Unallocated Space

SPACE It s not just the glitziest casino ever built it s the largest man made structure in history The scale and technology of this futuristic wonderland have captivated Las Vegas and the world, but beneath the shiny surface, something old lurks and festers The casino s state of the art gaming machines have been hacked it s costing the company millions, and eccentricSPACE It s not just the glitziest casino ever built it s the largest man made structure in history The scale and technology of this futuristic wonderland have captivated Las Vegas and the world, but beneath the shiny surface, something old lurks and festers The casino s state of the art gaming machines have been hacked it s costing the company millions, and eccentric digital forensics expert Sam Flatt is brought in to find and fix the problem But when Flatt stumbles onto the source of the technical trouble, he unearths massive financial fraud and something far darker UNALLOCATED SPACE is a thriller that delves beneath the surface and into the darkest recesses of humanity s capability for cruelty It s a place where wealth and power can buy anything, and gamble for any stakes imaginable And unimaginable This is the third thriller from unputdownable author Jerry Hatchett, and the first in a series featuring the eccentric Sam Flatt as protagonist.
Unallocated Space SPACE It s not just the glitziest casino ever built it s the largest man made structure in history The scale and technology of this futuristic wonderland have captivated Las Vegas and the world but b

  • Title: Unallocated Space
  • Author: Jerry Hatchett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Looking Forward to Sam Platt #2In allocated Space was my first book by author Jerry Hatchett, and I'll be reading more of his work. Unallocated Space is a tightly wound suspense novel with as many layers as an onion. The characters are fleshed out and believable and the plot races along. The narrative flows well and the story races along. The chapters come in short little bursts and Hatchett handles multiple points of view with aplomb. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read.My only complaint is that [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book. There are a ton of twists and turns, a really good mystery/thriller. You can actually believe that some of these things have or are happening in our society today. Computer forensics is pretty cool and it's quite interesting to know what types of things are possible in this digital age - while I am not sure everything written in the book is possible, if it is, the writing totally makes you believe it's all possible. Also, as a side note, since I actually know the auth [...]

    3. JERRY HATCHER WRITES THE BEST THRILLER'SThis is the second book of his I read. WORTH every penny. Seven Unholy Day's was so good I read it twice. I LIKE the fact that all his books are complete STORIES on their own. NO CLIFFHANGER. TELLS ME HE AS AN AUTHOR CARES MORE ABOUT THE CONTENT S OF THE BOOK THAN THE MONEY. AND TODAY THAT'S RARE.

    4. Gripping page turner that never slows!One throat grabbing event after another, from physical violence to cyber exploration/twists and turns. Jerry Hatchett is without a doubt THE author to stay with that will keep the adrenaline pumping.

    5. Well written, fast-paced, with many twists!This was well edited and character development was well thought out. If you enjoy a character that is both nerdy and kick-passed, you'll find this book hard to put down.

    6. Great!Great writing, couldn't,t put it down!!! Enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to more. Is there a book number 2?

    7. Excellent readingThis book has more twists and turns than a mountain road. It's a great read with a lot of action and suspense. Masterfully written with well developed characters.

    8. When someone hacked into the electronic gaming machines of SPACE, the largest casino in the world, eccentric digital forensics expert Sam Platt was hired to find the hacker and put a stop to it. Once he starts working, though, Sam finds an even darker, and deadlier, secret beneath the complex and no one seems to want to put a stop to it. Sam’s sense of justice forces him to soldier on, though, and when Ukrainian mobsters kidnap his daughter in an effort to force him to stop, it becomes persona [...]

    9. If you enjoy thrillers that are.techy-smart, have I got aobbk for you!!I have given this book a '5"star rating. The author easily blends three story lines and brings them together at the climactic end of the story. If you like a story where the good guy wins b his gray matter,lots of techno -wizardry, a modicum of violence, even lessons in what makes a good-or- bad relationship, this book has it all. I enjoyed Sam Flatt's (the main character) dry and witty sense of humor. I love the way the auth [...]

    10. Unallocated Space is an excellent mixture of the technothriller and neo-noir genres. It’s somewhat dark and contains just enough techie-talk to set the appropriate atmosphere without putting the reader to sleep.In his debut offering, author Jerry Hatchett has penned a beyond serviceable mystery which touches on such contemporary issues as computer hacking and human trafficking.My minor complaints: the frequent time and location shifts in action often got confusing, and the (free) ebook version [...]

    11. This book is AWESOME!!!Even though I read constantly, I don't normally write book reviews. However, this book DESERVES a review. I came across Unallocated Space while browsing through Kindle Unlimited and because of all of the great reviews I decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did! The story was fast paced and exciting and I loved the main character, Sam Flatt. I think that fans of Scarecrow and The Gray Man will thoroughly enjoy this new character and I can't wait until book two comes o [...]

    12. Oh yes! This is the second book that I have read by this author and I'm thrilled to report he doesn't disappoint! I ensured that I had some time off before I started reading this (I couldn't put the other one down Not good when you've work the next day) I read it within 2 days! A real treat that leaves you breathless and turning the pages! The chapters are quite short, which is fatal to me as it's always, oh just one more! Thoroughly recommend!

    13. Interesting brain twisterAt first, I wasn't sure this book was for me because it felt like it was going to be a bunch of computer jargon and an online cyber crime. However, things started to pick up and the story line started to get intense and would work for any reader. You eventually get to where you enjoy hearing about what the internet can do and what people are capable of finding on the internet. I will look to read more from this author, he is fun!

    14. A good read Very hard to put down. Had to keep turning the pages just so I could see what was going to happen next and to whom. I don't remember dropping my Kindle or when I went to sleep but I woke up at 10am with the light still on and the Kindle on the floor. Finished it the next morning at 2am. Ready for the next one!

    15. Enjoyed a lot.Fast paced with intense action at times, but underlying plot not immediately obvious, requires paying attention but that's not a chore, wondering what comes next and surprises at end. Enjoyed this and will read more of this author's work. Will look for Sam Flatt in a future book.

    16. Loved it; a different twist on an interesting plot. Well developed and sympathetic main character with many varied skills. Would enjoy more books about Sam Flatt. The pace of the book was non-stop action. A real page turner! A highly recommended read for those who enjoy action as well as technology. Set in LasVegas with a look behind the scenes!

    17. A great thriller!This book had it all, double crosses, thrills, computer network lingo, nerds and geeks galore, and much more. It was a lot longer than the other books that I read, but the action was sufficient to keep me reading when I should have stopped for rest. Very good. I will surely read other books by this author.

    18. Overall I enjoyed the book. Good pace. Great plot. I marked it down to a 4 because of the following- Sam Flatt just wasn't believable (Trained Black ops killer turned computer nerd with unlimited resources)- I didn't feel the emotional connections between the characters was as developed as it could have been. - Language

    19. This is a book that starts out with action and suspense as it's main theme and doesn't let up. It ties together several different aspects of the world, as a whole, and weaves it into a believable story. The cast of characters are well thought out and believable and are not two dimensional. There's plenty of backstory for them all. Read this book and you won't be disappointed.

    20. I am seriously loving Jerry Hatchett's writing! I have gotten so bored with this genre, it seems like the same recycled stories. These are different. I find myself getting attached to the characters and not able to put the book down! I would definitely recommend any book from this author, they are fantastic!

    21. This is a Sam Flatt thriller, the first I've read. I don't know how accurate the technology and weaponry are (outside my area of expertise) but it doesn't matter--the story keeps moving along at a breakneck pace. I wish I'd thought to make popcorn before I started. This would make a great Summer blockbuster.

    22. I loved this book! Interesting characters, lots of action quite intriguing. I couldn't put it down which drove me a little crazy as I was on summer vacation in the Keys! If you enjoy thrillers and political intrigue, this is the book for you.

    23. Got fooled on this one, thought it was an outer space book. Set on earth in Vegas, it is still a real good book. Lots of action, although some of the technical stuff was way over my head. It's a long book, but the chapters are really short so it is easy to read.

    24. Not your everyday computer nerdsFast paced techno thriller full of action and plot twists. Just enough "geeky" stuff and lots of adventure. Well written. Would recommend this author's books.

    25. I haven't read this author before and I was pleasantly surprised. If you like intrigue, computer espionage, and twists and turns this is worth a read. Throw in bad guys who are good, ex-special forces, international crime, and multiple main characters this will keep up the interest

    26. It's about time!!Finally a "who dun it" with realistic multiple layers . Each one defined and well written. This story moves forward at amazing speed never leaving the reader in doubt to any of the age old Cliches: Who, What, When, Where, or How! Well done Sir, well done.

    27. ExcellentThe kind of story that keeps you glued to the book.Interesting and frightening information of how the web can be easily used for illegal and criminal works.Great writing.

    28. Another WinnerI also like an author teaches me something as well as brings to light terrible real life injustices, as well as thrills and entertains. This book succeeds on all three accounts. Excellent read.

    29. Who needs sleep?This book is a fantastic, quick, engaging thriller. Sam Flatt is a wonderfully complex character whose mysterious past leaves much to be figured out! I can't wait to read more by this author and more Sam Flatt novels!!

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