewrite of one of my favorite movies. Once I was able to get over that, the book was quite decent. It was the perfect length for me and kept my attention and I did not find myself skipping over paragraphs.The End of All Things Beautiful is about a group of friends who were closer t [...]

    14. ******************** Reviewed for Our Kindle Konfessions ************************ 4.5 stars This is one hell of an emotional read, it had me in tears within its first few pages. The end of all things beautiful tells the story of what happens when a snap decision affects lives many years on. Growing up there were always the five of them, after a wild night out the drunk teenagers make a decision that changes their lives forever. Nine years later, Campbell is still struggling to live her life, she [...]

    15. Beautifully depressing. 1- I hated Campbell in the beginning. After the accident she became such an awful person and it was such a relief to see the other side of her. The Benji side. 2- The writing was beautiful. Very well written. However, a LOT of the internal dialogue was repetitive and I found myself skimming some. I get there was a lot for the characters to work out within themselves as well as with others, but there are only so many times you can describe a feeling before becoming extreme [...]

    16. What an amazing story about 5 friends whose lives were shattered after a tragic event. This story is about loss, forgiveness and trying to move on. A love story that never died. It was beautifully written. I love an author who can make us feel all these emotions described by these caracters. It was an emotional roller coaster ride. I could not put this book down. I strongly recommend this book.

    17. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was an emotional book from the start and you really felt for the characters. I wish I'd been able to read this book in one go because of the emotion , but unfortunately I wasn't able to. I'd recommend this book, it's one of those books you just can't put down. 5***** read for me.

    18. My God, what a heart wrenching book. Shit happens, sometimes really terrible shit, but this story proves that you can survive anything. And that you don't necessarily need a man to do it, but it's a nice if they're around.

    19. Butterfly effect. For every action, there is an equal opposite reaction. Everything that has happened interconnects with everything that happened so after.

    20. Review posted at: bookcrushbookreviews/2015/Rating: 4.5 stars There were five. But then tragedy happened. Those remaining are drowning in guilt, going through the motions to just get through each day. They put on a mask: living a life of lies and secrets. Could you do this? What's at risk? Your sanity, your willingness to connect with others. Overwhelming pain was a powerful emotion throughout this read and I felt like I was crawling, searching for the light, wondering if there would ever be suc [...]

    21. Giving this lovely, pull at your heart strings book4.5 Beautiful Stars. This book had a lot of angst, heartbreak, and just enough romance to make it into such a great book.This book is about second chances. Second chances at life, and second chances to do it right. The journey this book takes you through is really deep. How one thing, one life event can have such a impact on you and other peoples life. Watching the ones who could not make it and the ones, that choose the strength to move on was [...]

    22. I liked the beginning of the book, but the second half just kind of dragged on.One of the major things that bugged me was (view spoiler)[ how Campbell and Benji told everyone about the accident. It didn't quite make sense for them to do that in my opinion, plus it felt overdramatized each time they revealed it. It just seemed odd to me. (hide spoiler)]Overall, it was just okay. I would be willing to read more from this author though.

    23. Geared to the high school girl. Quick and easy read. My mom would enjoy it.Romantic and dreamy. Because this book is a romance I didn't get much thrill but it was still enjoyable enough to finish.

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