The Spinster's Guide to Scandalous Behavior

In New York Times bestselling author Jennifer McQuiston s enticing new Seduction Diaries entry, a mysterious journal may provide a potential spinster with instruction or lead her to her heart s desireFree spirited Lucy West isn t yet a spinster, although she fully intends to be Fortunately, an eccentric aunt has left her both a diary detailing the secrets to spinstIn New York Times bestselling author Jennifer McQuiston s enticing new Seduction Diaries entry, a mysterious journal may provide a potential spinster with instruction or lead her to her heart s desireFree spirited Lucy West isn t yet a spinster, although she fully intends to be Fortunately, an eccentric aunt has left her both a diary detailing the secrets to spinsterhood and a cottage in Cornwall Unfortunately, an insufferable marquess is angling for her prize Turning Lord Thomas Branston down flat should be easy So why does this man who won t take no for an answer make Lucy s body and soul sigh yes Thomas knows the real value of Heath Cottage, and he has no intention of letting some silly Society miss get her hands on it He ll simply have to charm Lucy into selling But the clever young woman he encounters, first in London, then en route to Cornwall, stands stubbornly on her own two quite lovely feet And now, Thomas can think only of sweeping her off them.
The Spinster s Guide to Scandalous Behavior In New York Times bestselling author Jennifer McQuiston s enticing new Seduction Diaries entry a mysterious journal may provide a potential spinster with instruction or lead her to her heart s desire

  • Title: The Spinster's Guide to Scandalous Behavior
  • Author: Jennifer McQuiston
  • ISBN: 9780062335128
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. I really did not like Lucy. Right from the beginning, and a couple times afterwards, we're given the "she isn't like other girls!!" line about her. We're told that she's smart, but she doesn't act it at all. She's always jumping to conclusions and being idiotically impulsive. I got so annoyed with how she'd jump to the worst possible conclusion literally every single time when it came to Thomas. I like angst, but she was just stubbornly stupid. Her rebellions came off as petty and childish, not [...]

    2. What you should know about The Spinster's Guide to Scandalous Behavior: it's low angst (almost no angst really), it doesn't have any villains unless you count the heroine's mother's attempts to make her more ladylike villainous. Lucy can sometimes be annoying with her inability to listen. The most entertaining parts of the book are the extracts from a diary of Lucy's late aunt. They range from hilarious to bittersweet and sad.I couldn't suspend my disbelief and I didn't really like the heroine o [...]

    3. I love unconventional HR heroines. The wallflowers, the strong-willed, the brave ones who refuses to conform to society’s rules. So I really wanted to like Lucy, because she is unconventional, but all her plans, all her determination to not be dependent on a husband, in the end just aggravated me. She was set on claiming her inheritance, but she would lose hope very quickly, thinking it was just too difficult to live on her own, and care for a broken down house. And all she wanted to do then w [...]

    4. Ok let's be honest: Lucy our fair or rather not so fair, heroine got on my last nerve for much of the book. As in I kinda wanted to throat punch her a time or two. Lucy had nothing but grand ideas and plans that really amounted to, well, not so much. She's totally quick to judge. To think ill of others and to think most are untrustworthy. Chances are she's got some family issues to work out :)Thomas? Dude, I'm totally in love with this man. I find his character is so compelling, so well defined [...]

    5. I took a chance on a new-to-me author when my library had nothing new from my faves on offer, and it paid off. I loved the bequest of a cottage to Lucy by her dearly departed aunt and where it led the spinster-to-be, but I also loved the parallels between the two women's lives, as drawn through Lucy's reading of Lady E's diaries. And, of course, I always enjoy stories about spinsters and wallflowers finding love in unexpected places. Cute story. Would definitely read more from this author.

    6. I probably should've DNF'd this one around the halfway point but I skipped and skimmed along, hoping for Lucy to have some character growth. I waited in vain, sadly. That girl man, she was annoying. Stubborn to a ridiculous point, brash to a dangerous degree. Worst of all, almost no original thoughts in her head. She lived 99% of the time by the motto, "What would Aunt E do?" I hate to write it but she was pretty much TSTL, which is not at all like McQuinstons usual heroine.

    7. I've given this a B+ at AAR, so 4.5 stars.This second book in Jennifer McQuiston’s Seduction Diaries series re-acquaints readers with Lucy Westmore, the free-spirited, rather hoydenish younger sister of the heroine of the previous book. The Spinster’s Guide to Scandalous Behavior is a deftly written story that packs quite the emotional punch and boasts plenty of humour and sexual tension between the leads. But Lucy is one of those heroines who insists on being contrary for the sake of it, an [...]

    8. DNF'd this around 60%I don't read a ton of historical romance, but I enjoy them now and then and am on the lookout for new authors to add to the small number I read. I thought this seemed promising, but then a lot of things popped up that I really didn't like, and I couldn't keep reading.What I did like: this was an unconventional heroine, which is great. She wanted to avoid the whole marriage market/Season and live alone as a spinster. Also great. I also liked that the servants (well, one at le [...]

    9. Jennifer McQuiston is one of the talented authors that I was lucky to find. After reading her first book she becomes one of my auto buy authors.The Spinster's Guide to Scandalous Behavior is the second book in the Seduction Diaries, it can be read as a stand-alone novel but I recommend to read the first book in the series.Lucy Westmore is free-spirited heroine who used to dress as a boy and climb up the tree but after her sister scandalous marriage four year ago, she decides to go through the se [...]

    10. 3.5 Stars. It took me a long while to warm up to Lucy. She was so judgmental and flew off the handle too many times with our hero. Our hero though was sweet and I wanted to kick Lucy in her behind more than once.

    11. Good story about a headstrong young woman and a man with a haunted past. Lucy is twenty-one years old and about to start her long delayed Season. The problem is, she doesn't want it. She has no desire to parade herself in front of a bunch of men who only want her for her dowry. She would prefer to follow in the footsteps of her Aunt Edith, who is a spinster. Then she gets word that her aunt has died and left her a cottage in Lizard Bay, Cornwall. Lucy takes this as sign that she's on the right t [...]

    12. DNF at 57%I've tried, and I've tried. But I can't seem to care enough to continue.There is no real plot, no admirable or even likable personalities to the hero and heroine. It's so banal, with repeated sections. Lucy is ridiculous, and I'm sure the intent was to reform a spoiled girl into maturity, but it's done rather poorly I'd say. And Thomas was just meh. He kept saying how Lucy's reckless nature was admirable etc. but to me, it was annoyingly ignorant. You might chuckle the first couple but [...]

    13. After a very. very long waiti finally got my grabby hands on this one.Was i excited? Yes! I even forgot that Lucy is Clare's younger tomboy sisterClare of the previous book. Was i disappointed? A bit. I was expecting a more lavish story-telling very much like the previous book and the Second Sons series. Those books made me a fan of Jennifer McQuiston. This story is draggy. Although it's quite interesting to have snippets of Aunt E's diary which is funny and sassy, it all became a bit weepy towa [...]

    14. An environmentalist hero? Yes, please. Oh, and he's a nice guy to boot? Sign me up.I'll admit to being a little frustrated with Lucy's stubbornness throughout the story, but the character development was really well done. Toward the end of the story, I found myself really cheering for her instead of being annoyed by her kind of clueless, privileged behavior. And there were a few surprising twists with Thomas that made me love him even more.I loved it!

    15. DNF @ pg. 189 (~50%)I've loved some of Jennifer McQuiston's previous books but I just couldn't stand the heroine of this one. She came off overly proud and sanctimonious. I found myself rooting for the hero to find himself another girl - any girl - and so I figured it was time to quit. I wish Miss E was the heroine. She sounded like she was a riot.

    16. Generally not bad, but not as good as the first book in the series. Lucy's insistence on being called Miss L was a little silly and the "I knew I loved you the first day" bit really bugs me. Otherwise, though, this was quick and relaxing and just what I needed.

    17. The Spinster's Guide To Scandalous Behavior could be seen as a feminist manifesto Regency style.Lady Lucy Westmore is a woman determined to live life as she sees fit.Unimpressed by the "sell one's self to the highest bidder" meat market. Otherwise known as The Season.Young Lucy has chosen, much to the chagrin of her parents, to dedicate herself wholeheartedly to a life of cause laden spinsterhood.The seeming green light in Lucy's plan for singlehood, comes in the form of the gift of a cottage; o [...]

    18. 2.5 starsThis just did not hold my attention. I didn't enjoy the setting or the story, and the heroine made so many problems for herself. The hero had problems asserting himself, and the conflict didn't work for me.

    19. The heroine was such a pain for two thirds of the book, I was tempted to give this 2 stars. Thankfully, everyone came to their senses before I lost it.

    20. This was a decent romance about an unconventional heroine and a grieving hero. Lucy is being forced into society with a grand season that she never wanted. She reads her late spinster aunt's diaries and slips out to run away to the crumbling cottage in Cornwall that her aunt has left her. Reclusive Lord Branston has tried to purchase the cottage from her father, and Lucy has decided she must see the property first herself before she sells it to anyone. She is suspicious of Branston's motives. Wh [...]

    21. 3.5 stars. A heroine who acts often before she thinks, a mystery aunt and a hero who has his heart in the right place. A plot that sprung a few surprises. Pleasant reading.

    22. This is my first read from Jennifer McQuiston, although I have had What Happens in Scotland shelved for a long time. We are off to a good start with The Spinster's Guide to Scandalous Behavior, so I will definitely try to move the other books up my TBR list. This is the 2nd installment of the Seduction Diaries series, and I obviously have not read the first, which featured the current heroine's sister. There were some mentions of the sister, but not to the extent that I felt lost without reading [...]

    23. Posted on What I'm ReadingToday I present to you The Spinster's Guide to Scandalous Behavior. Will you learn tips on being a spinster? Possibly. However, the story takes on a journey of a young woman who is trying to find herself in the world she's been born into, and it's not easy for her. So, lets meet Lucy Westmore. Now Lucy is a spirited young lady with hoyden tendency and colorful language. Most young ladies wouldn't use a phrase like,"Oh, stuff it you bloody cocksure bugger."to a gentleman [...]

    24. I really liked the first book in this series, Diary of an Accidental Wallflower, so I looked forward to reading this book, the second in the trilogy. Unfortunately, although the author writes well, I was disappointed with this book.The problem for me was Lucy, the heroine. Lucy is 21 years old, but acts like she's 15, and an immature 15 at that. She's in a constant state of simmering adolescent rage and rebellion. So if her parents or Thomas (the hero) say one thing, she'll run out just as fast [...]

    25. If you've always longed to visit the moors and coastal landscape of southern England, this novel paints a perfect picture of the wind-blown cliffs, of broad expanses of heather filling the vista, and of birds nesting upon the ragged rocks. Set primarily against the backdrop of a small rundown fishing village, McQuiston has created a sweeping scenery, so vivid that I felt as though I was walking along the path to Heathmore cottage myself - a two bedroom, dilapidated home that is at the center of [...]

    26. Following on the heels of her eccentric spinster aunt, free-spirited Lucy Westmore has decided she will become a spinster as well. Fortunately, Auntie E has left Lucy her diaries and most of all a cottage in Cornwall. Without her knowledge, her father had taken it upon himself to sell the decrepit, rat filled cottage before Lucy even had a chance to see it. Learning of this, Lucy sent off a missive canceling said sale to Lord Thomas Branston. Thomas knew the real value of Heathmore Cottage and h [...]

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