The first four issues of FLAPPERHOUSE, a zine of surreal, shadowy, sensual, satirical lit.
FLAPPERHOUSE Year One The first four issues of FLAPPERHOUSE a zine of surreal shadowy sensual satirical lit

  • Title: FLAPPERHOUSE - Year One
  • Author: Joseph P. O'Brien Ed Ahern Daniel Ari J. Bradley Brendan Byrne Diana Clarke Juliet Cook Julie C. Day
  • ISBN: 9781507700525
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “FLAPPERHOUSE - Year One”

    1. Since I edited this most flappy anthology I won't give it a star rating, but obviously I think all these stories & poems & short essays are pretty rad if I picked them to go in here.

    2. Update: I am reading this collection from time to time, so it may take a few months to finish. I am almost one third in, and I'll say there are definitely some interesting stories here (the Better Cowboy being one of them). It is all quite experimental, which is a good thing but risky too.I am not into poetry, so I'm only rating based on the short stories. So far I have read four of them: -- One good story about aspiring surrealist artists in Ameica featuring Gala (Dali's wife) 3.5 stars- A supe [...]

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