Tamed by the Mistress

Smut Shorties A great on the go short to satisfy your craving for smut The Mistress rules all, but who rules the Mistress Mistress of the City, Reena Leroy, picked her partner for the Midwinter Choosing only to have him disappear from her bed before she woke Now she s at his pack house to find out why But things aren t what she expects Archer s not a wolf, or wasn Smut Shorties A great on the go short to satisfy your craving for smut The Mistress rules all, but who rules the Mistress Mistress of the City, Reena Leroy, picked her partner for the Midwinter Choosing only to have him disappear from her bed before she woke Now she s at his pack house to find out why But things aren t what she expects Archer s not a wolf, or wasn t until a few days ago Now he s chained in his family s basement as he undergoes conversion But not everyone survives the madness, and as a natural alpha, Archer s a prime candidate for going feral There s just one thing that might bring him back from the brink Will Reena put her life on the line to save a wolf from madness Archer knows something s wrong with him, but since he can t remember his own name, he s got no idea what it is All he knows is the fury that inhabits his skin A fury that is only eased by the little female whose voice and scent soothes the beast inside him Now if he can just convince her to come closer, maybe he can make her his, and tame the fury in his blood Please be aware that this is an Erotica short Smut shorts City Wolves are a loosely linked serial This story should be read after Mistress of the City , but you do not need to have read the other stories Master of the City, etc
Tamed by the Mistress Smut Shorties A great on the go short to satisfy your craving for smut The Mistress rules all but who rules the Mistress Mistress of the City Reena Leroy picked her partner for the Midwinter Choosi

  • Title: Tamed by the Mistress
  • Author: Mina Carter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. When Reena chose Archer for her Midwinter Choosing tribute, she thought he was a wolf. Three days after he inexplicably disappeared from her bed, she's at his pack house seeking answers.What she finds, is a former human, now in the process of turning lycan; a transformation not all bitten humans survive with their minds intact.Witnessing her lover chained in the basement, struggling to fight his feral instincts and regain control, she's determined to help him. His best hope: Turn his feral insti [...]

    2. Hot‼️‼️I loved this story. Girl power to the max. Hot guy chained at your mercy, or is he? Must read to find out. Thank you Mina‼️

    3. Whose The Master HereArcher is in grave danger of losing himself and Reena seems to be the only one that can help him through the conversion? Is Reena strong enough to help Archer find his middle ground.

    4. Wow, for a man to have such confidence and not be threatened by a woman in charge that's what I'm talking about!

    5. SIZZLING HOT !!!Wowza! Tamed by the Mistress is the follow up to Mistress of the City and it is smokin' hot! Mina has dazzled us yet again with another sizzling hot read in her Smut-Shorties Series. The story is exciting, thrilling, smart, well written, captivating, compelling, arousing, romantic, sensual and steamy. The characters are raw, fascinating, engaging and sexy as sin. In this story we have a beautiful curvy female wolf, Reena Leroy, who is Mistress of the city. She has all the power a [...]

    6. Wow - Mina Carter has me eating out of her handsok her books. She keeps creating these paranormal worlds that just grips you and drags you in. From the first book Mistress, I fell in love with Archer! Yeah - fictional or not - he is HOT and totally alpha. How can you not fall in love with a guy that gets his little wolf brother unconscious gets himself scratched so that he can be a wolf and take his baby brothers place at the winter ball - *swoon & drool*Dont get me wrong he got the Mistress [...]

    7. As I said before, this definitely goes to my Rough shelf, its awesome how the author can make us breathless in just a few pages, and the good thing is that theses stories alone, are not isolated of each other at ALL! they just keep flowing in a sequence that keeps the reader in it, I mean yeah ! you can read them like stand-alone, but even though , believe me when I say it´s WAY BETTER to read all the series in order. I'm just hoping that Miss Carter keeps giving us a few more Smut - shorties i [...]

    8. I just love this short sexy series. Mina just does it for me. I was given Tamed by Mistress as a gift in exchange for my honest review. LOVED IToh so quick oh so worth it. Picking up were Mistress of the City left off, Reena hadn't known the Mistress male that made her toes curl that night, she would have asked him more about himself but when she woke she was in her bed alone. Things get just a bit harry when she goes to a visit a packhouse and what she finds, will leave her to make a choice. I [...]

    9. I enjoy this series as they are only a short (3 chapters) they are great fillers. I have just had a real bing on JD Robbs in death books so to read a book like this every so often is a nice break. I enjoyed the Master of the city books and it looks like the Mistress of the city is going to be just as enjoyable. I am looking forward to see where Mina Carter goes with this as Archer has just told the Mistress that she's boss outside the bedroom but he's boss inside the bedroom where can she take t [...]

    10. A really good second book in the series. A fast smut story.Now that Archer is a true wolf, he does not know how to handle it. Being chained and frustrated in the basement of Griffin pack home, he has forgotten who he is. Reena on the other hand has not forgotten the strong Alpha wolf who she met and shared intimate moments at the ball. She decides to visit him at his home with her captain and there she finally realise who he is really.Similar as in the first book, neither of them cares who is wh [...]

    11. Hot hot hotAnother one hit out of the park and I don't like baseball. Reenact is a fascinating creature. A formidable female in a male driven wolf world she may have finally found her dream guy in Archer. Though why he is going through conversion is confusing. Was he infected at the ball? He seemed to have a creature in him already, even saying he did not have to be human anymore. Questions?????

    12. Oh Hunky ArcherSo this installment made me thrilled. It went deeper into Mina's werewolf mythology and I love how she is shaping and forming this world while still keeping it intimate. Archer is fun and I adore a well written alpha male. Reena makes me giggle and I like how she can be tongue and cheek even in a dire situation to just make it light while working on a solution. I'm moving onto the next installment--I'm kinda in love!

    13. Tamed by the Mistress is the continuation of Reena and Archer's story from Mistress of the City. Absolutely loved this story. Definitely a nice change to have the main alpha werewolf be female. Loved the characters, really hope Mina plans on writing several more chapters for their fascinating story. Highly recommend!!!

    14. has he taken her heartTransition is never easy even more so with a male they can turn feral. Mina tells the story as only she can. She gives her mini series such detail and pulls you into the story as well as the passion. The passion is so hot! She never skips the details. A very well rounded set of minis I can not wait to see what happens next.

    15. Short, Sweet & Sexy!Nothing better then a short sweet sexy book. The characters were well developed and believable. Ms Carter is one of the few authors who can create a meaty book with a hook as quickly as she does.

    16. Excellent!Grateful for you finishing the thought process that was started at the beginning of Series. my mind just goes over & over the questions not answered.Thank you! Fantastic Series! On to the next one.Enjoy!!

    17. Short and SatisfyingI really like this series and am looking forward to the next one. It is only a couple of chapters so it is a quick but satisfying read. I want to know more about the Mistress and Archer and see what kind of relationship develops.

    18. Hot short storyMona has outdone herself with this short story I love the way Reena helps Archer in his change from human to lycan. Look forward to the next book in these set of series mini's.

    19. This is the 2nd installment in the Mistress of the City series. This series finds Archer making the change from human to something more and the head "$itch" in charge helping become that something.

    20. hot hotWow turn on the air! Hot sexy male brought back by the hot sexy female mistress! So short but good reading.

    21. Archer is totally Alpha. Reena is Alpha of all the packs.Short, sexy, one night read before bed oryou know. . .Siesta afternoon. Mina Carter rules the "quickie"

    22. Kindle Unlimited series within a series!Cannot get enough of this hot short shifter book series!! As he is transforming he needs her to sooth his pain.

    23. Titillating What a way to help come through the turning process. Erotic and fast paced. Edged with dangerous overtures. Keeps you on edge.

    24. 5 StarsAn amazing break from reality. A very quick read that makes you want to meet a nice lycan alpha. I'm hoping for at least a few more installments of the Mistress story.

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