Murder Book

In the second of the Boystown mysteries to be a finalist for the Lambda Award, it s fall 1982 and Chicago is gripped by panic after five people die from poisoned Tylenol capsules Amid the chaos, the Bughouse Slasher takes his eighth victim, this time striking close to private investigator Nick Nowak With the Chicago Police Department stretched to its limit, Nick takes maIn the second of the Boystown mysteries to be a finalist for the Lambda Award, it s fall 1982 and Chicago is gripped by panic after five people die from poisoned Tylenol capsules Amid the chaos, the Bughouse Slasher takes his eighth victim, this time striking close to private investigator Nick Nowak With the Chicago Police Department stretched to its limit, Nick takes matters into his own hands But what will he do with the Bughouse Slasher once he finds him.
Murder Book In the second of the Boystown mysteries to be a finalist for the Lambda Award it s fall and Chicago is gripped by panic after five people die from poisoned Tylenol capsules Amid the chaos the B

  • Title: Murder Book
  • Author: Marshall Thornton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Re-read as audiobook March 2-5, 2015 OH. MY. GOD. Thornton broke me with this one. It's shocking, compelling, emotional and heart wrenching .I still don't know how to review this book without spoilers so instead I'll just talk about the audiobooks.The audiobooks for this series are fantastic! Admittedly, it took me till book 2 to really appreciate Brad Langer, the narrater, as Nick. Not because he's not good. On the contrary, he's got the Chicago accent down and the rough voice that a smoker lik [...]

    2. OUTSTANDING.Murder Book is the 5th book in the Boystown series and the second full length novel in it. And it is probably the best one. I.OVEREON.In one of the interviews, that Marshall Thornton had given before starting the 5th book, he said: "I’m planning something very shocking for the first page."I can assure you, he did it!!! AND HOW!!!He grabbed you from the very first page and didn't let you go. I don't want to babble a lot, it is not the first book in the series, and if you keep on rea [...]

    3. 4.5 StarsWell crap. That sucked.Let me clarify. This has never been a joyous, swoony series where the guy gets his guy and they live happily ever after, and no obstacle is too big, no problem too hard to solve. This is a story about a man who has not had it easy. He's been unlucky in love, he's lost his dream job. He's been disowned, ostracized, attacked, persecuted and hated simply because of who he's attracted to. Despite these challenges, they pale in comparison as Nick suddenly finds himself [...]

    4. Written July 3, 20145 Stars - the best part so far - gripping, touching and totally a Nick Nowak big shot. Book #5I just loved this one A big warm applause from me!***********************************************************Once again, we meet Nick and his by now hard hunting, of a cruel "gay-boys" murderer, has become a personal vendetta. ~ Both so horribly awful and sad but also so heartbreaking nice and touching. Romantic after-wisdom and love always makes me jump on the bandwagon.I'll not nag [...]

    5. 4.5It is impossible to write about this book without spoilers, so I'll just keep it short.The first page, the first paragraph, the first sentence of Murder Book is like a slap in the face. I had to read it more than once to let it sink! You think you know how it will happen and you get a beginning like this. Nick Nowak doesn't deal well with pain. He avoids it any way he can. He works through it and if you've read the previous books, he has other ways of avoiding things he'd rather not think abo [...]

    6. Murder Book, book 5 in Marshall Thornton’s Boystown series, is impossible for me to review and discuss without spoilers. So I have to hang up the Caution Spoilers Ahead sign. Spoilers may be in the text and behind tags. ****Spoiler Alert****Spoilers Ahead****Marshall Thornton had me at book one. His direct, honest, gritty style and look at the world around him is captivating. And Nick! PI Nick Nowak has become one of my all-time favorite characters. A voice you have to listen to and follow. Gr [...]

    7. I wasn't going to write a review for this book. (I was feeling lazy, I suppose, or waiting for some kind of review genius to hit me.) But then I saw a review on that stated this book is not as compelling as the previous installments.What the what?!?Leaving aside that everyone has a right to their opinion and I am completely against trolls slamming other reviewers for any reviews of their favorite authors that contain any hint of criticism -- that said -- and with all due respect -- I strongly d [...]

    8. My favorite so far. In addition to being sexy private-eye stories, the Nick Nowak books are historical in a time and place with which I have very a personal connection. Book 5 really hit home for me, I am talking late summer of 1982 and Tylenol. The first death occurred in my home town, a suburb of Chicago and as soon as the Tylenol was implicated, cops were driving up and down the streets in their cruisers shouting in their bullhorns "DO NOT TAKE TYLENOL". It was primitive but effective. Keep i [...]

    9. Grabbed me from the first word and hauled me through to the end in a huge ball of emotion. Why this was so when it is just a common tale of loss is witness to the book itself. Thornton’s spare, no frills, writing appeals to me. He makes me feel without forcing or urging me to and this I appreciate. I also like how Thornton writes women. Unlike some writers who write women terribly, Thornton writes women as they are, just like he writes his men; no embellishments or exclamations. Examples of th [...]

    10. Poor Nick Nowak, he's really put through the wringer in this story. Marshall Thornton looks like such a nice, genial chap from his author photo, you would never guess that he had a liking for cruelty towards his characters, but in the case of the fifth book in this consistently gripping and marvellous mystery series, I did feel tremendously sorry for Nick for pretty much the whole book.The book begins with the death of Harker, Nick's lover. They've had an uneasy relationship, mainly because of N [...]

    11. First thing I'd like to point out, THIS IS NOT A ROMANCE! Those expecting a love story, may be left disappointed and unfulfilled. However, even for a romance-junkie like me, it became an all-time favorite series. I don't find myself in such a whirlwind of emotions very often, but here they kept creeping up on me and catching me unaware.“Emotions came in waves. But not like the lake, where the waves could be gentle and healing. No, these were shock waves. Electric and jolting.”Marshall Thornt [...]

    12. What a ride!All the warnings I received before starting this were on the spot. (view spoiler)[I was shocked by the start of the book and the punches kept coming. Harker was not a favourite character of mine and yet I mourned his death. It was a heavy blow to Nick and it was only now that I saw how deeply Nick loved Bert.I seriously did not expect Harker to become the Slasher's next victim. After finally confirming he had AIDS, I figured the illness would progress to its end. Harker struggling to [...]

    13. I've read all of Marshall Thornton's "Boystown" series, evolving from the first triad of novellas in book 1 into the latest, single-volume number 5, chillingly titled "Murder Book." It's the best of a strong series; compelling and moving and appalling by turns.For any aficionado of gritty, urban murder mysteries, Thornton's Nick Nowak is an appealing character. He's a gay Sam Spade, a tough guy who's into guys. His unromantic no-bullshit Polish cop roots serve him well in the context of not-quit [...]

    14. One problem about this series is that when you finish one book, you are on so much haste to continue the next that you don't want to spend time reviewing! But here, it's impossible to keep quiet about it! This book made me so DEPRESSED, and ANGRY, and ANGRY and DEPRESSED! I feel I have lost something!(view spoiler)[Well, I had a tiny feeling that Harker might get killed, instead of dying by his illness, but what I read here? And telling it like that?! And in the first page?! It nearly killed me [...]

    15. Leading into this book, the twin threats of the disease newly identified as AIDS, and violence against gay men, including the Bughouse Slasher case that Harker can't let go of, formed a slowly intensifying, predictable arc. Until now. Author Thornton breaks the pattern as this book opens, and the reader and Nick are both left struggling to regain their balance. This is a dark installment, as Nick learns just what Harker actually means to him, and as loss and change hits harder throughout the gay [...]

    16. This series has unexpectedly become a favorite; however, its favor did not evolve until I read/listened (I purchased the first three books in audio and read the remaining two)to the entire series. The first book was incredibly entertaining, full of steamy encounters and barely suggesting an emotional depth to the PI protagonist, Nick Nowak. Honestly, it was borderline porn-erotic fiction. So, that got my attention on a more base level of interest and kept me reading. I was surprised as the chara [...]

    17. "Grieving is like being set afire. Except when you try to put out the flames they disappear; when you try to salve your wounds you find your skin unblemished. You take a breath, thinking the worst has passed, and then grief bursts into flames anew. It rages, it roars, it smolders, all at its own unfathomable whim. You can't shake it; you have no choice but to burn."I was trying so hard not to cry towards the end of the story--- when I read the above quote I lost my battle--this is such a great s [...]

    18. Mr Thornton can do no wrong - I love his books and particularly this series - of course now I want more. The more I read (in general) I realise that I love a flawed MC, maybe it's because I, myself am so flawed, I don't know, it seems far more realistic. Right off to find something to tide me over until the next book comes out!

    19. Started out by breaking my heart. Very, very disconcerting.I of course immediately started book 6 and again can't review properly.It's like an addiction. A Nick addiction.

    20. One of Marshall's best in my humble opinion. A roller coaster ride of emotions and angst. The cemetery scene had me on the edge of my seat.

    21. This book didn't go the way I expected it to go. And it broke my heart right from the very first line of the very first page. But it was a compelling story and I couldn't stop listening. Moving on to Book 6. The last of the books out for now. Hoping for a sliver of peace for Nick.

    22. 5++++If I will find it in me to write something that will be able to transfer what I feel, I will, but I doubt that I will!Can I just, in a more personal note say:Thank you mr Thornton for an amazing ride (and -please write faster?)And, thank you Lena! Can I catch a flight and give you a hug?

    23. Hard hitting from the very first word. Gripping, emotional, twists and turns, great characters that feel real and so much more. Definitely the best in the series so far. A fabulous reading experience.

    24. I was not expecting that first line. At least not like that, and not so SOON.I started the book, expecting a fun Nick book. Instead I got stabbed in the gut, from the beginning.I already loved the Nick Nowak series, and considered it a favoritebut this skyrocketed my opinion. The Nick series has always had substance, but this here was the meat and potatoes to the meal. They have never been pretty little romances. The series are about a Nicks life as a whole, not just a love interest. (view spoil [...]

    25. It's kind of interesting that this book is actually IMO the most romantic one so far. I enjoy these books a lot, even though Nick is everything I despise in a person. It's ironic that this book had the least amount of sex, but we had to wait for poor Bert to die before Nick became somewhat faithful. Really enjoyed the mystery, kind of felt like it could be the last in the series, or start a whole new adventure. The first paragraph shocked the crap outta me!

    26. It really did take me a long time to warm to this series but I'm glad I've stuck it out. This Book was so sad. All I can add to this is for the younger generations is if you want to learn about how the AIDS epidemic started READ these books. I was lucky enough to be 13-16 through the worst of it but I still watched a lot of people die. The way these books are written is exactly how it happened but the worst is yet to come if he goes there.

    27. "Any mind that is capable of real sorrow is capable of good." After the absolute devastation of Murder Book, I ache for Nick and his unbearable sorrow.

    28. What can l say, Mr. Thorton, as usual did a wonderful job. Frankly to me l think this is the best one yet. Book 4 was a bit hard for me to get through because Nick's lover was sick and he hardly paid any attention to him. It took me a while to read that book 4 because of that aspect but he sure made it up in this book by how he grieved for him and showed more emotion.I bought it the first day it came out but the minute l read the first paragraph of chapter one l was afraid to go on because l fig [...]

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